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Датская певица, победитель конкурса песни «Евровидение 2013», с композицией «Only Teardrops». В русскоязычных средствах массовой информации встречается также другой вариант записи её имени — Эммели.
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Oure Højskole

Hjemme igen efter en uge på Oure højskole med undervisning i filmskuespil af Thure Lindhardt, Charlotte Munck, Lars Hjøllund og Sidhamo Anand. Fantastisk, intenst og også en ret hård uge, hvor der virkelig blev arbejdet i dybden! Skønt at møde og arbejde tæt med så mange dejlige mennesker, der også er vilde med skuespil! #detbedstehold #oure #filmskuespil #kursus #højskoleliv 🤗 . . . Home again after a week on Oure, with acting classes in film, with Thure Lindhardt, Charlotte Munck, Lars Hjøllund and Sidhamo Anand. Amazing, intense and also a pretty tough week, where the work we did, was very in depth. Wonderful to meet and work closely with so many great people, who also have a passion for acting! #thebestteam #oure #film #acting #summerschool 🤗

Vi fangede sangerinde Emmelie de Forest i en sjælden pause fra skuespiller skole og sangskrivning. Snart skal hun være med i sang programmet "All together now", hun brygger på et nyt album - og så er der noget med Vild med dans til efteråret💃🏻☀️ #familiejournal #familiejournalen #Repost @familiejournal with @get_repost ・・・


From last weeks photoshoot... for an upcoming project in 2019 😘

Metronome Productions

Finished two great weeks of recording a new TV show for Kanal 5, "All Together Now", where I'm a judge with 99 other wonderful colleagues 🎤 New friendships made and a wonderful team all around!! ❤ Tune in this fall #AllTogetherNow #Fall2018 #efterår2018 #nytsangprogram #kanal5

#SaveTheBees 🙏🐝#davidattenborough. "Bees are amazing and fulfil a vital role in our ecosystem. You may think that one bee alone may not amount to much, but collectively they amalgamate to make a powerful and vital force, responsible for pollinating almost 75% of the world’s food crops. "It is a fact that without bees our world would be a very different place. A world without honeybees would also mean a world without fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Recently there has been a dramatic decline in bee populations, which, if it gets worse, will have a detrimental impact on the environment and on life as we know it". #birminghamupdates

Back to blonde 💇🏼

#Repost @savetheorangutan_org with @get_repost ・・・ Meet three year old Taymur. As a victim of the illegal wildlife trade he was smuggled to Kuwait and sold as an exotic pet. Luckily his “owner” was caught and Taymur returned to Borneo. Today he is thriving at Nyaru Menteng rehabilitation centre where he is taught the skills needed to survive in the rainforest. It is currently only possible to adopt Taymur at our Danish website redorangutangen.dk

Swipe for at høre mere 👉 Danmark spiller deres sidste gruppekamp på tirsdag! Og jeg har været så heldig at få lov til at synge med på Johnny Deluxe's uofficielle VM sang ⚽️🇩🇰💪 I kan se videoen på youtube eller klikke "link in bio" for at høre hele sangen på Spotify, Apple Music eller hvor i ellers lytter til musik👆 #SåBlirDrengeTilMænd Swipe to hear more 👉 Denmark is playing their last group game on Tuesday! And I've been so lucky to get to sing on #JohnnyDeluxe's unofficial World Cup song ⚽️🇩🇰💪 You can watch the video on YouTube or click link in bio to listen to the whole song on Spotify, Apple Music etc 👆#SåBlirDrengeTilMænd ❤ E

I've never been interested in sports, but I've started to gain some interest in football, since Denmark qualified for the World Cup, by beating Ireland last fall! 💪🇩🇰 So here's a couple of pictures (and a video of some really bad toe kicking 😂) now that the World Cup is starting today! ⚽️

Click link in bio to watch the full #Rabbit video 🐰👆This is a video I shot with some really talented students, for their artist project back in February. As part of their education at Erhvervsakademi Sjælland Køge, they had to do a musicvideo for an artist, as well as designing ideas for a logo and website. Had so much fun doing this project and shooting this video for #Rabbit, one of the songs from my #History mini-album, that was released earlier this year. I did another video with another gruop of students, that I will post soon... A big thank you to everyone involved: Toke Vagn-Ahlgren Josephine Stabell Monby Henna Qureshi Laura Bødker Nicolai Kilhof Hansen

Frederiksberg, Frederiksberg, Denmark

From this weekends #PULS charity show to benefit young people and athletes with heart problems. I was so happy to attend and sing a couple of my songs for a very important cause! It is something that has also touched my life, since I lost my dad, who was a diligent athlete, to a heart attack back in 2010. Thank you for a wonderful show and to all the lovely volunteers who did an amazing job ❤🙏💪 @hjerteforeningen


🌊 I grew up near the water, so I still need to see it and smell it and hear it from time to time. Also I really needed to get out of the city today. I don't remember a May as hot as the one we have this year ☀️

Sunday afternoon well spent! Got these a few weeks ago and still learning.. haven't been out on roller skates since I was 12 😂 But practice makes perfect. Swipe to see more 👉#AnyLess #copenhagen #rollerskating

So I've decided to start a blog soon! My idea so far is to use it as a diary and tell about my everyday life and the ups and downs of being a female singer. So I'm curious to know, is there anything else you would like me to write about? What would YOU like to read on my blog? Let me know your thoughts 🤗

Copenhagen Street Food - Reffen

If you're in Copenhagen this is the place to eat! #BaoBab at #reffen 👌#copenhagenstreetfood #foodie #atasteofafrica 🇬🇲

5 years ago tonight! 😂Here's a few pictures of my journey, from realizing we had actually won, to texting in front of whole Europe on my way to the stage (I didn't know they were filming me at the time 😅) To sing #OnlyTeardrops again on the big stage and receive the trophy with my team. The next day @madsstef and 15.000 happy Danes greeted me in @tivoli in Copenhagen ❤❤❤ So many great memories to look back on!

Hi everyone, here is a clip from my lyric/audio video for #AnyLess. Hope you like it 😘 Click link in bio 👆to watch the full video on my YouTube channel. Love, E.

#AnyLess teaser. Lyric video out soon! 🤗

Golden hour light 🌅

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