Эмма Белл


Американская актриса, известная по фильмам «Замёрзшие» и «Пункт назначения 5», а также по ролям Эми в первом сезоне сериала AMC «Ходячие мертвецы» и Эммы Джудит Райланд Браун в сериале TNT «Даллас».
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Guys. It's literally fern gully here. #mthood

I like long walks on the beach, chocolate anything and men who stand up for healthcare for all. Call your senator and tell them to vote 'No' on the Graham- Cassidy healthcare bill cause its such a turn off.


I did a thing. #8inchesoff

#tbt kinfolk in Ireland. Fun fact: everything you see in this picture belongs to the Guinness estate. #themoreyouknow🌈

Make a wish.

#fbf to an 18 year old me posing at Coney Island for @stephen_churchill_downes (yes I'm aware of the innuendos of the sign behind me) #italianusa #hotdog #naturalhairbae

Whether or not you 'believe' in climate change, the reality is our climate is changing. You can tell yourself it's just nature doing its thing or know these changes are expedited by human involvement but either way, there are things HUMANS can do to make sure we lessen the devastation to our communities. We need to invest in cleaner energy sources, plan our cities with an eye on natural integration instead of concrete sprawl, limit our usage of water, plant drought tolerant plants on our properties, donate to organizations who are working to maintain parklands, CALL OUR REPS and demand they implement environmental protections in the corporate sector. There are so many ways to be helpful to our world. And it's the only one we got so for all your fellow man and womankind PLEASE START GIVING A SHIT. Pics- Fire raging over LA, and Water destroying the community of Houston.

Trump and Sessions decided to end DACA today. Ripping apart nearly a million families. Pulling kids out of universities and jobs and continue their crusade to end the American Dream. You can help. Call your representatives and tell them you support maintaining DACA and let them know how this affects us all negatively.

'Tis the birth of my Queen. #beyallday #beyonce

DACA is still active. It is not dismantled unless Trump makes real policy. Follow @unitedwedream to learn more about where DACA stands, who's affected and what we can do to help. Immigrants and their children are what makes America GREAT. We are all immigrants children if you go back far enough. Ripping families apart and pulling children born in the US out of their schools, friendships, communities, livelihoods etc is just plain madness. Text the number in the picture and save #daca

SEE US IN THEATERS! Check out to see which theaters will be playing it near you!! DifferentFlowersMovie.com @differentflowersmovie

It's alright I guess. #carmelvalley

Fiancée 😍😍😍

It ain't that crazy. #radicalfeminist #radicalfeminism

Driftwood dwellings in big sur. It's getting desperate out here. #bigsur

And then the fog rolled in. #bigsur

Flower crowning with this whimsical bride! @marisapersson

Shut up, ovaries! #whimsy #daddysgirl

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