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@PaulMarciano, for the last 20+ years (and continues to do so), has created some of the most amazing work that always manages to capture a women's strength, sexuality, beauty, elegance and class through @GUESS 🌹 A true fashion, photography and visionary genius in my eyes. Since the age of 14, I can remember 'photoshopping' (sorry Paul 😜) the Guess logo onto my photos because even from a young age and being inexperienced in this industry that I am now in today, @guess campaigns have always felt like two main things to me; a celebration of women and a celebration of fashion that have been fused together in a Dr Brown (Back to the Future reference) scientist kind of way that always seems to hit the perfect formula!!! It's truly an honor and privilege to share these behind the scenes photos and videos with you guys from the work that I get to do as I feel like I get to share my dreams coming true. 
I think the take away from this 8 part novel of a post can be best summed up by the great historian and philosopher G-Eazy: 'No dream too big, chase anything got the passion to do' Photographer: @tatianagigi // hair: @hisvintagetouch #WouldYouLikeSomeFriesWithThatShake #GuessGirl

Los Angeles, California

This is one of my favorite pics of all time.. I was feeling extremely homesick and lonely so one of my best friends @ranishara came out to stay with me in LA for 4 weeks the first year I was in LA. There was a lesson in this photo for me, maybe for you too. Sometimes life may look so easy and wonderful, especially on social media -- because we see images like this. But I went through some really hard times when I moved out to LA, it wasn't easy, I was alone constantly, I had to start all over again.. I even lost my dad (that made life even harder, I was absolutely heartbroken.. he was my bestie & my biggest cheerleader). It would've been SO easy for me to give up. But to all those out there who are seeing this from me, know that hard times ALWAYS pass and great things don't happen if you just sit back and don't take risks. Sure you might fail, but stand up again and go after your dreams. Stay focused, work hard, try and keep a positive attitude and surround yourself with people who believe in YOU. Sure you're gonna have hard days -- that's life, take it as it comes. But it's all worth it 🤙🏽 So remember, life isn't perfect (for anyone) but there can be many, many perfect moments to be had. Just like this one ☝🏽 PS. Don't let anyone tell you that you're not good enough to be something you wanna be, that's just BS, what do they know anyway 🤣

I am so incredibly grateful for such a wonderful year. Can't wait for you guys to see what I am bringing you in 2017!!!! #HappyNewYear ❤️👏🏼

Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant

I got it from my mamma 🔥😏@avee_08

Battled the Christmas rain and humidity here in Oz to bring you this selfie before my hair decided it had enough 😂🎄👌🏼 Merry Christmas guys. Love you all so much xo

Wish she was with me for Christmas and didn't have to stay in LA.. sweetest little princess there ever was. ❤️

No days off homie.. workout done and dusted so I can enjoy a mound of Christmas food this weekend 😏👍🏼 that pretty much consists of pavlova, French toast and pancakes. Let's do this!!

When you get told to put some clothes on.. but you were born to be neeiiiiked 😜👊🏼🦄


Another pic from the @GUESS Lingerie 2016 Campaign. This is around the time I booked my first Guess campaign and then when this campaign hit, my life really changed. One day I'll share the nitty gritty of it and all the other crazy things that were going on in my life at this time, but for now, let me just say that I have my determination, vision and this amazing man, Mr @paulmarciano What a special, kind and generous person. I am extremely grateful for Paul having the same belief that I have which was that I belong to the Guess family.. 🙏🏼 Photographer @meganeclaire / Hair @hisvintagetouch / Makeup @laurenolearybeauty & of course the creative director @paulmarciano #GuessGirl #LoveGUESS #GuessLingerie

Ever since I saw his (@yutsai88) first campaign with Guess years ago, I said to myself, I'm going to work with that photographer.. and it's going to be with @Guess. To now being able to share with you all the incredible finished product that his photogness (like your Royal Highness 😉) @yutsai88 and the brilliant team produced blows my mind! Take away: if you have a dream, if you have something you want to do, do everything in your power to get there and attract it. Believe in yourself and what you are capable of.. and don't let anyone ever tell you that you're not good enough, not talented enough or smart enough. Be you, be the person YOU love and everyone else will fall in love with that and you will attract the people and things you want and deserve in your life.. oh and WORK YO 🍑 HARD. 😉 Thankyou to this talented team & @flauntmagazine -- photographer @yutsai88 // hair @ryanrichman // makeup @kathyjeung // nails @lpwnails // producer @tjswearingen & @paulmarciano for having such a unique eye for creating something fresh and special.

Honoured to be gracing the pages of the December issue of @flauntmagazine for @GUESS. It's always a pleasure to work with such an amazing & talented team. AND, to be shot by the one of the best & COOLEST photographers there is, Mr Yu Tsai -- @yutsai88. I'm so glad we could all team up to bring the world some amazingly dope images // hair @ryanrichman // makeup @kathyjeung // nails @lpwnails // producer @tjswearingen 👏🏼 Last but definitely not least, a HUGE THANKYOU to @paulmarciano, my gratitude and appreciation for you and the Guess family is endless. ❤️

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Ready for 🛫 But the year isn't over yet, flying back to Australia for some work then a summer Christmas with family and friends.. 🎄😋 work hard but always remember to enjoy what you work for 😉👍🏼 Ellie's out in 3... 2... 💤💤

Grand Canyon West

GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAA 🚁 might not look like it now, but growing up I was a huge tomboy. I had short hair, bracers, I wore that label 'No Fear Clothing' and wore this one pair of my favourite shoes everyday with no socks on, every time I took those shoes off it was literally like someone let off a gas bomb 😂 the stinky shoes are gone, but the tomboy Ellie stayed. I've always been a huge adventure junkie.. and I wanna start sharing a lot more things like this with you guys 😉🤓 .. and if any one can find me some vintage No Fear tees let me know where. Never forget where you come from 😏👏🏼

Happy thanksgiving guys ❤️ today I reflect on what I am thankful for.. Special people in my life, great experiences, success and even hard times because they made me the warrior I am today. And I'm also VERY grateful to have this little monkey in my life.. ❤️😏

Sydney Opera House & Harbour Bridge

Tuesday throwback to some fun in Sydney with @GUESS! 💙

Casa Batlló - Gaudí Barcelona

Welcome to Barcelona 💃🏽

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Wheels down baby. Your girl is back in America and back to work... 🇺🇸👊🏼

Aéroport International De Paris-Roissy Charles De Gaulle Terminal 2F

Peace out Europe ✈️❄️💤 was a blast shooting the Yellowtail Super Bowl commercial! Back to LA. PS. YES I do realise now I look like I am dressed as an assassin 😂🙌🏻👌🏼

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