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I gotta work on my cannonball form 💣 But you know who doesn’t... the @thecannonoystercompany they got it down ⚓️for a SHOUTOUT 📣 1) follow @thecannonoystercompany 2) comment in 3 posts 3) tag me and 3 friends

Since I’m squeezing a blood orange, I hope it inspires you to get out there and squeeze the day, or seize the day... which ever works 🤪

Toronto, Ontario

My sister @elydarotaru too this photo of me while we were walking around her neighborhood in Toronto! She is such a talented artist, super loving and gorgeous and I’m so lucky she’s my sis 👯‍♀️ #ElydandElysia

Niagara Falls, Ontario

#fbf to that time @ryslife and I got really really wet together 🛥💦 Have you ever been to Niagara Falls and done the boat tour ?

Toronto, Ontario

#tbt to the first time @ryslife showed me around his home town of #Toronto and we came across the wall LOVE ❤️ and LOVE is what’s bringing us back there tomorrow. I am so excited to see family and friends and... eat at some amazing restaurants; each time I’m there I fall in love with that city more and more.💗

Shoutout to these #women who make photos like this possible! @londrebodywear @ainsley_rose @theskingirls #wcw

Los Angeles, California

This City Of Angels...I can’t wait to go back

List 3-5 things you like to do for self-care! Here are mine ... 1) meditate 2) exercise 3) good laugh at least once a day 4) get flowers 5) treat myself to little luxuries like: massages, good wine, ice cream, pizza, shopping etc... 💋🌻🍕🍷🍦🛍 Your turn! Comment below👇🏼

I can’t wait for you to meet Taylor! She likes hiking and is always up for an adventure! @killbirdmovie #comingsoon . . . Directed by: Joe Zanetti 📸 @craigonassignment

Beyond the Streets

I am not much of a high jumper, but I always give it my best shot, and I hope you do too! Have a great day everyone! . . . 📸 @stephensawchuk

I may get up early everyday, but that doesn’t always mean I get out of bed, especially on a Sunday! 📸 @ryslife

Harnessing my #mermaid 🧜🏽‍♀️ 🐚 via @londrebodywear x @theskingirls

New York, New York

#tbt to that time @shaymitchell took me to an @mtv NYE party and I met @snooki and was overkill tanned AND bronzed thanks to her ‘ultra dark 70x black bronzer with skin firming & toning’ tanning lotion! (My skin is almost the color of Snooki’s dress and my fav lipstick color #ladydanger by @maccosmetics LOL) Ahhh the good old days #omg

.......... Campari & Soda Paloma Aperol Spritz .......... ☀️💋💕 Which one do you pick to beat the heat ?

What are your fav #booty #workouts ? 🍑 #comment & #tagme in your fav IG accounts.

When all that’s there is your breath in the air and breeze gliding by your face!

@ryslife “you are the best thing... 🎶“ #mcm

After an intense 3 weeks of shooting a lead in an epic feature, this is one of my fav ways to reset and recharge for a busy week ahead. Did you make it to the beach this weekend ? 🏖

I’m sure you must know that I am a huge #horror fan and love watching, making and acting in projects for that genre. 🖤🧟‍♀️ So in the spirit of #fridaythe13th share a scary story with us that’s to die for! Muahahaha 🔪😵💕🧛🏻‍♀️

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