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full fallon performance on youtube now 🙆‍♂️

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

new wallows song ‘scrawny’ out now (in my bio) and we’re playing fallon tonight :)

welcome to my crib

lyd and i made a special valentine’s spotify playlist for @billboard. ‘twas fun. it also has @theregrettesband’s new song “pumpkin”, AKA my fav song ever. all this in the bio💘

i’ve got a valentine that i miss dearly but she’s out there taking over the world rn so that’s pretty cool

hey you going to the wallows tour too? (tix in bio)

we’re taking this thing on the road. tickets on sale now (bio). grab em quick. *most uk/euro venues have been upgraded*

i drink your milkshake


if ya didn’t hear, the very first @wallowsmusic album, Nothing Happens, is out march 22nd. this is the cover. i’m super anxious for you to hear it wow. ‘are you bored yet? (feat. @clairo)’ is out now in my bio. much luv💕

new @wallowsmusic vid for “are you bored yet?” up in my bio now😭 (📸: @dillonmatthewc)

we just released our new song “are you bored yet?” w/ the homie @clairo. this was taken when we finished recording it last year lawl. link in bio of course

new music and stuff soon

the first time we hung out (13 years ago) vs. the last time (last night). happy bday to my pure king @braedenlemasters. (thx @lydianight and whoever took that first pic)

do you have macadamia milk? (📷: @alishaboe)

cole gets my best light



“candid” lydia

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