Эммели де Форест


Датская певица, победитель конкурса песни «Евровидение 2013», с композицией «Only Teardrops». В русскоязычных средствах массовой информации встречается также другой вариант записи её имени — Эммели.
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Violin made out of matches. 🎻 #tændstik #violin

Copenhagen, Denmark

Chai tea break while shopping for Christmas gifts. 🎁 Remember it's not the gift (or the price tag), but the thought that counts. 🌟

Copenhagen, Denmark

Look who is visiting us this week! I'm usually a dog person 🐶 but Pixie is just too cute 😻

Copenhagen, Denmark

Replied (almost) 50 emails this afternoon 😉and wrote a song with Jakob in 20 mins 😄 It just happens sometimes... Now I'm going out for an evening walk and then: pasta with salmon and spinach. One of my favorites 🍴 and one of the only meals I know how to cook 😂

Thought I'd try something new... #blueyedgirl 💙👀


A (cold ❄️) night in Tivoli with @jakobglaesner @dvdeforest and @julieauning. ❤️⛄️🎅🏼⭐️ (Btw its a faux fur by @stinegoyastudio. I've been a vegetarian for 10 years!🌱)

Spencer House, London

A couple of Sundays ago I visited Spencer House, near Green Park in London. My grandfather used to live in this house and my uncle was actually born here. So it was interesting to walk around and see all those beautiful rooms. #spencerhouse #london #spencerfamily #rothschildfoundation

***Vote for the orangutans*** You can help send additional €26.000 to Borneo's orangutans by voting on Save the Orangutan here http://redew8.com/ (Link in bio) 👆 A Swedish foundation has nominated my friends at Save the Orangutan to receive the Earth Prize 2016 and a grant of 250.000 Swedish crowns (more than $26.000!) for their work with saving the orangutan and its home in Borneos rainforest. Click in and vote for Save the Orangutan. Thank you! #savetheorangutan #redorangutangen

Brasserie Zédel

Went to the Brasserie Zédel last Saturday with Sara. Love this room... Especially the chandelier 💛


Waiting for the night train. 🚊Looking forward to get home in my own bed.. and to get all this makeup off. (I must be wearing a kg lipstick and foundation tonight!) 😆💄😴 Btw! The coat is a faux fur. I'm a vegetarian 🌱

Odense, Denmark

👠🎤💋 #redeyes 📸😍


Hanging out with my brother @dvdeforest, his girlfriend Julie and Jakob @jakobglaesner ❤️ after a concert with his band @johnnydeluxe_dk in @amagerbio tonight! ✌️️

🇬🇧✈️🇩🇰 Flying home to Copenhagen again. Had lots of interesting meetings and 5 new (GREAT) songs was written these last two weeks! I'll be back again very soon 😘


After a busy day with meetings it's always nice to come home to Whitechapel and have Fish and Chips with Lucie and Armin. Some of my favorite people 😊🍴🍻

London, United Kingdom

Had my last session today. Emily Phillips and I wrote another great song! 💪🎹 This one is really close to my heart. ❤️ Relaxing tonight with a few books I bough at Foyle's (books are so cheap in the U.K. compared to Denmark, so I always buy loads, when I'm here) this time I'm reading about Music (a conversation between the author and his friend, Japanese composer Seiji Ozawa), A novel about Victorian circus folk coming to town, The complete works of Oscar Wilde (whom I adore) and biographies of 3 of my heroines: Audrey Hepburn, Isabella de Medici and Anne Boleyn. 📖🍵🇬🇧🌧

Whitechapel, East London

Having a nice (big) glass of baileys (my favourite drink) after today's session 👍 with Blair Jollands and Jeff Franzel. 🎹There's some really beautiful melodies in there #excited #but #tired #illsleepwelltonight


Recording vocals for our 2 amazing songs today! 🎤 Having so much fun w @majikagram and #joey 😃#ijustreallylovetosing

London, United Kingdom

Great session with Ant and Emily today! The lyrics are a bit dark... 🕷👻🐺 I'm excited about this one. #polaroidsnap 📸

East London

I've had a great week in London so far 😀 Looking forward to another one with more meetings and songwriting. Btw I guess I have short arms, cause it was really difficult to take this selfie 😂 Hence the awkward pose...

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