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forever young with @jeffgalfer.

sundaze ☀️

could not love you more, my @moppyoppenheimer ❤️

if you see me stealthily dancing on the jet bridge, you can bet your bum it's to @bettywho's I LOVE YOU ALWAYS FOREVER on repeat ✈️✈️

"have the strength to remain soft, and let your fire burn hard."

welcome to this world, little one ❤️

big wheels, little brother.

practicing some super important life skills out here.

I wore these overalls almost every day during middle school. Here's to you, old friends. Sorry I got you so wet today.

wait wait wait

my heart my soul my dad ❤️


I'm not sorry.


this photo isn't from my sleepover with @meganparkithere last night because we were too busy talking about the meaning of life to take pics. man do I love this woman.

last night was lovely 🙈

happy pride 🌈 celebrating my LGBTQ friends-- I stand with you and your fierce bright love, today and every day. may we all love more, always.

flowers always, everywhere.

this is Kyle- I haven't seen him since we spent a summer working on a @habitatforhumanity house in south LA together 6 years ago, bonding over sweat and nails and blisters. He's been working for @habitatla for 7 years now and seeing him yesterday lit up my world. Here's to you, Kyle, and everyone out there like you- thank you for working your tail off every single day to make the world a better place for everyone 🙌🏼

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