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happy monday it’s a holiday week! (wrong holiday? ...close enough.)

saturday night at the pottery studio got me like 🤗

I take winter very seriously. Los Angeles does not. We are in a fight about it.

hey i love you ☺️

I am taking pottery classes. Put in your orders now.

This is the locket that my great-grandfather carried with him during WWI. That little boy grew up to serve in WWII. He had my father, who served during Vietnam. My uncles have served, my cousins, my colleagues, my friends. And the sacrifices they have made- the time they have been away from their loved ones, the pain they have been put through, and the sacrifice of their families overwhelms me with gratitude and humility. On this Veterans Day, I thank you for what you have given and I promise to do what I can to support you on all days of the year.

I am not even close to the fires in Malibu and west LA, but this is what the sky looks here tonight. Throat burning, even this far away. This is not forest burning- this smoke is from people’s homes burning. I can’t stop thinking about all the first responders who are running towards the flames to help, and all the people and animals who have lost so much in the past 24 hours. I’m putting a link in my bio to donate to @cafirefound if you are so moved. We have to take care of our firefighters, and we have to take care of our planet better than we are 😔

everywhere I went today, strangers were so kind to eachother. our hearts reaching out, saying silently “I see you. We are all in this together. It’s just us here.” and as the tiny sliver of a new moon rises through smoke-filled skies in California, I see you. We are all in this together.

💔 My heart is breaking for the families in Thousand Oaks, and for all the victims across our country of senseless gun violence. 💔 (image by @cleowade)

celebrating the progress we all made happen last night through our votes- creating a government that more accurately reflects the gorgeous and spectacular diversity of our country. and now- on we go, with this determined energy and proof that change happens from the individual level 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 the work is not over, and man does this journey feel better when we are all in it together.

holy moly it makes me so happy to see how many people are using their voices through their votes. we are all out here, voting for our future, together. ♥️ love you, sweet friends.

Don’t get discouraged at the polls tomorrow! If you run into a problem call 886-OUR-VOTE for any questions you may have. This is a wonderful resource to share with people you know. Happy voting tomorrow! Tag me in your i-just-voted pics! #TheFutureIsVoting

sometimes you just need a new pot because you’ve grown so much where no one can see, you know? here’s to always growing and always VOTING. are you all set for tomorrow? are you taking a friend with you to the polls? ♥️(my favorite thing right now is propositions- holy moly there’s important work being done in our local communities- read up on your local props tonight, I promise it’s the real deal)

Hawaiian shirt in November? Oh L.A. I want fall 🍁🍂

hide your trash.

happy halloween, pumpkins! 🎃

Election Day is one week from today! Healthcare. The environment. Helping those who are less fortunate. Gun control. Equality. Fairer taxes. Education. Holy moly there’s a lot on the line. Let’s do this! What’s your voting plan on Tuesday? Or have you already voted? Let me know!!! 💪🏼 your voice is your vote.

it’s just that sort of day 🥕🥕

I made this beef pho in a slow cooker yesterday and it took 8 hours and I know it doesn’t look that tremendous or fancy but boy does it taste like love + time 🤗

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