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Американская актриса, известная по своей роли Мередит Грей в телесериале «Анатомия страсти», где она снимается с 2005 года.
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THANK YOU! To all the activist out there who worked to make change happen...who make compassion and caring their number one priority... and for believing change can happen #whenhumansgetitright @harryjoshhair

We look like we are laying down videoing (is that a word?) ourselves but we were working out I swear 💪🏽 @Nicolewinhoffer right? #theresnothingwrongwithaworkoutnap

This reminds me of so many women in my life who I am eternally grateful for ❤️

Best repost ever... if only this were #potus speech last night 💔 we had dumbledore now we have Voldemort 😬 #soscared @25park

It's all about looking up!! Thank you to the people who inspire me ❤️@Nicolewinhoffer @badassvegan

@violadavis NO ONE deserves this more...beauty brains humility and talent that is otherwordly...a true inspiration to every woman ..so grateful to be in her orbit ❤️🌎

If your in L.A. Go check out my girl @nicolewinhoffer classes for a killer workout! Visit her IG for the info! First class tomorrow 6pm #NWMethod @arice_chen @adidaswomen #aSMc

Boy Crazy....Here's to a year filled with happiness and love! Happy New Year ❤️🌎❤️

❤️Eli Christopher❤️ Chris Ivery just fell a notch.. I've got a new guy

From my Aunt Ellen today....who always took me to movies and theatre in NYC as a child ❤️ what a gift

Repost from @activistvegan using @RepostRegramApp - FOOD PURITY is not an ELITIST thing. It's a COMMON SENSE thing. It is a fundamental RIGHTS kind of thing. 👁We have a RIGHT to know where our tax dollars go for food subsidies and why. 👁We have a RIGHT to see what happens behind the closed doors/walls of factory farms and slaughterhouses. 👁We have a RIGHT to know how agricultural workers are treated and paid. 👁We have a RIGHT to know if our crops are genetically modified and what chemicals are sprayed on them and what effects those chemicals have on our bodies. 👁We have a RIGHT to know if our snack food has palm oil sourced from Indonesia where rain forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. 👁We have a RIGHT to know if the seafood we buy is farmed, where it comes from, and what fishing methods were used to extract it. 😡 Unfortunately, the government is not going to make those things transparent to us. Why? Because they are paid off to stay silent. Agribusiness spends millions of dollars every year lobbying politicians to keep them quiet and to keep billions of dollars in tax subsidies flowing so that toxic food remains abundant and cheap. Big Pharma doesn't want us to catch on that the food we eat is killing us because they profit big time off of keeping us chronically ill and dependent on medications. 👀👀👀👀👀 WAKE UP PEOPLE. Emerge from the Matrix. Watch: 🌱Food, Inc 🌱Forks Over Knives 🌱Food Choices 🌱Food Matters 🌱Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 🔑🔓 Make the connection and take your health into your own hands. Stop accelerating your own demise and the demise of this planet. 🌎♻️ #vegan #govegan #vegetarian #meatlover #animallover ditch #lowcarb #ketodiet #atkins #paleo #meat #seafood #eggs #dairy #GMOs #junkfood #processedfood eat #organic #wholefoods #lowfat #highcarb #bigAg #bigPharma #goverment #corruption #conspiracy #profit #billmaher #obama #socialjustice #maketheconnection repost @christian_the_herbivore

Making America great again is going to take us looking to the future for our solutions not the past...✌🏽️

Just a tiny little show called #greysanatomy #happygreysday

Houston is in the house #thesegirlsareturnt #shondalandproblems @therealdebbieallen #dontletthefunfoolyou #weareallaboutto drop #thankgodthisepisodeisalmostover #theybetterlikethisshit #loveyouguys❤️

When @shondarhimes gives you the feels... Happy Greys Day! We appreciate you and give it our all always 🙏🏽💪🏾😘

This is amazing

We did it!! @therealdebbieallen #vote #imwithher #sensenotnonsense

@hellmannsam @lennykravitz 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 💋


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