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Канадская актриса, известная по ролям в телесериалах «Красавцы» и «Менталист», а также в фильме «Не шутите с Зоханом».
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Thank you people!!!!! ❤️😘 We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you to everyone who supported us and watched last night. If you didn’t get a chance to see the premiere, WATCH ANYTIME on HULU and FOX NOW. From the article, “Passage premiered to 5.2 mil/1.3... marking the night’s top-rated scripted series.”

Tonight is the night!!! Please meet Dr. Lila Wolgast.. excites to go on this journey with you ✨❤️ Premiere tonight on Fox 9pm/8c

The premier of #ThePassage on @foxtv tonight at 9/8c!

Get ready..... In a little over 24 hours, you'll be exposed... #ThePassage premiere kicks off at 9/8c on @foxtv.

I literally can’t get enough of this😂😂😂 Go to snap chat and play with this!! #Repost @thepassagefox with @get_repost ・・・ The infection is spreading... Tap the link in our bio to go viral with #ThePassage Snapchat lens.

SUCH a cool trailer!! Check it out, and if you are inclined repost it! Click the link in my bio for the long version 👌🏽🙏🏽Tune in Monday night on Fox 9pm/8c.. it’s a thrill ride:) @thepassagefox #thepassage

3 more days until @thepassagefox airs.. whose tuning in on January 14th 9pm/8c???? Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday and Shabbat Shalom ❤️❤️

Last night at the @thepassagefox premiere!!! Such a fun and exciting night... I can’t wait for you guys to see it. Monday January 14th on Fox at 9pm/8c As always thank you to my stellar glam squad❤️❤️ Hair: @josephchase Makeup: @shanepaish Styling: @katiebof Jumpsuit: @cushnie #tapforcredits #emmanuellechriqui #thepassage #thepassagefox #cushnie

The countdown begins... ・・・ It's the humans vs. the virals in FIVE DAYS — will you be watching #ThePassage?

Finished the weekend with the awesome #Instyle #goldenglobe party..thank you to the most amazing dream team for pulling me together again❤️🙏🏽 styled by @katiebof hair by @josephchase makeup by @danielmartin tap for credits!

Just so beautiful and empowering @youareluminous THANK YOU! ✨❤️

She will fight for humanity — the battle begins January 14 at 9/8c. #ThePassage

Heading out to one of my favorite events of the year! @artofelysium Thank you to my insane hair and makeup @josephchase @shanepaish and wearing @aliceandolivia from head to toe💕 #artheals #HEAVEN2019

Lovely way to kick off #Goldenglobe weekend at the #goldmeetsgolden event. Wearing the kimono jumpsuit from @shopatdame I AM OBSESSED with their line!!!! #sustainablefashion #sustainableliving ❤️

You are NOT going to want to miss this!!! ・・・ @mpgosselaar is Brad Wolgast. Don't miss him in #ThePassage — premiering January 14 at 9/8c on @foxtv.

#fbf to this summer when I was shooting #thepassage and @jennadewan was shooting #theresident in Atlanta.. what I call divine timing🙏🏽 #happyfriday #shabbatshalom❤️

Once again @youareluminous nailed it.. wishing you all a very happy New Year🙏🏽❤️ #Repost @youareluminous with @get_repost ・・・ NO ONE, NO THING, NO ENERGY, NO FORCE has the power to interfere, to take away, or to block what is innately yours. It's written in the very foundation of your being. Your cells offer the invitation to you. It's why you manifested in to physical form to remember you're worthy of receiving it. It's emanating from each breath, its flowing through each vein. In the coming energetic cycle, 2019 and beyond, we will be gifted with infinite opportunities to return back to our Highest Divine Self-Expression, to rise inwardly to receive higher from the world, from all of creation outside of us. To meet what has always been ours. Blessings for a most wondrous new cycle of abundance, freedom and empowerment luminous ones! May you open yourselves up enough to receive all of the gifts that have been waiting for you x

#Repost @thepassagefox with @get_repost ・・・ Just like vampires, the virals are thirsty for blood. 💉 #ThePassage premieres January 14 on @foxtv.

See you next time #PowderMountain 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #happyfriday #shabbatshalom

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