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hey now montana

call me cowboy.

national parks are truly the best one might even say they are NATIONAL TREASURES

spent last week at a cabin next to Glacier National Park- no electricity, no running water, and definitely no cell service. literally unplugging and remembering what is most important as I enter the new year: the outhouse 🙌🏼 oh and also nature and breathing deep in clean air and being present (more photos to come in the next few days! It was heaven!)

holy moly that took me forever- this lasagna better be off the chain

eeeeeeek but which fresh pasta recipe to use??

new year, new friends

dream home 👌🏼

happy new year dear friends ✨✨here’s to a renewed commitment to kindness, doing our best, and finding joy in ourselves and eachother ♥️

✌🏼out 2018

let’s be honest i would still love to rock that romper. merry merry, sweet friends! ♥️

yummy yummy yes please 👌🏼

thanks to my brother for capturing this moment of icing my jaw while laying on the floor ☃️

wishing you and yours the coziest, yummiest, most joy-filled moments in the coming week ♥️ may our hearts be full of love and light ✨✨

i leek you a lot.

my sister is visually disabled and runs an incredible program called @rootedinrights- i am constantly in awe of the work she does and her ceaseless fight for disability rights. i have witnessed my whole life how important and under-discussed these issues are. and now we can all get on board in a small and easy way: making social media more accessible for people with low vision who use screen readers. I’m gonna start using this on all my posts and I hope you will too!! @annazivarts

pottery classes paying off 👌🏼 (or as my mom says, “homemade is best.”)

if you’re not flossing your teeth while stuck in traffic I feel like your dentist would be disappointed honestly.

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