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tomorrow. this movement, led by the youth of our country, needs all of our support. #marchforourlives

NEVER MET A TREE I DIDN’T WANT TO HUG. 🌲join me tomorrow (Saturday, March 24) for #EarthHour at 8:30PM local time! Join hundreds of millions of people around the world and TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS FOR ONE HOUR to show our collective solidarity in the fight against climate change. Link in bio for more info and tag me below if you’ll join me!

sweet sweat 💪🏼

Los Angeles Marathon

crazy proud of my marathon man.

Los Angeles Marathon

holy moly Los Angeles racers you inspired me to the point of tears over and over again today 🙌🏼

it’s friday so I baked a cake.

my bed makes me 😎 thanks @casper for the new goodies and thanks aging for making me want to go to bed at 9pm.

the feeling of dirt under your fingernails, of seeds pressed with hope into small holes, of the quickening of your heart as you think the words “grow. grow. grow.” sending these feelings to anyone who needs it today. I did.

Flan 🔜

goodmorning sweet friends 😴

wearing my international women’s day socks aka just my every day socks because women are badass, today and every day. How lucky I am to be a part of this international tribe of spectacular humans, who love so fiercely, work so tirelessly, and inspire me so deeply. Here’s to celebrating the phenomenal women of this world every single day- and doing everything in our power to fight for a world that is more equal and therefore, more badass.

@bellomag 🔑 photographer: @amandapeixotoelkins | hair: @grace_phillips | makeup: @paige__davenport | styling: @benjaminholtrop

if I could wear this every day I would. @bellomag out now 🕴🏼

🌑 @bellomag out now 🌑

if you’re looking for a way to contact your representatives, this app is so easy to use- I literally just used it between the time of my last post and this one to call all three of my reps. Download it, type in your zip, and it walks you though the calls. I know sometimes it’s nerve wracking- my heart even beats fast doing it, but it’s so important. ♥️

my heart is breaking for all the families in Parkland, Florida. 💔lighting a candle, holding them in my heart, and then calling my representatives. Enough is enough. #policyandchange

wearing a sweater knit with so much love by my mom, just off the phone with my sweet dad, waiting for my honey to come home while sending love notes to all my badass girlfriends and my siblings and my precious nephew and my dog even though he doesn’t know what valentine’s day is. here’s to love in EVERY form: may we cherish it, live it, spread it. ♥️

ok so these turkey meatballs aren’t pretty but yum oh yum oh yum.


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