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Use your ego, don't let it use you. Enjoy its power, don't envelop it. Be yourself, create yourself, don't lose yourself. Grow, connect, and express. Understand them all, respect them all, meet them all, be hurt by all, leave them all, explore them all, connect with all, love them all, and if need be... fuck them all. Simple as that folks. Be you, do you.

I got over my fear of holding babies last night. Guys, I like them. They make me happy. Shit, they are so cute. #babies

Home, Yoga, and dogs... these are a few of my favorite things. What are some of yours? 🙃

Missing the misty jungle hues of the Amazon.

Hope you all have an incredible Thanksgiving tomorrow. Headed to pick my brother up from the airport now and will be spending the day soaking up time with family. Truly thankful and grateful to interact and connect with all of you! It's been a great week getting back on here and interacting with you guys. Have a wonderful holiday. ❤️

Love will tell you you are beautiful and mean it, over and over again. “You are beautiful.” When you first wake up, “you are beautiful.” When you’ve just been crying, “you are beautiful.” When you don’t want to hear it, “you are beautiful.” When you don’t believe it, “you are beautiful.” When nobody else will tell you, “you are beautiful.” Love still thinks you are beautiful. But love is not perfect and will sometimes forget, when you need to hear it most, you are beautiful, do not forget this. Love is not who you were expecting, love is not who you can predict. Maybe love is in New York City, already asleep; You are in California, Australia, wide awake. Maybe love is always in the wrong time zone. Maybe love is not ready for you. Maybe you are not ready for love. Maybe love just isn’t the marrying type. Maybe the next time you see love is twenty years after the divorce, love is older now, but just as beautiful as you remembered. Maybe love is only there for a month. Maybe love is there for every firework, every birthday party, every hospital visit. Maybe love stays- maybe love can’t. Maybe love shouldn’t. Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to, And love leaves exactly when love must. When love arrives, say, “Welcome. Make yourself comfortable.” If love leaves, ask her to leave the door open behind her. Turn off the music, listen to the quiet, whisper, “Thank you for stopping by." - Sarah Kay and Paul Kaye

Los Angeles, California

"There is a life force within your soul, seek that life. There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine. O Traveler, if you are in search of that, don't look outside, look inside yourself and seek that." ~Rumi

Getting back to my practice after a two month break has not been easy. This week has been truly humbling. During my first practice, the disconnect I felt with my body was unbelievable. The tension holding me back, unbearable. The lack of physical strength, unsettling. As I fought with my body, screaming at it for losing power, begging for it to remember alignment in even the simplest poses… I finally realized I had no choice but to stop fighting it. I sank into my mat with utter disbelief… How could I have lost so much strength in just a few months? Why is my body doing this? As I lay confused, pondering this disappointment… I started to understand that, while I had lost strength in one realm of my life (my physical Yoga practice), I had also gained so much elsewhere. Yes, my body was not working with me in this moment… but that was because it had been on a journey. The same journey I had been on. A two month fucking amazing journey. It was there, standing by my side the entire time. Taking in all of the incredible memories, sights, and experiences just as I was. We were tired. As I rest with it this week, as we recuperate, as we get to know one another on our mat again, and as we slowly gain back the strength of our physical practice... We also bask in adventure we just took together. Thanks for all that you join me on dear body. Thanks for reminding me to take it slow this week. Thanks for being an incredible fucking vehicle. I had a blast getting muddy with you these past couple months. I love you. Pants: @blncx_

Hahaha I can't believe I'm posting this, because it looks so weird... but I'm all about cleansing right now. I'm new to this nauli kriya practice. Looking to get the full roll... any tips? It is amazing how much this works your core and breath! Who that follows practices it and has worthy benefits to keeping it up?

Since returning from the Amazon, taking full advantage of enjoying time at home has been a priority… Sleeping in, eating good food, spending time with the pups, and having time to reconnect to my Yoga practice has been the best. One of the reasons I love traveling the most is the growth, new realms of understandings, and gratitude you have to reflect on once you return. I have words to share, culture shock to sit with, and many memories to ponder on… but for now I choose to enjoy the overwhelming gratitude I feel. The gratitude for the family, friends, experiences, laughs, hugs, cries, and dogs to interrupt my home Yoga practice. Yes Dante…don’t worry buddy, I missed you too. P.S. can everyone take a second to appreciate Winston’s jealous face in the doorway throughout this entire video.

After nearly two months in the jungle, nothing beats coming home to this guy.

Update: I've been losing myself in the Amazon over the past month or so. To say this disconnect is amazing would be an understatement. No words. Until next time...✌🏻❤️

It's amazing how much more we feel when we slow down. Learning a thing or two from the jungle and slowing down here in the Amazon rainforest.

"Don’t avoid extremes, and don’t choose any one extreme. Remain available to both the polarities–that is the art, the secret of balancing." - Osho

Lost in thought, I asked myself - “Have you become too quiet?”… Out of the blue this question popped up. I used to crave constant release of thoughts, emotions, and feelings. I needed to understand them. Hours would be spent writing out what was going on in my head. This was my therapy. I don’t do that so much anymore. Have I become too quiet? As I pondered the answer to this question, I immediately started to think about what it was that needed releasing. What it was that must be jotted down. Nothing came to mind… Ya know, ART is so fucking beautiful. It comes in different forms, different feelings, different visions, different understandings. While creation of art does bring release, it also fills space that has been released. Creation allows you to find and feel what needs to be filled. Just as it allows you to let go and make space of what is no longer needed. No, I am not too quiet. The releasing that was needed has been done. The chapter that was created is now complete, and it is a fucking masterpiece. A messy one, but a masterpiece indeed. There to be reflected upon, to take reminders from, and to be closed. We worry so much about letting go, moving on… but when it’s time, it’s time. Old chapters close, new chapters open. Suddenly I came to my senses, a voice shaking me out of my head… “Can I help you with anything?” There I was, standing in the middle of an REI store with a list full of travel needs. "Ah, why yes you can, i’m leaving the country for a few months. Here’s what you can help me with…" There was the answer again. Fuck, i’m definitely not too quiet. No, not at all. I’m just staring at a blank page without anything to write yet. I’m just standing at a new starting line, gazing at the vast horizon of life. I’m just waiting to add more to the story. I’m just starting a new chapter, and I can’t fucking wait.

... and yet again, how funny it is. How funny that those thoughts, this chatter, these limitations we place on ourselves... they aren't real. Thank you Yoga. Thank you for being there to remind me of this time and time again.

"IS THERE A PRESENT MOMENT? There is no such thing as a thought from the past. Who we really are does not ‘travel’ into the past in thought. A thought about the past, a memory, arises in the present. A thought about the future, a dream of what may or may not happen, does not happen in the future, it happens here, now. Past and future do not happen in the past or future – they arise here, where you are – just as a movie set in the past does not cause the movie screen to travel into the past. All thoughts are present thoughts. The movie screen is timeless but holds all movements of time. This moment is not really a ‘moment’ separate from any other moment at all. It is not a slither of time between a separate past and future moment. This moment is the vast field where past and future arise and fall, where dreams are born and die, where thoughts, sensations, sounds, smells, feelings, all arise and dissolve, leaving no trace. This moment is vast and timeless and holds everything. Since the words ‘moment’ and ‘movement’ come from the same root, it may be better to call this the present movement. The present movement of life! The movement of thoughts, sensations, feelings. The movement of past and future. And what is aware of all this movement? That which never moves. That which you truly are. In the midst of all the movement of life, total stillness." - Jeff Foster Had to share that Monday morning read. Happy day my loves. 🙃

Spent the day doing SUP Yoga with over 100 plus people and then shoved a bunch of incredible food in my mouth. Couldn't have been any better. I don't know how you SUP Yogis do it though!? Talk about abs. So tough.. but I am looking forward to getting back out on a board and trying again soon. A little Sunday evening flow to wind down from the day. Hope you all had an awesome weekend. 🙃 - Pants: @blncx_

Soaking up and making the best of my last little bit of time at home before embarking on another adventure.

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