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w/ @wallowsmusic (P.S. Thanks for listening to Sun Tan - link in bio) 📷: @ellajayes

My band @wallowsmusic has a new song called "Sun Tan". Streaming on Spotify/Apple Music etc. now. (Spotify link in bio).

I want to be like @finnwolfhardofficial when I grow up.

Riding into season 2 like:

We, @wallowsmusic, made a lyric video for our song PLEASER. Check it out now on YouTube.


I don't know if I should be flattered or scared about this being written on my car? Either way, I'm taking it as a reminder that I need to get my car washed.


My band Wallows just released our first song, "Pleaser". Streaming on Spotify/Apple Music etc. now. (Spotify link in bio). @wallowsmusic

Overwhelmed by the response to 13 Reasons Why. Thanks to everyone who's been watching and enjoying (and feeling all the feels). I'm more proud of this show, and everyone involved, every day. This is a still from one of my favorite scenes, with @younggoth. I also feel it very necessary to add that if you or anyone you know needs help, please go to 13ReasonsWhy.info for resources and information. I realize that this is a TV show, and it's made for entertainment, but I do hope we can also make an impact on your life for the better, once you're past the binging.

Strap on those helmets kids; 13 Reasons Why is now streaming on Netflix. - Helmet

We worked with the amazing @BooksontheSubway to hide 100 copies of @13ReasonsWhy throughout New York's subways. This is me attempting to hide a copy. Said copy is also falling in this picture. So if you find a damaged one, that's mine.

13 Reasons Why comes to Netflix 3/31.

playing the troubadour tomorrow night like

Childish Gambino just saved us all with "Awaken, My Love!". It's all you need in life right now. Listen.

Saint Pablo.

the one and only jane levy took this before things went awry in that damn car

Blown away by the success of Don't Breathe this weekend... Who'd have thought these misfits would have the #1 movie in america? Thank you to everyone who went out to see it.

year is made

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