Эмма Белл


Американская актриса, известная по фильмам «Замёрзшие» и «Пункт назначения 5», а также по ролям Эми в первом сезоне сериала AMC «Ходячие мертвецы» и Эммы Джудит Райланд Браун в сериале TNT «Даллас».
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Shut up, ovaries! #whimsy #daddysgirl

#heatherheyer died as a hero, as a true patriot who showed up to support love and equality and to protest the hate spewed rhetoric of white nationalists/neo nazis over the weekend in #charlottesville VA. Her last Facebook post said, 'If you aren't outraged you aren't paying attention.' We are outraged and we are paying attention. I hope I can have 1/10 the courage this young woman had and use my own voice to hold white people accountable. My heart goes out to the countless other heroes who face violence and discrimination every day because of their skin color. #resist

#tbt❤️ to the @differentflowersmovie shoot one year ago this month. I ❤️these people SOOO MUCH + I don't know if this does it justice but we had a F*ing great time. To my 🤴🏽+ 👸🏻of ☀️ @morganedameron @hopelina @jshermy @hrbowles @mollyg831 @kitconners @nateorloff @natsdam24 @alimaeboo @thedchen + the rest of the fantastic crew/fam!!

ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood

It's the right thing to do, it's her birthday for god's sake. #atomicblonde

Female friendships are my salvation. I love these women with all my heart and soul.

God dammit. #otherotherwhitemeat #itswhatsfordinner #sideoffries

You will never see me this tan again. Unless this really cool project I shot #ridethewild gets picked up. Then I'll be the most fake tan paley on your 📺 🏄🏼‍♀️🌴

Audition life. #dreams #roséallday #sendhelp @thehaleywebb

Fool For Love, A play by Sam Shepard, was my absolute favorite. As a young actress, reading it, understanding it and portraying May was an undertaking that forced my little actress heart to grow. Sam Shepard was truly one of the great creators of our time. I mourn our loss. Rest In Peace Sam.

#tbt to first day of kindergarten. Matching my Lisa Frank unicorn trapper keeper perfectly thank you.

Under the sea. #ridethewild

Head in the clouds.

God I love this city.


In honor of GOT season 7 and the memory of the OG QUEEN OF THORNS- My grandma Bonnie, who instilled in me a recognition of magic, a love of the art of conversation and that cheeky smile.

My gorgeous sun kissed best friend @dblanezzzzz was the MOST beautiful bride. Happy day for @paulyvw and the new Mrs. Van Wie! #vantietheknot #20yearsoffriendshipandcounting #thatdressthough #dornishbride

To the best wedding date around. #vantietheknot #california

Tomorrow, she weds. #20yearsoffriendshipandcounting #vantietheknot

Fact. #vantietheknot @dblanezzzzz

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