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"I'm beyond honored and grateful and can only hope that my work will allow younger girls to identify and believe in themselves to follow their dreams" -Quote from when I was talking about my film Created Equal and my character AND hopefully many more inspiring projects in the future! #motivationmonday #motivation #CreatedEqualMovie

Brooklyn Girl Eatery

Congrats! It's a girl! 💗🦄🌸🦋👗💪🏻💖 #bff #babyshower #sandiego #friends #brunch #pink

Happy weekend everyone !! We started enjoying ours early today 🎈

#FBF found a couple cute pics from this event 📸 (w/ @christinamilian @daniajramirez @craccola @richardbranson )

Another picture from the fun weekend 🕶 #surfboard #art #portrait #babyshower #friends #girls

Had such a lovely time at @roselyn_sanchez #BabyShower over the weekend!! We're all looking in a different direction 😂 (missing our "Rosie" @daniajramirez who is filming #OUAT ) #theme #event #blackamdwhite #cute #sexy #mygirls #friends #DeviousMaids #ODAAT #beingmaryjane #claws

This is how he looks when I brush his curls and I'm obsessed either way 😍❤️ #mom #son #love #family #hairstyles #curlyhair #strighthair #baby #toddler

Happy birthday to my partner in crime !! ❤️(Meant to post this yesterday😅)

Inner thought: "work hard so you can buy a house like this one SOON" !! I should have taken a video lol but trust me it was a gorgeous home 👌🏼 #goals #workhard #hardworkpaysoff #believe #achieve #home #house #decor

Such a fun #TBT with my sexy @DeviousMaids ! @roselyn_sanchez is missing because she was backstage getting ready to 🎤💃🏻 #friends #girls #love #DeviousMaids #TV

Use your smile to change the world, don't let the world change your smile. (Thanks for the pics @bob_delgadillo)

Have you checked out my latest film "AFTER THE WEDDING" ? You got one more day before the long weekend is over! You can rent it or buy it ;) -iTunes: https://goo.gl/L5RQav -Vimeo: https://goo.gl/jfHByR Enjoy 💋❤️ #independent #film #marriage #wedding #love #lovestory #miami #ny #birthday #friends

Going to sleep happy because he's finally feeling better !! 👏🏻🙏🏼😀💫🌈🎈🎉 #coldssuck #happybaby #happymom #werehappy #mom #son #loveofmylife #love #happy #lunch #date #bun

Some behind the scenes pictures from our movie "AFTER THE WEDDING" If you got to rent/buy it please give it a review! It's what really helps indie films get a bit more visibility 🙂 Thank you in advance! 💋 Check out my two previous posts for more pictures and the trailer. For more info: aftertheweddingmiami.com #atwfilm

A few pictures from "AFTER THE WEDDING" I did my own hair and makeup for this film. What do you guys think? Not too bad right? hehe ☺️Indie film making baby! If you're interested in checking out the trailer or renting/buying the movie, go to the website: aftertheweddingmiami.com #atwfilm

"AFTER THE WEDDING" is the story of Diego and Mariana 👰🏻🎩 If you haven't had the chance to rent/buy the movie yet, do it this long weekend ! 😉 Here are the links below. -iTunes: https://goo.gl/L5RQav -Vimeo: https://goo.gl/jfHByR Please let me know what you think !! I hope you enjoy it 💋❤️

Please take a look at my last post. If you donate tag a friend (who hasn't yet donated) here and challenge them to donate too! Remember even if it is $1 it makes a difference ;) #prayersfortexas #prayersfortheworld

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST🙏🏼 I could post a picture with writing and info on or it or a picture with people/children in distress but I've seen those posts tend to go pretty unnoticed compared to the posts of pictures of me...which is pretty sad really..but that's another conversation. Let me not digress. I have decided to post a picture of my face from a recent event where I had some really nice makeup done because I wanted to get your attention. PLEASE DONATE whatever you can for Texas. Even if it is just $1 because it adds up and they need all the help we can send. If you can donate more, by all means do it but at least do $1 I've been there, when instead of an ice cream I'd save the money because I knew I'd need those $3 for gas..so even $1 would have made a difference in my wallet.. But our human fellows (and some animals too actually) need us right now and "what goes around comes around" right? Let's help! There are several ways: The Red Cross, I saw Facebook is matching one million dollars in donations, and also @evalongoria is donating 100% of the purchases made from her clothing collection (for the next couple of days I believe) so you could buy clothes and the money would be donated ! We are lucky we get to be home, posting on social media and not having to worry about our lives. Let's be thankful that we are safe and let's send help to those who need it.

I wore these gorgeous shoes for the past couple of events and now I don't want to give them back lol Thanks @cesarepaciotti for lending me your gorgeous shoes💋❤️

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