Эмма де Кон


Французская актриса, сценарист, режиссёр.
  • Все 1780
  • Фото 1748
  • Видео 32

#mood 🎨 #michaelcarson

Sunday Funday @ninabfr ❤️

Bye bye Charles Bradley ... ♥️

Au bout du rouleau... #fridaynights

Morning #wokeuplikethis

Outside the barracks, by the corner light I'll always stand and wait for you at night We will create a world for two I'll wait for you the whole night through For you, Lili Marlene 💙

Tanti Auguri Mia Musa Adorata♥️ @asiaargento

Well, I've been haunted in my sleep You've been staring in my dreams Lord I miss you I've been waiting in the hall Been waiting on your call When the phone rings It's just some friends of mine that say Hey, what's the matter man? We're gonna come around at twelve With some puerto rican girls that are just dyin' to meet you We're gonna bring a case of wine Hey, let's go mess and fool around You know, like we used to.... #missyou 📷#anderspetersen

"I have always wanted to write a book that ended with the word 'mayonnaise' " #richardbrautigan #myfavouritewriter 👌🏼 @readingwild

Pendue à ton cou ... @hewll ❤️

Les mariés, si beaux ! @sylviearcelin @pgardera #aboutlastnight

Happy ❤️ Merci @sylviearcelin @pgardera @carlacasal2 @melleagnes

So long, Mr Harry Dean Stanton....♥️

Red & Blue #mood #weddingiscoming

Paris je t'aime 💕

Merci à tous pour vos messages d'anniversaire!!🙏🏽❤️ du coup pour vous remercier voici un bout de cette vidéo qui m'est chère et qui m'a été envoyée par mon amie @violettept #dontbecruel Thanks everyone for your birthday messages ! Here's to thank you in return #elvisisalive

41 today! 🎉 #jerentreplusdanslelavabo #dontfitinthesinkanymore

"At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can " #thankGodItsFrida

Get up ! The Flying Lizards - Sex Machine. (James Brown Cover) 1984🇬🇧 Rg @neontalk

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