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Американский сериальный актер.
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My dad’s friend Rudy wrote a letter. Written by @nickciarelli and @bradevanspictureboy shot by @justinarbabimedia directed by @jmillstein1 LINK IN BIO

Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

Crayton Doward is a security guard at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library who has dedicated his life to protecting Nixon’s badass helichopper. New video I made with @nickciarelli, @bradevanspictureboy and @jmillstein1. Full video link in the bio!

Whisky A Go-Go

Rock critic Sherman LeBlanc gives you a tour of the historic Sunset Strip. Written by @nickciarelli and @bradevanspictureboy, directed by @jmillstein1. FULL VIDEO IN BIO #dogpenismedicine

Check out Ex-professional skateboarder Derek Contrera’s new @grubhub original series Hustle Fuel Kitchen. I made this with @nickciarelli @bradevanspictureboy @jmillstein1 @justinarbabimedia FULL VIDEO IN BIO

My sister @katelyntarver’s new song is out now and it’s good! She said in an interview recently “Good lyrics come from pain. I’m good at music because my brother Drew did wrestling moves on me as a kid” You’re welcome sis! Link to song in bio

Sadly my character “Wingman Chad” got cut out of Midnight Sun

@alisonrich123 made a funny series. I play myself in it. Link in bio

Coachella Music Festival

I’m worried about @Coachella Guy. Check out the rest of his weekend on my story.

Atlantic City tonight at 8pm at @ucbtla . Link to tix in bio

My invention The Tall Potty©️ is NOT catching on

Couple tickets left for show tonight! Tix link in bio

Limited Range tomorrow night 4/3 at @ucbtla at 930pm. Link to tix in bio. This is a @jmillstein1 vid. He’s very good at computer

Final Limited Range this tues at 930pm. Last chance to come boo my ass . Link to tix in bio

Come out to Limited Range this Tues 930pm Ucb Franklin! Link to tix in bio

I’m such a huge fan of everyone on @loveonnetflix. It’s a really great show. Thx for letting me be a part of it @paulrust and @lesleyarfin. I had a blast. Check out season 3 on Netflix right now!

Check out my sister @katelyntarver’s new single “Never Fade” LINK IN BIO

New album coming soon

As a sketch comedian I have very limited range. I can only do 2 characters max. Some would argue I can only do 1. Come watch me do that 1 character in 7 different wigs.

It’s my dads birthday and he’s eating this close to the tv. Happy birthday!

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