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When you're 2 glasses of 🍷deep and immediately decide that your coffee table is the best place in the world to do a handstand.


Omg you guys.... #fbf - I was wiping an old hard drive of old photos and videos and found this tonight. Pretty sure this is my first ever recorded video with Dante from when I first started posting my practice 3 plus years ago. 😂🐶❤️ Crazy how time flies. Love this little guy just as much as he still loves hitting the mat with me (or getting in the way). 😁

Tonight during my practice I noticed a wonderful energy behind me. The class was in the evening so the room was dim and I didn’t look to make out a face. Throughout the flow something felt synced with this woman behind me. Our postures and breath seemed to move effortlessly together. The class was beautiful, raw, and just what I needed after a long day at work. As I rolled up my mat and left the studio I was shocked as I walked directly into a woman I hadn’t seen in a few years. A Yoga teacher who taught me so much at the very beginning of my practice, a human being I admired and looked forward to seeing often just so I could steal a little bit of her awesome juju… a woman who breathed with me, a woman who flowed with me, and a woman who's energy healed me many times, just as she did right behind me tonight. Even after quite some time a way, I knew I recognized that beautiful energy…

The Plan "With each of our breaths We plug the gaping void. We watch the eclipse of some other moon In some other sky. We don’t know each other’s names Yet we stay close. And against all advice to the contrary We ride out without a plan. We have nothing to hold onto anymore Except this awesome sense Of being alive. Nothing to follow Except this unmarked path of never needing to know. Nothing to speak of as ‘real’ Except perhaps this love. This unexpected grace. You see my darling Every journey has a beginning and an end. Except this one." - Jeff Foster

A little real time flow fun after my @corepoweryoga class this evening. I have not been able to transition comfortably from handstand to eka pada koundinyasana 2 in while. I've been super driven to hit my mat everyday and attend a class. I've been going back to basics and really trying to tune into my body, evening in less advanced asanas. I've noticed such a different in the past few weeks by doing so. Body awareness and the relationship we can build with one truly is amazing. Taking a class daily @corepoweryoga always reminds me of this, not to mention the community of other Yogis and teachers to learn from. I love Yoga!!! 😁 #spon

Movement truly is medicine... . . . . #yoga #handstand #movement#fitness #sweat #yogi #zen #dancer#move #myyogalife#practicedaily #strength#balance #namaste#yogainspiration#inspiration #yogalove #love#yogaeverydamnday #fitspo#dance #motivation #yogainspo#yogapractice#yogavideo

Yay for a Friday flow. Happy weekend everyone. Excited to relax and possibly hit the slopes this weekend. 🙃 Also, I am really working on gracefully exciting poses, as you can see in an example at the end of this video.

When you have your chamomile tea, shower, get into your bed to go to sleep... but you just aren't ready to stop playing yet. Guess that calls for some more Yoga. 🙃 #realtime late night flowing.

Malibu, California

I always say I'm a mountain person... but the second I'm near the ocean, instant peace comes over me. It must be the Pisces in me. 🐠☺️

Post practice late night inversion work. Coming home to hone in on specific asanas and explore the details of my practice after a class is one of my favorite things to do. As much as I've learned from countless incredible teachers, I've also learned so much about my practice through playing and getting to know my body with just myself. 🙃 - Shorts: @onzie @onziemen

Singapore, Singapore

"All your seriousness is about sandcastles. And you yourself will leave them one day, trampling them down, and you will not look back. The people who take it seriously miss the beauty of playfulness." - Osho

Eagle Rock - Topanga Canyon State Park

Overcast hikes and chilly flows. - I am so thankful for this Yoga practice. For those who have followed closely, you know I battle some pretty intense Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. With it comes highs and lows. Recently the last few weeks it has been more intense than usual. I thank asanas and Yoga for helping me push through it. This is only one of the many reasons I utilize the practice. Why do you practice Yoga? - Pants: @blncx_ Shoes: @nike @nikerunning

Spent the first day of 2017 eating at my favorite restaurant, shoving way too many donuts in my mouth, exploring an awesome shop full of song bowls and crystals, geeking out at Best Buy, taking an evening Yoga class with my Mom, and laughing my ass off with @annebreiter... now I'm going to be a toddler and draw in my coloring book that I got earlier before I go to bed. Today did not suck. 🙃

Happy New Years everyone! Hope you are all having an awesome night and celebrating the year to come. I'm here with the pups for the countdown with one more hour to go until midnight. 2017! Woo hoo!

To be honest my intentions were to post a video tonight and write a sappy caption about some not so happy go lucky things I'm working through right now. Dante hasn't been coming onto the mat much since I started practicing in the new dining room turned Yoga space, but tonight he pranced on in right after I got onto the mat. I let him stay and this was the first thing I recorded. I wasn't in the best head space prior and thought sharing a post about it would help, but I think Dante knew what I really needed... Maybe not to flow or write things out (even though I still got through some of this with him licking me 😂) but to take in some love from him. This was my Yoga, and this was what was needed in this moment. So for now, I'll save the sappy post for another day. In the meantime, Dante for the video win again. I swear, animals truly are some of our bestest friends!

"My most crippling suffering and depression became my greatest teacher. Raw sorrow ended up pointing me to that place of total surrender, to the giving-up of the war with life, to who I really Am beyond my story. If you had told me this years ago (that suffering was an invitation to grace) I may have laughed at you, called you a liar, booted you out of the room. I couldn’t hear it then. I hear it now. This is the paradox of suffering: Life can hurt, hurt deeply, but that hurt always contains an invitation To let go. That which threatens to destroy us invites us home. And then one day, perhaps, we look back at our suffering With eyes of gratitude." - Jeff Foster Shorts: @onzie @onziemen

You know you're a Yogi when a Christmas present to yourself is getting rid of your dining room set because the space is much better suited as a Yoga room. First flow in it! Can't wait to start adding props and other knick knacks to it. #thisismyhappyplace Off to Utah for a white Christmas with family. Wishing you all a happy holiday!

As I prepare to leave for my last little trip of 2016 tomorrow, I can’t help but ponder on the crazy places I was lucky enough to see this year. From scootering around Bali, having a lions roar serenade me to sleep in Africa for 30 days, hiking the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, and spending nearly two months living out a real life jungle book in the Amazon. Experiences that brought growth and memories I will forever cherish. Four continents, one year… lets see if we can beat that in 2017. Here we go! In the meantime, looking forward to spending time with family and hitting the slopes over the next few days in Utah.

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