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Датская певица, победитель конкурса песни «Евровидение 2013», с композицией «Only Teardrops». В русскоязычных средствах массовой информации встречается также другой вариант записи её имени — Эммели.
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Copenhagen Street Food - Reffen

If you're in Copenhagen this is the place to eat! #BaoBab at #reffen 👌#copenhagenstreetfood #foodie #atasteofafrica 🇬🇲

5 years ago tonight! 😂Here's a few pictures of my journey, from realizing we had actually won, to texting in front of whole Europe on my way to the stage (I didn't know they were filming me at the time 😅) To sing #OnlyTeardrops again on the big stage and receive the trophy with my team. The next day @madsstef and 15.000 happy Danes greeted me in @tivoli in Copenhagen ❤❤❤ So many great memories to look back on!

Hi everyone, here is a clip from my lyric/audio video for #AnyLess. Hope you like it 😘 Click link in bio 👆to watch the full video on my YouTube channel. Love, E.

#AnyLess teaser. Lyric video out soon! 🤗

Golden hour light 🌅

Please click link in bio to listen to #Anyless 💙👆 #emmeliedeforest #newsingle #historyminialbum

London, United Kingdom

Last night in London! #myfavoritecityintheworld 🇬🇧 #escparty 🎤✨

Happy Mother's Day! Love you mom ❤❤❤

Nordisk Film

Se med i aften kl. 21.30 på TV2 Charlie i Hans Pilgaards Talkshow #HosHans, hvor jeg synger en sang og får mig en snak med Hans, Thomas, Annette og Bertel. Genudsendes på lørdag kl. 22.35. 🤗 E.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Testing my new roller skates that I got yesterday 😁 First time in 13 years! I'm really bad, but it's such a fun way to exercise. And so far, I didn't fall.... maybe because I'm rolling in slo-mo 😅


Going for a light brown shade, now that spring weather has really kicked in ☀️ @camillafrankh ✂️

#elvisoutfit 😎🤘photo credit: @its_me_gea

Amsterdam, Netherlands

From this weekends masterclass at #lab111 with #IvanaChubbuck. Such a coincidence, that I was singing this Friday in Amsterdam, and Ivana was there the very same weekend. So I knew I just had to go! Her book #thepoweroftheactor was recommended to me a few weeks ago by a Danish actor, and I've been reading in it ever since. It was 2 very intense days, being there as an observer. My notebook is full and there's a lot to take in! This book is also very useful, when you sing and write songs and I can definitely use this technique in my music... and in life in general.

Melkweg Amsterdam

From this Friday at #Melkweg in Amsterdam. Got to sing something old, something new and a duet with @gretasalome 😘😘 #amsterdamcalling 🇳🇱

Copenhagen, Denmark

From yesterday' workout... it looks easy, but every single exercise was SO hard! 😫 My energy level is very different from day to day. I will never learn to love squads and lunges, I guess no one will... but today I'm training chest, shoulders and triceps and it will feel like a holiday, compared to the butt, leg and thigh exercises! 😂

Copenhagen, Denmark

It took 3 weeks to get rid of my flu... Feeling much better now and I'm looking forward to get a bunch of stuff done + Amsterdam this upcoming weekend. I'm also working on some new YouTube videos for you! 🎸❤ E.

📷 by @thomas_cato 🖤 #History

What do you think about my new video for #History? Click link in bio to watch 👆❤ E. @a_drenna_production

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