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Датская певица, победитель конкурса песни «Евровидение 2013», с композицией «Only Teardrops». В русскоязычных средствах массовой информации встречается также другой вариант записи её имени — Эммели.
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This is another original song "Soldier Of Love", from my first album, filmed on the balcony, as the weather was to windy to record it outside 🌬 Hope you'll like it! ☺️ #emmeliedeforest #soldieroflove #tokaiguitars

University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden

🇬🇧✈️🇩🇰 Back in Copenhagen after a great week with London meetings, sessions and a brand new song written with @iandench! 👍😍 I went to the botanical garden today to shoot some pictures for an article. Beautiful place and extremely warm too 🌴😅 Sorry for being a bit late today, regarding my YouTube video, but I promise it will be up in an hour or so 😘


This weekend I ran the #GungHo run in Southampton! 😀 Besides being a lot of fun, it's also for a good cause, since you'll be running for BBC Children In Need. There will be more runs during the summer in the U.K., on Iceland in August and in Copenhagen in September. You can watch a video of me running some of the Gung - Ho obstacles on my FB page 😘 #gungho #bbcchildreninneed #southampton


Southampton view ☀️ #rooftops

Florentia Clothing Village

Did an interview today with @cambridgeupelt in Florentia Clothing Village 🎥 Such a stunning location ❤ The interview focuses on being bilingual, as I speak Danish and Swedish + English. Will let you know when it's up 😘 #cambridgeuniversitypress #cambridgeuniversity

Masala Zone Covent Garden

@amaliegissel 🍸🌶😫 Recovering after a I took a bite of a papadum with chili powder that exploded into my nose and eyes 😂

St. Paul's Cathedral

#london #view ☁️☁️☁️

This weekend I was visiting my hometown Mariager, where I grew up as a kid. A lot of you have requested a song in my own language, in Danish. This song is a Danish folk tune from around 1864 "I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro", the title translated to English is "In The Forests Deep Quiet Tranquillity". So I thought it would be perfect to shoot the video in this forest, where I've spent so many hours, when I was younger. To watch the full video, click the link in bio to my YouTube channel 😊👆I've posted the lyrics both in Danish and translated to English below the video 😘

New video up on my channel later today 😀🌳

Recording on the balcony today 🍑 🍑 And it's cold ❄️


Recording drum sounds with @jakobglaesner in my childhood home. 🤗 This is a war drum from the 1700 - hundreds from Helsingland, Sweden, that my brother and I got from my dad when we were kids. 🇸🇪🥁


View from my childhood home ❤ #Mariager #weekendtrip #family #hometown

My version of a song by Jessie Ware, go check the original out, it's great :) Maybe next week I will go outside in the danish summer and record a song, weather permitting... to watch full video click the link in bio 👆😘 #emmeliedeforest #jessieware #toughlove #cover

Ideal Bar

Listening to some really great female artists and musicians from RMC (Rhythmic Music Conservatory) tonight at Ideal Bar with @joanita.zachariassen 👌

Tomorrow there's a brand new video up on my YouTube channel! And it's a cover this time 😉

Hi everyone! You guys would make me a very happy girl, if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel! 😀 I'm trying to reach a 1000 subscribers within the next 2 weeks. You can find the link to my channel in the bio 👆And then hit the subscribe button below. Kisses 😘😘😘

#repost @greenpeace Today is #WorldEnvironmentDay! Let's take a moment to celebrate nature and think how it connects us all. . . . . #nature #environment #greenpeace #photooftheday #inspirational #inspration #instadaily #instaphoto #tree #forest

Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen, Denmark

☀️☔️ @karmoshop 🌸 Karmoshop.dk

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