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Канадская актриса, известная по ролям в телесериалах «Красавцы» и «Менталист», а также в фильме «Не шутите с Зоханом».
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#tbt to #hbo’s ‘Uncovering Sloan’ photo shoot we did..#goodoldays #grateful #ilovemyjob ❤️❤️❤️

Today, in a dope, bold, stand for women’s health, CVS announced they’ll stop materially altering all model-driven beauty imagery they create for their stores, websites, marketing, and social media. And they’re going to work with all the beauty brands on their shelves to watermark whatever is photoshopped, so when girls and women are walking through the beauty aisles, they know what’s real and what’s not. Game changing. SO SO proud of one of my dearest friends @sethmatlins who had a huge part in making this movement a reality👌💯❤️ Click the link in my bio to read more about this awesome initiative xxx

I read this many, many years ago and it’s always lived somewhere deep within since. I know that many of you dislike or disagree with my posts and many of you say pretty hateful and hurtful things.. not only diminishing my intelligence, but some of you even try to intimidate me from expressing my beliefs... I realize the lesson in all this is to persevere and continue to spread my message and what I believe in regardless of the hurtful comments.. for some reason so many people think us “Hollywood types” are not entitled to express our thoughts and opinions, but guess what? We are going to express them anyway and use this platform to spread our light and use our voices for those who cannot. For those of you who feel the need to be bullies and hurtful, just take a deep a breath and try even for a moment to agree to disagree without being mean. We are all allowed to have opinions and to express them, it would just be so nice to do it with a little less hate...as always sending loads of love and light..❤️❤️❤️

My beautiful, bold and brilliant friend @conniebritton wrote an excellent op-ed on why poverty is sexist and took a fashion conscious stand at theGolden Globes this year. Link in my bio #equality #takeastand #whywewearblack ❤️❤️❤️

Your words and actions live on.. #mlkjrday #king #inspiration #peace #love #equality❤️❤️❤️

Reposted and beautifully written by @gerardocelasco 💔 What a sad day for so many of my fellow Salvadoran brothers and sisters who have built a life in the United States and have made a positive impact in the workforce. Many of these are hard working, kind people, who add so much value to our society and the communities they live in. While I am not personally affected by this, my heart breaks for the families that are. The hard working mothers and fathers. The passionate sons and daughters that are pursuing their dream... To quote @calvarezmathies, because I cant say it better myself, “Temporary Protected Status status for Salvadorans ends September 2019. #ElSalvador was one of the first countries receive #TPS designation due to our civil war (1980-1992). In 2001 we were struck by a series of devastating earthquakes and the TPS designation was again put in place, it has been renewed every time until now. Although El Salvador has been rebuilt since the earthquakes, the country’s violence has only increased (making our capital one of the most dangerous cities on earth) and our economic situation is dire (slowest growth in Central America according to world bank), all reasons why TPS status is still needed for people who have made a life in the US and continue to contribute to society in a meaningful way. While I have an understanding for technicalities, this decision presents devastating consequences for both countries and hundreds of thousands of people.” (image via @nytimes)

BLOWN AWAY by @Oprah’s speech at the #goldengglobes is an understatement...this woman is a force of nature and a reminder to not just women everywhere, but to men and children from all walks of life that anything is possible. Speaking our truths is the most powerful tool we have.. indeed words to live by.. #timesup #whywewearblack #oprahforpresident 🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️

You know I signed and donated for this! You should too..link in my bio:) #timesup The clock’s been ticking on the abuse of power. Stand in solidarity with women across every industry to say #TIMESUP on abuse, harassment, and assault. #TIMESUP on oppression and marginalization. #TIMESUP on misrepresentation and underrepresentation. Sign the solidarity letter and donate to the #TIMESUP Legal Defense Fund. Link in bio.

Such an amazing night at the @artofelysium gala.. incredible music, inspiring speeches and a reminder of how art truly heals...#artheals Also got to see some of my nearest and dearest..❤️❤️❤️ Thank you to my most amazing glam.. Hair by @josephchase Make up by @danielmartin Styled by me!

Just a little glimpse of my magical New Years crew..we laughed until our stomachs hurt, danced until we couldn’t stand anymore and rang in 2018 right!!! @thecapehotel in Cabo was the perfect setting to relax and take in incredible sunsets and eat delicious food..feeling pretty blessed. Wishing you all a spectacular 2018 in all ways...have a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom..❤️❤️❤️

Ok Friday...let's do this!!! Have an amazing last weekend of 2017...and get ready for an epic 2018...😍😍😍 #shabbatshalom #grateful @thecapehotel photo by @egreener

Another magical sky..@thecapehotel 😍😍

ahhhhh...starting to relax:) @thecapehotel #soooograteful photo @egreener

Cabo sunset..❤❤❤ @thecapehotel #heaven

Merry Christmas Eve!!! Sending loads of love! 😘😘😘

Snap hole on a saturday:) Happy holiday weekend! 😍😍😍

Give Holiday Gifts that Give Back! @thegivingkeys employs people trying to transition out of homelessness & have been able to create jobs for 75 homeless people because of Sales, so please buy your holiday gift at www.thegivingkeys.com 😍😍😍

Such a beautiful turn out celebrating the first night of Chanukah at #TheGrove. Thank you to all who came out, and for @VillageSynagogue for dreaming up such a lovely celebration😍😍 #light #love

My LA peeps! If you are feeling the holiday spirit please come join us and usher in the first night of Chanukah with a special, first ever Menorah lighting at The Grove...hope to see you there! #light #love #chanukah

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