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I play a club promoter for a Chuck E. Cheese’s on ep3 of @latovegasfox. Check out the show. It’s great! Also, this is how I dressed for all of 2005

Got a vintage camera over the holidays because I’m an artist. Swipe to see some my perfect, not-blurry photos.

This is a “fun selfie” I just took during the “house party scene” of a Tostitos commercial audition.

My New Years resolution was to be in the background of more people’s gym photos. One down! (Don’t ask me how I found this photo)

Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

Nixon’s bday party today was off the chain as usual!

I’m unbearable now

Old ass wall

Tower of London

Two princes were murdered by their damn uncle in the tower behind us.

Hyde Park, London Town

I’m a deadhead but for this band

@betsysodaro in the studio too! Book ur session with me ASAP. No specials. Full price year round

I’m taking @manoagapion’s new headshots. Hit me up if you wanna plan a shoot

The Dolphin Tavern

Been in London for 45 minutes and I’ve overheard the word “rubbish” 6 times! The trash is so cute here!

Two margs got me and mom lit. She is now “taking a quick nap” in the truck.

People would meet at this tree after school to fight and race cars and make out. It was disgusting and very fun. It was cleverly nicknamed “The Tree” #MeetMeAtTheTree

The bullseye for the VR archery game was very close to my actual dad

I swear I never do this but I just had to get a pic

Reinstagraming @laurenlapkus. This was a fun show

We drove fast cars today and we are these guys now. Comment “ew” if you think we’re gross

My dad didn’t like any of my favorite memes

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