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starting this book today-- who wants to join me?? wanna do a digital bookclub??

Planet Earth

"I cannot find a single example of courage that was not born completely of vulnerability." --Brene Brown. Here's to being courageous and vulnerable today 💪🏼

this sleepy lady and her grandma glasses are back to chicago, sending love + love + love to every one of you sweet friends tonight. ✈️❤️

#repost @amberrosetamblyn ・・・ Racism is something you learn. It is something taught. It is something handed down, handed over. It is something allowed, ignored, something we say isn't our problem, something we don't need to deal with because it doesn't effect us directly, or if it does we say we have bigger issues to face. . It's not enough to be white and say you're helping just because you yourself are not a racist. . It's not enough to denounce it to just your friends of color. . Allowing marches like the one in Charlottesville is not a matter of protecting an Amendment. It is a matter of white defensiveness. It is an act of handing down. Handing over. It is an act of allowance, of ignoring. It is a matter of saying it's not our problem. It doesn't effect us directly and if it does we have bigger issues to face. . Racism is learned. It is the deepest shadow excused by White America. It is our blindest of eyes. It is the greatest work we can and will ever do; To look not to people of color for how we can be better, but to turn and hold our fellow whitenesses accountable.

it's time to speak up. every single one of us. this isn't who we are. #saysomething

never seen a symphony that didn't make me feel overwhelmed by it all in the best possible way.

what we eat before we see a documentary about space.


new york in chicago 🙈

kids these days.

take it in take it in take it in.

i love this mug and i love Smokey the Bear and i love doing my part to keep this dear planet green ❤️


good. morning.

4am trailer life ✌🏼

Sam Shepard 🙏🏼


❤️ if you ❤️🐯! Over the last century, we have lost more than 96% of the world’s wild tigers due to habitat destruction and rampant poaching. Support @world_wildlife’s efforts to protect this iconic species by joining me in symbolically adopting a tiger. Link in bio! #GlobalTigerDay

goodnight moon.

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