Эммели де Форест


Датская певица, победитель конкурса песни «Евровидение 2013», с композицией «Only Teardrops». В русскоязычных средствах массовой информации встречается также другой вариант записи её имени — Эммели.
  • Все 1986
  • Фото 1932
  • Видео 54

Done with meetings for today 😎 ... and shopping 👜

42 % of my goal reached! 42 days left! Thank you so much for pledging! @pledgemusic ❤ E

Hi! My Q & A is finally up on @pledgemusic! Sorry for the slight delay... tried to upload it all night, but didn't work until now. It's about 35 mins long 😅 I thought there were so many great questions, so I decided to answer them all! Click the link in bio and remember to log in to watch it. Kisses, E. 😘

Hey! Exclusively for pledgers, I'm doing a Q and A tomorrow. Click the link in bio to ask me anything you want ☺️ I'll film my answers and post them to Pledge Music tomorrow night 😘 E

Meget smuk ring designet af @maikenpade 😍 Elsker den! Og tak for guld karamellerne 😘 Beautiful ring created for me by @maikenpade 😍 Love it! #danishdesign #jewellery #maikenpade 💍

Copenhagen, Denmark

I've already recorded most of the vocals for my EP in the studio, but I have some additional vocals to do, so I'm recording that at home this weekend. Best part is, I can sing in my knickers 🤣 Not shown in this picture though...

Copenhagen, Denmark

Recording some extra vocals at home in a bit 🎧🎤

This week I've decided to do a cover song from my living room, Issues by @imjmichaels 😍 I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it on the radio, so I've wanted to do my own version for a while now 😊 I'm playing the Baritone guitar (a slightly bigger and therefore deeper sounding guitar) and I'm using the Edwina microphone from @eartrumpetlabs 🎤 Go to my YouTube channel to watch the whole video. Hope you'll like it! Love, E. ❤

Just finished recording a song for my YouTube channel, now practicing my Scarlett O'Hara pose 😋 New video is up tomorrow! 😘 @eartrumpetlabs 🎤 @manuelessldesign 🌹

Some of the lovely people that visited last week ❤ my mom @mariannebirgittegudnitz my brother @dvdeforest and my sweet friend @sara_roseheart! Miss you all 😘

Copenhagen, Denmark

Little of recap from my weekend 🎧🎼 Recorded vocals for 2 of my songs for my upcoming EP, had lots of Italian food for lunch 🍕🍝and sang a few songs at Hotel D'Angleterre Saturday night 💃🎤

Hey 😊 If you haven't noticed, there's a video update for you who've pledged on my @pledgemusic page. Follow the link in bio and then click on Updates to watch it! 😘 E

Copenhagen, Denmark

I've been using this beautiful microphone called "Edwina" from @eartrumpetlabs in my latest YouTube video. AND I REALLY LOVE IT! Thanks to #woodsound 👌#eartrumpetlabs 🎤

Hello everyone! This week I'm back in my walk-in closet as, the weather is too bad.. Today I'm singing an original song, Drunk tonight, that I released back in 2014. Remember to go to PledgeMusic.com and pre order my EP (link in bio) and thereby financially support my project. To watch full video, please go to my YouTube channel. Love, E. ❤

Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Søren is joining Tore and I in the studio tonight, to play some really nice guitar on my EP! 🤘Sweet Olly is here too 🐶

Hi. This weeks youtube video was not the usual one from my walk-in closet, but me talking about my new EP and how I'm going to fund it through @pledgemusic 😊 If you follow the link in bio 👆it will take you to my PledgeMusic page, where you can watch the full video + hear a little snippet of one of my new songs "Sanctuary" ❤ E.

Vesterbro, Copenhagen

#copenhagen #vesterbro #messyhair 🤘

Hi everyone! I've got some really exciting news! I'll release a new EP in early October! And I'm funding this project with @pledgemusic to finish the rest of my songs. Would you like to contribute? Then click the link in bio 👆 to find out more, get exclusive experiences only for pledgers and pre order the EP! Thank you and lots of love from, E. ❤

Dreaming 🌙✨

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