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Runyon Canyon Park

I have to pick her up on walks she's so vicious... 🐶😂😏 #notreally #shecouldntmakeittothetop

When she asks: "You wanna come up for some tea or sumthin?" ME:

Thankyou for having us at the #GUESS1981 Fragrance launch last night @PaulMarciano & @GUESS 🌸🌼 #Spring #LoveGuess - hair by my favorite @hisvintagetouch

Love this vicious little beast @pompomdaisy

After 2 months of being in rain and no sun.. this came highly recommended.. by me. Not by a doctor. That would be irresponsible.

Waddup can I pet your dog?


Officially wrapped my scenes filming #FightingWithMyFamily in London and in LA!!! Feeling so incredibly grateful to have worked alongside some of the most brilliantly talented, hard working and committed people! The special thing is this movie is not JUST for wrestling fans, it's got so much depth and story to it I think a lot of people will walk away feeling very inspired to chase their dreams. 
Thankyou to @stephenmerchant our amazing director, @sevenbucksprod, Kevin Misher, our producers & @Film4 along with all of the incredible crew no one gets to see on camera but make this movie magic -- Thank YOU for all of your hard work! 
Not to mention we also have the most badass cast! @florencepugh (playing Paige), @therock, #VinceVaughn, @iamlenaheadey, @FriedGold, @Aqueela, @kimbpics & @TheaTrinidadtmt

Last but certainly not least, @therock thankyou for having me apart of this amazing project, who would've thought all those years ago I'd end up here living my dream with the best team around me. Without you this movie would not be happening right now. Your hard working attitude & commitment continue to inspire me. Looking forward to sharing this project with the world 😊😁

Los Angeles, California

Back home in LA after the most amazing time in London filming #FightingWithMyFamily 🇬🇧👏🏼🍾 was one hour closer to breakfast this morning thanks to daylight savings too - booyah. Here we come summer ☀️🌊

Happy #internationalwomensday ❤ They make my world go round. "Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."

Gearing up for second round of filming for our movie #fightingwithmyfamily in the UK- leaving Monday! 🇬🇧 pre workout hits in 3.. 2... 💪🏽 say hi to Daisy.. Send me your favourite places in London to visit! #divastatus

Get back to work.. 💪🏽🔥 tag a friend who needs some motivation & you want to do this workout with!! 👊🏼

Wrapped filming in LA for our movie #FightingWithMyFamily.. next stop London!! Anyone who was at #WWE Monday night RAW saw how incredibly hard the team has been working to bring you something really special. The early call times, extra gym sessions, long nights and hard work are real for ALL of us.. but I love it and I can't wait for you guys to see this true story!!! It's based on a unique professional wrestling family and their daughters journey to the WWE spotlight.. that girl is WWE Women's Superstar, @realpaigewwe. 
I am so grateful to be apart of bringing this story to life on the big screen with our extremely talented writer/director @stephenmerchant, @sevenbucksprod, Kevin Misher, our totally bad ass co-stars (the best smelling person out there, after me 😂) @TheRock, #VinceVaughn, @iamlenaheadey, @florencepugh (playing Paige), @FriedGold, @Aqueela, @kimbpics & the entire crew and team that you won't get to see on screen but work countless hours to make sure that big screen looks as good as it will! We're putting in the work, can you guys guess which Diva I might be playing?? 😇😈 #WWEFilms #Divas #FightingWithMyFamily #MisherFilms #Film4 #SevenBucksProds

feat. @pompomdaisy. Tag a puppy lover ❤🐶

I am SO grateful to be a part of this amazing and special project for #FightingWithMyFamily. I've been working my butt off in the ring, with acting coaches & working with the incredible team who are putting this story together to deliver a solid & authentic performance for you guys. A HUGE shout out and thank-you has to go to the @TheRock, Mr Dwayne Johnson, you have been the beating heart of this project, I am so honored to be included amoung such professional & passionate people! To the filmmakers, writers, @sevenbucksprod, the director @StephenMerchant & crew, you guys will forever be known as the A team in my books 🤘🏻👌🏻 WHAT A TEAM WE HAVE!! As such a huge fan of wrestling growing up, it really is an honor to be learning from the best in the business. I can't wait to bring this character to life inside that "squared circle" alongside my co-stars DJ, #VinceVaughn, @iamlenaheadey, @florencepugh, @FriedGold, @Aqueela, @kimbpics & many more amazing talent & to touch on the life of these performers outside of the ring as well!

Time to get back to shooting some scenes but before I do that, I want to thank YOU guys who are reading this, for encouraging me and sharing this journey I am on through all this amazing technological stuff called social media! 😜 I am so grateful to be living my dream and hope to make you guys proud and who knows, you might even see a side of me that you never thought existed 😝👊🏻🤜🏻... 1.... 2.... 3..... Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!! #3Divas #SevenBucksProd

Tune in for my #SuperBowl wrap up & hear all about my movie role on #FightingWithMyFamily on @TheTodayShow 🇦🇺 Channel 9 this morning from 7:30AM Sydney time with my pals @KStefanovic & @Lisa_Wilkinson ❤️ S/O to @hisvintagetouch for that kick ass hair today

Rodeo Drive

6 years later we're still taking pics like this 🌴🐿 I love she could be with me over my birthday weekend..

Red Rock Canyon

When you visit Red Rock Canyon on possibly one of the windiest days of the year and attempt at a cute pic with your bestie but get blown TF away 😂 @ranishara

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