Павел Дуров


Отечественный предприниматель, программист, один из основателей крупнейшей на территории стран СНГ социальной сети – «ВКонтакте». Долгое время являлся её генеральным директором. В настоящее время покинул Россию и занимается развитием мессенджера «Telegram».
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Maldives, Indian Ocean

Seaplane = more freedom 🛩

WEF World Economic Forum Davos

After skiing during WEF earlier this month ⛷

Barcelona, Spain

Dubai Marina

The Future is now 🌅

Monte Tezio Cima 950m

There is always a 🌈 after ⛈if you are looking.


An evening in the castle #nofilter


This October we're working on new features for Telegram from a castle in Umbria 🏰

Cagliari, Italy

Lake Saimaa

Time to swim 🏊

While I'm not a fan of giant Lürssen yachts, I liked this one as it's the only one with sails. Its shape is visible on the background of my previous photo ⛵️

Hanging out at #googlecamp2016 😌

Slightly windy in Sicily 🌪

New York, New York

Blue meets yellow.

Rodeo dr, Beverely Hills

Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills, California

Finally some good modern architecture 🐝

Hotel Bel Air

Lappeenranta Airport

Leaving Finnish Lakeland today 🇫🇮

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