Эмма Белл


Американская актриса, известная по фильмам «Замёрзшие» и «Пункт назначения 5», а также по ролям Эми в первом сезоне сериала AMC «Ходячие мертвецы» и Эммы Джудит Райланд Браун в сериале TNT «Даллас».
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FREE SOLO! @openskyfitness VC: @alixangelis workout bud: @sarahlberry

Los Angeles, California

My nose has been broken twice and I love the strong profile that gave me. PC- @jonathanducrest

No I’m not a professional Irish dancer. Shocking I know.

Saint patty’s day throwback to me and @chasebellmusic looking like damn locals on our trip to Ireland! This photo is over a decade old...

Slipper clutch. #downtownla

Los Osos, California

There are elves in these woods. #elfinforest #lososos

Los Angeles, California

THANK you to everyone who came out to the screening of Between the Pines! I am overwhelmed by your love and support! Now who has a million dollars they want to give me to make the feature?

Los Angeles, California

This is me feeling all the feels shooting my short-Between the Pines 🌲 with some of my absolute favorite people. This is also me today knowing I get to share that short with those same people for the first time. Thank you to @alixangelis @karlgirolamo @terryzumalt @vinnycardinale @camronr @chasebellmusic @tessabell @devinkeebler @toddleykampphotography @leahcyclingsolo @lennonhenry @fenix_isabella @alissanoellephotography for capturing my pure unfiltered joy & everyone else who made this magic come to life!

Los Angeles, California

So proud of this film PLUS ONE for getting in to TriBeCa and my dear dear friend at #redhourfilms @jaxco16 for bringing me in and being an all over badass shewolf! Congrats to the whole team!

Los Angeles, California

I’m an aesthetic person. Princess pixie @alixangelis Brooding bruiser @karlgirolamo pc-@alissanoellephotography

We will win Oscars one day.

This man. My heart. My private chef. My pup’s dad. Now my husband. I don’t know how I got so lucky. I love you @camronr with everything I got. Happy Birthday hotstuff!

Los Angeles, California

How’s your Monday going? PC: @jonathanducrest

Los Angeles, California

#tbt to being called the Feminine Element aka the greatest introduction of ma life. @honeysucklemagazine is a wonderful, eclectic, female empowering outlet that everyone should check out! Link in my bio. Thank you to @jaimelubin for her amazing interview and all around amazingness

The fact that I’ve never been asked to be on the cover of Vanity Fair is beyond me. VC- @1nickballard

Big Sur, California

Full of glee! Happy valentine’s day @camronr you light up my life and keep me smiling. Love you to the ✨.

She is too important for a group photo. She must have her own.😍❤️😘#galentine

Love means never having to go to wine country alone. I love these gals more than anything! You are all my forever #galentines!! Not pictured but forever in my ❤️ @ellehtee

Los Angeles, California

People always tell me I’m a subtle actor. PC: @erinblinn

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