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Австралийская модель, дизайнер линии купальников.
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She is just telling the chef how much food we just ordered and now he’s questioning why he even came into work on a Sunday. Wearing @prettylittlething #canweplshave4ofeverything

Having coffee with my friends in my activewear, buying groceries in my activewear, shopping for active wear in my active wear... Posing for @flightmodeau @stylerunner in my ACTIVEWEAR 👏🏼😍 double tap if you guys love the new campaign Photographer: @bonnie_hansen_photography Makeup: @maxmade Hair: @garrylenagh Stylist: @suzeskander

@vogueaustralia show for @vamff @virginaustralia Styled by @lanawilkinson Dress: @dionlee Bag & Sunglasses: @poppylissiman Shoes: @ysl #vamff

Swipe left — Attending my first @vamff shows in Melbourne last night, so many incredible Aussie designers.. Thankyou @virginaustralia for having me, you truly do go above and beyond in the air and on the ground ❤️✈️ styled by my gal @lanawilkinson Dress: @by_johnny Earrings: @fandhjewellery Bag: @misslouiseboutique Shoes: @stuartweitzman #vamff

It’s been a busy start to the year & as we do, we keep that momentum moving forward into the rest of the year 💪🏻👊🏻 This week, first stop Melbourne for the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival @vamff. Wanted to quickly share with you my fav travelling buddies... my luggage!! The unboxing vid is live on my instastory (links included) ✈️🙌🏽 wherever I go my luggage needs to be safe, strong and look damn good 😏👏🏼 *Daisy not included 😜🦊

Digging this @flightmodeau @stylerunner campaign.. Style with support, comes in handy when you’re in the jungle 😏🌴 double tap if you want this in your wardrobe 💚 Photographer: @bonnie_hansen_photography Makeup: @maxmade Hair: @garrylenagh Stylist: @suzeskander

Filming interviews for @the.body.company today so I thought this post was appropriate to get some Body By Ellie motivation going 👏🏼😏 #BodyByEllie

Feeling like a really trendy modern day Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, ‘the ultimate bad ass’ in my @stylerunner @flightmodeau digs 😜🙌🏽 Photo: @bonnie_hansen_photography Makeup: @maxmade Hair: @garrylenagh Styling: @suzeskander

Swipe left <<< Incredibly proud and grateful to be helping launch the @stylerunner @flightmodeau collection & campaign today. I am SO proud of you @juliestevanja (Miss Stylerunner & Flightmode herself, ultimate Girl Boss) and am so thankful you chose me to work with to bring this campaign to life. A range for strong, hard working women who want to look bad ass while they work out or just wanna be looking fiiine in their activewear 🔥🙌🏽😉 _ Thankyou to our hard working amazing Aussie team 👏🏼 Photographer: @bonnie_hansen_photography Makeup: @maxmade Hair: @garrylenagh Stylist: @suzeskander

.. you have no idea how many squinty eyed selfies I took to get one decent one looking out into the sunset. High five 🙌🏽 we got the shot we can all go home 😂 key: be persistent even if it temporarily blinds you 😎🤫

Manoa Falls

You gotta marry someone you know you’d be down to get freaky with in the laundry room while the kids are downstairs watching the Lion King and there’s 10 minutes left before the Dinosaur shaped pizzas come outta the oven 😂🦁🦖 9 years on today with this special dude and Rossgo I’m SO down to live my whole life doing crazy things with you.. even getting freaky in the laundry room when we have kids 😏😂😜 Find that special love and don’t let go 🦋❤️

Virgin Australia Lounge Melbourne Airport

R U N W A Y IN THE S K Y. ✈️ @virginaustralia @onedaydreampr VAMFF

We‘ve been working dang hard to bring you something super special so here’s a little behind the scenes pic of @sarahlonsdale & I on set shooting and refining the BFM (Best Friend Movement) program @the.body.company!! We’ve worked so hard, trialed and tested the movements over and over again to make sure you and your best friend get the absolute most out of this kickass program!! Get ready for a challenge though because we all know we get that little extra motivation when we train with someone else 😜 you’ll be able to enjoy challenging yourselves and pushing each other to hit your goals while enjoying the journey 🔥 Coming soon BFM

The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort, Waikiki

Wrapped birthday celebrations & filming our next project for the #BFM @the.body.company in Hawaii and I am so pleased kick off this week by announcing @onedaydreampr are now representing me in Australia for Brand & PR opportunities 🇦🇺 contact Amy O’Shaughnessy at amyo@onedaydream.com.au 🤙🏽 Welcome to the Team One Day Dream!!

Waikiki Beach

What’s a balanced diet look like? One drink in each hand, so where’s my other one?! 😜🌺 bday week continues. @the.body.company

Waikiki Beach

Hawaiian Birthday take #2 🌺 Styled by @lanawilkinson in @zimmermann @rayban // @royal_hawaiian

Spending the day in a robe & smilin’ hard because it’s my birthday.. (in Australian time - we get everything first here) 😜 then catching an evening ✈️ to Hawaii 🌺 getting 36 hours of birthday time ain’t bad #Aloha

I am so proud to be bringing you guys my second program for @the.body.company called the #BFM (BestFriendMovement) with my bestie @sarahlonsdale. _ As the #BodyByEllie is based on my personal transformation, the #BFM program is based on how we work out TOGETHER and keep each other on track, a 30 day challenge you can do with YOUR best friend! _ It’s a quality, easy to follow, easy to understand & affordable guide that we use to motivate each other, keep each other accountable and most importantly, a program that we designed for us and others to enjoy doing together as friends while getting awesome results — and as you will come to find this program is all about balance, because we should all be able to have our 🍩 and eat it too 👍🏼🍩😂 _ While we‘re putting the finishing touches on the program over the next few weeks, if you simply like this photo and or comment, we will make sure we invite you for an exclusive first look before anyone else! 😘 _ P.S - tag your bestie and we’ll be sure to send them some info as well 👯‍♀️ D🍩NUT MISS OUT!!!!

QT Sydney

.. when the candy bar is STACKED 🙌🏽🍬 Thanks for taking care of me during my stay in Sydney @qtsydneypics while I shoot the latest @stylerunner campaign!

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