Эмма Белл


Американская актриса, известная по фильмам «Замёрзшие» и «Пункт назначения 5», а также по ролям Эми в первом сезоне сериала AMC «Ходячие мертвецы» и Эммы Джудит Райланд Браун в сериале TNT «Даллас».
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When someone drew you in a mural.

The power of the (young) people. Support these kids at every turn. Let them know we are behind them, and we thank them for the bravery we have failed to show. @womensmarch

My mamma. Gave me life, shaped my life. Guides my life. Happy #nationalwomensday and #internationalwomensday to all the mamas of the world be it fur moms, future moms or never moms. You are all goddesses and we don’t deserve you. ❤️

In honor of the 90th #oscars, thanks to @theacademy for screening ‘A Quiet Passion’, never been so close to one of these golden beauts. It wasn’t this year but I’ll be back!

#tbt to when I was Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine.

In the words of David Hogg a survivor of the parkland shooting, ‘We’re kids. You guys are the adults... Congress needs to get over their political bias with each other and work toward saving children’s lives.’

To my ❤️. May we always have the urge to bite eachother’s faces off. #valentinesday

But like, I miss her. @ivanakatarina


La femme derrière cette camera et ma préférée.

She’s a beaut. #louvre

Twenty years of Paris mother daughter trips. This is our favorite part.

Happy #femalefilmmakerfriday to all the amazing women who are doing their thang and creating stories. A picture of my directorial debut #scratch starring the lovely @beldelia which will be available to see online starting February 14th! Woo!

Gets me every time.

Another successful day! #momsarethebest #ilovewalking #allshewantsischocolate

And Marie Antoinette’s hamlet.

F the castle.

Not sure why all of these people have decided it’s ok to be in my house uninvited. *breaks into Alanis Morisette*

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