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Suitcases packed & off on another trip! ✈️ Next stop📍Australia 🐨 and I have @pompomdaisy (or should I say the lion from Hercules 🦁) joining me for my stay thanks to @Pet_Express_US & @JetPets.. I wouldn't trust anyone else to travel this little butterball, you guys take such incredible care of her while we are traveling all over the world 🌎 So grateful and happy to be back for a while and working on some exciting stuff, can't wait to share it with you all 😍

So proud to announce we are LIVE today for automatic download of @TheBodyByEllie! (LINK IN BIO!)Thank you to the thousands of you who pre-ordered your very own programs in the last two weeks, I am still so blown away and incredibly grateful for each and every one of you! I love seeing your videos and photos so far, I do this for you guys and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to share everything I learnt that helped me transform my body and my life that will hopefully help a lot of you kickstart your motivation and action on your own journey to loving your body 💪🏽💛🔥 Let's do this fit fam! #BodyByEllie Photographer: @megbatphoto Bikini: @revolve

Since wearing the @therock + @underarmour's gear I have found: It has helped me increase all reps, sets and weights by a minimum of 726%, I have also had people come up to me and say "excuse me, you must be the Sexiest Maaaaaa... oh no, you're not him", I have found more wildlife following me thinking I am some kind of female Hercules and earth saviour and my sweat now appears to be in the form of baby and coconut oil. Haha but seriously, huge shout out to my boy @therock for creating some game changing gear for us girls!! 💪🏽🔥 *all facts and figures represented above were thoroughly checked and confirmed by @pompomdaisy* Photographer: @megbatphoto 💃🏽

OMG WHO AM I KISSING?! Swipe left… 😏 .. People have asked me over the years.. “do you have a boyfriend…?” “Do you have a girlfriend?” Hmm no one seems to know much about my personal life, but now you do! We have kept our relationship private for some time now for quite a few reasons, but believe it or not, @ross_scutts isn't just my ‘boyfriend’, we have been together for almost a decade.. He has his own business, however he also contributes to my content creation, he’s my motivation, sometimes my photographer, business coach, my proof reader, my co-concept builder and also doubles as a great body guard from time to time. He is the second half of the Ellie Enterprise, we've built my social media pages from 0 followers to collectively over a 6 million person reach together and he deserves just as much credit as I do! (If y'all have sent me 🍆 pics, chances are, he's seen it too 😂) .. Although our relationship is private and I don’t post up about it (and I know your a private person Rossgo, buuuut 😏), I just wanted to give this superstar a mega shoutout and credit for always believing in me, loving me, accepting me for who I am, being there for me when things go wrong and continuously pushing and helping me (sometimes to my limit but hey that’s all part of the fun right!?) to achieve everything I have ever wanted to achieve even if it means we’re up at 3am working on this bizniz stuff! 😉 .. We will get married some day and make a cute baby later down the line (let’s just start with one ok guys 😳), but we make one really kick ass awesome team and you’re one really amazing, accepting, smart and incredible dude and I am so lucky to have you apart of my life. I love you.

I am so incredibly proud to announce @TheBodyByEllie Program has officially LAUNCHED for pre-sale today! I was blown away by how many of you reached out to me when I first posted about this program, something I have been working on as a passion project for a few months now - you guys even crashed my server 3 times! To all 1,782 of you who registered and purchased a copy within the first 48 hours of me mentioning this program, THANKYOU!! 🙌🏽❤️ It's now available to EVERYONE to purchase so to describe the program a bit further, I asked one of my friends to sum it up; .. 'A sneak peak at what you’ll find in the detailed 57 page program: - Ellie's BEFORE/AFTER photos - A guide on how to use the program effectively - Ellie's legs and butt workout program (for in AND out of the gym) which has helped her make her transformation and maintain her lean and toned body year round - Clearly written and visual descriptions of how to perform exercises - Cardio: Gym based and home/travel cardio options - Ellie's eating plan - Vegetarian/vegan (and pescetarian and poultry options she used to have before she became vegetarian) - Tips on how to stay motivated Goals and goal setting - Important secrets and tips shared and explained: food guidelines, hydration, stretching, recovery, importance of sleep, treat meals, travel tips, keeping yourself accountable, overcoming negativity, circle of influence. Ellie's favorite quotes and an entire range of new images created just for this program' .. If you feel that you're worth it and this might benefit you or someone you care about then jump over to my site and get yourself a copy! www.elliegonsalves.com ✌🏻🤘🏻👌🏻💪🏻 👊🏻😘❤ Thankyou to my brilliant photographer: @megbatphoto Bikini: @revolve

Hola amigos ❤️

I am so incredibly overwhelmed by how many of you have reached out to me in the last 48 hours from my before and after photo! You shut down my email server THREE times and some of your stories brought me to tears 💪🏼❤️ _ For those who did get on and send me over their details, I am so excited to be sending you out everything you need to know over the next day! But, this is only to those who registered within the last 48 hours first.. _ I CANNOT WAIT to share this with you guys as it truly has been the building blocks and foundation to me loving my body along with so many other things in my life and I hope it can do the same for you. - You can still email your name, email & IG handle to INFO@ELLIEGONSALVES.COM to be the one of the FIRST to know when this launches. LETS DO THIS FAM 💪🏼🔥 #Transformation #FitFam #ACTIVE

THIS is such a proud moment to be sharing this with you all! 
This first pic was the starting point when I decided to change the way felt about food & exercise. 
It wasn’t a #quickfix, it wasn’t a detox #teadiet, diet pills, under eating, calorie counting or over exercising.. it was a journey I decided to take with my body that was one of the best decisions I made & as you can see, several years later I am still using these exact same principles. .. For me, a REAL world approach (something that's realistic & fairly easy day in day out) to some of the very real struggles we as girls can often face with our bodies, was the approach I needed to take. So I sought out some seriously good info with some incredible people & have put together in a way that people can understand & process easily.
By no means does this AFTER photo depict how every woman should look or aspire to look like - & by no means does the BEFORE photo mean you, I or anyone else shouldn't look that way; Everyone is different & has different goals. For me, the change was about how I felt & how I FEEL. I noticed that when I felt good (because of how I was treating my body), I looked good & this is something that I would like to share with all of you
After seeing the emails/DMs/messages I've received not only this year, but over the last 6 years, asking things like how I stay in shape, what my workout routine is, what foods I eat and when, do I count calories, what specific workouts I do, do I binge on treats ETC I thought I'd put together a little something for you all.
NO SECRETS, just my own real experiences, what I learnt from the experts & what I did to start appreciating my body & making sure it was running & looked how I wanted it to.
So, do you want know how I did it? Go to www.elliegonsalves.com - Body By Ellie & you will be one of the first to be invited to have a look what I've created.
I'm so excited to share my journey & to help anyone going through those similar struggles that I did. .. P.S anyone who posts their before & after pics, maaan you guys have some mad street cred from me -that's some scary stuff to do!

She had not known the weight until she felt the freedom 🙌🏽

3 years ago, I moved to America with not a single job lined up, I was not signed to any agency & had no professional management either. I did this because 4 years earlier in Australia I was in the exact same position. After finishing school, I was rejected by EVERY modeling agency I went to, being told that I was either too much of something or not enough of something else or that I am not what the 'market' is looking for. It was at one of those first 10 or 12 meetings that ended in rejection when I decided that I was going to do it anyway & I was going to make it happen WITH people who believed in me & WITH people who wanted to see me succeed. I used that rejection & turned it into motivation. I am so sick of people telling girls (and the guys) that they are not good enough or that they need to change & then they believe they need to. It's not acceptable there are people out there that feel they can tell others they're not good enough, their dreams & goals are unrealistic or that they need to change. From a young age, I can remember being told far too often that I wasn’t the right fit for the job, my goals were TOO ambitious, I’m unrealistic about what can be achieved & by when they could be achieved - the list goes on. Fast forward to right now & I sometimes still pinch myself at the work I have been able to create & be apart of. I have worked with some of the coolest & most successful people & companies in this business. I also have the privilege of working with such an amazing team, my team, the A TEAM, (a team that took a VERY long time to find BTW) you guys Rock & are the bomb! 😉 I refuse to let anyone tell me I can't do something, my dreams are too ambitious or I don't meet their BS 'standards'. I made a decision early on in my life that people with small minds will never influence the person I was & the person I was aspiring to be. The point is, YOU are in control of your life, not the people who doubt you, who tell you no, who say you need to change. YOU are in control. Know your worth girlfriend, then add tax 👌🏼😏

Having @justinemarjan cut my hair was the best decision ever 🙌🏽 who else is going short for summer? 🌴

🌴 @sarahorbanicphotos

@avee_08 got a new child aaaaand I've been replaced 😂👏🏼

Last night celebrating 35 years of GUESS 🌴

Still obsessed over this 💕 @justinemarjan you did me proud ..

People have fashion icons like Marilyn, Audrey, Liz... mine is clearly Jay Leno 👖😂

The last time I had short hair I was 14 years old. I told the hairdresser to make me look as beautiful as the picture (which was @deltagoodrem circa 2005) and I walked out looking like Christian Bale from American Hustler 😂😳 I cried my eyes out all the way home hahaha Let's try this again, take 2. Thankyou for making me feel beautiful @justinemarjan 💕

It's done! The new girl is here 🔥💃🏽 Thankyou @justinemarjan for transforming me!!! ❤️ you're the greatest xx #summer #hair

SLS Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Beverly Hills

Khaki - it's more than just a color. It's an attitude. 🐊 Reflecting on what wonderful work everyone did at the #SteveIrwinGalaLA, I feel incredibly proud and honored to be a global ambassador for @wildlifewarriorsworldwide and to have hosted this years iconic Steve Irwin Gala charity event alongside @pauldegelder. @bindisueirwin it is amazing to watch you and Robert grow up into the most incredible human beings I know. So sweet, kind and caring - you inspire me every day! Thankyou to the Irwins, @wildlifewarriorsworldwide and the @australiazoo family for keeping Steves dream and message alive. We all have the power to make a difference, you guys can donate any amount towards this incredible organization to help keep our wildlife all around the world safe, alive and THRIVING! Crikey, make sure you wear your khaki this Steve Irwin Day November 15th too! 🤙🏽❤️ thankyou for my beautiful hair @hisvintagetouch xx

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