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I have a real thing for intriguing chairs and this beauty was BTS on @theranchnetflix it has a rich history that only the chair itself could tell, cataloged as #9, that being the 9th EVER set dressing item to enter the Warner Brothers Studios Warehouse. Among thousands of items this little gem made it on to our set decades later. God only knows what other films or shows it’s seen. What actors from the 30’s or 40’s had their tooshies on it! Either way, fascinating!

Happy Easter 🐣

Hermosa Beach, California

Had my toes in the sand today. 🌞 #Hermosa #beach

YES! Our @theranchnetflix star! @thomasrhettakins congratulations 🙌🏻

Finally!! Yes, weekend 😊 hope everyone has a good one!

Big time!! ❤️ sending everyone lots!

My Pearl and @dionphaneuf 💋


I Had such a wonderful time yesterday. Speaking on my experiences starting out in LA as a Canadian Actress. Thank you @jonathanadamsaundersbaruchel and @actranational for inviting me in on the conversation.

Happy Oscars to all! Goodnight

Genius, Rest In Peace 🖤

“Mommy is 10-1, over!” 😂 @theranchnetflix set visits. ❤️

Beautiful baby shower last night for our girl @courtmuzz 🌸 well done @inesdominc 🌸


A huge congratulations Sam! I’ve been lucky enough to watch your magic first hand for the past few years. This #Oscars nomination is so well deserved. ❤️

Yes! @snoopdogg well done last night! “Get him Dion” this made my year! Ha! #epic

Look who I found at the globes! 😁 @emilehirsch


Montage Beverly Hills

My girl @blinds11 during the holidays ❤️

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