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ok so i got a workout onesie and now I’m just mad at how much life I’ve lived without one.

saturdaze ☀️

stick your tongue out in traffic if you’re looking for some new podcast recommendations 👅 anything you’re listening to that you’re loving? hook a girl up!

(it’s more magic with you)

honestly, just thrilled with a picnic.


i love what a celebration international women’s day feels like this year- more than ever, our immense, tremendous community celebrating our strength, our diversity, our camaraderie, and our courage. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such fierce, compassionate, and beautifully varying examples of womanhood, today and every day ♥️

this book is so good.

Beyond thrilled that our movie STANDING UP, FALLING DOWN will be premiering at Tribeca Film Festival! Being part of this project, surrounded by such gems (like Billy Crystal, Ben Schwartz and on and on) was just plain dreamy. #StandingUpFallingDown #Tribeca19

two words: BOWLING SOCKS.

thank goodness for NPR because this traffic’s got me like 😑

libraries are so dreamy.

we found this chrysalis hanging from a chair leg in our back yard, like the tiniest bejeweled bundle of what-will-be. did i just spend hours watching videos about how ridiculously spectacular nature is that this somehow becomes a monarch butterfly? oh yeah. not to mention that gold-leafing- it’s even shinier than in the photo. how is this real? nature, you knock my socks off. (stay tuned for updates on this butterfly-to-be 💫)

same old same 💦

can you believe how big this old friend has gotten??

pretending it’s spring 👀

here’s to love, in all its forms ♥️

every day is galentines day, am i right? here’s to the real-deal loves of my life: my fierce, spectacular soul sisters. i celebrate you all day, every day.

for real. real blurry.

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