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friday 🙌🏼

thank you feet, for carrying me all these miles. thank you body, for showing me again and again what really matters: being strong, being fearless, being tender. I am so grateful for you and all we do together.

day five.


waking up day 4.

home sweet home.

day 3. best kitchen. and bear cans make the best chairs. 🐻

ain’t no mountain high enough.

snow angel in July? why not.

day two. verrrrry cold, this iceberg lake.

I like big trees and I cannot lie.

day one, or where I’ve been the past week.

call me julie andrews please.

oh hi montana 👋🏼

these two are dreamy. their wedding was spectacular. their love is even more so. here’s to forever ♥️

listen, I love ferry boats.

we marched in the parade and played kelp horns for the joy science and clean oceans and doing our part to keep this country of ours green and blue and full of seaweed + love. 🇺🇸🌱🌊

my 4th was so so full of the people I love and I hope yours was too ♥️


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