Эмма Белл


Американская актриса, известная по фильмам «Замёрзшие» и «Пункт назначения 5», а также по ролям Эми в первом сезоне сериала AMC «Ходячие мертвецы» и Эммы Джудит Райланд Браун в сериале TNT «Даллас».
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Always ready for Season 8 GOT. Photo cred: @alexanderdrecun #cersei #jaime @gameofthrones

Monday got me like.

It’s all about the angles. #bellofthebach #bellsbaes

It’s this pixie fairy dust covered singing angel’s birthday and I LOVE HER SO!!! @cwellin you are a wellspring of creative magic and we are all the better for it. Happy Birthday!!

We give good face. #3months

There are so many shots of me like this. Working on your own projects is rad, working with your favorite people is even better. #betweenthepines #directing @greggiehoney @tessabainbell photo by the gorgeous @alissanoellephotography

There are still hundreds of kids who are not yet reunited with their families. Today is the deadline to reunite families separated at the border and our government has no idea how to find these children’s parents or how to find these parent’s children. Please don’t forget. Please reach out to organizations and share whatever money you have to help these families and their mental and emotional well being. Please call your representatives and tell them you hate this and you hate what this administration has done. Please vote in the next election and put people in government who don’t condone with inhumanity.

Los Angeles, California

Who needs humans? #dogsoverhumans

#MondayMood Photo by @stephen_churchill_downes

Fun was had. Happy birthday @alixangelis @krisangelis @vinnycardinale

#TBT to Relationship Status ❤️

Los Angeles, California

Sweat is good for the skin. #WorkoutWednesday

How could I NOT marry him? #thedudeabides

#BTS of directing Scratch! #MotivationMonday #throwback

I have to tell you about this kind of ridiculous gift @openskyfitness is offering. Over the past few months I’ve been working with Rob from OSF to feel and look my best. But I started on a Sky Fitness 8 week challenge. I loved it so much I kept up with it. It was easy to do too because the program lays out everything you need on a daily basis from your nutrition to your daily workouts. Rob is starting a new challenge this Monday, July 16 and because you are my friends you get 50% off! Just go to skyfitchallenge.com or the link in @openskyfitness bio and mention you know me and voila! Then let me know how your challenge goes! You are gonna be so glad you did this for yourself!

Everyone knows of my very healthy love for France and especially its glorious monument - la tour Eiffel. It represents what Paris symbolizes for me: beauty, inventiveness, whimsy and of course cheese. 😏 Happy #bastilleday and good luck in the #worldcup2018

That time I was the lovechild of Cersei and Daenerys. Photo by @shainahedlund13 #gameofthrones #lannister #targaryen #whydowehavetowait

I woke up like this.

The student becomes the teacher.

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