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Американский теле- и кино-продюсер, преподаватель йоги.
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Laguna Beach, California

Who wants unlimited Yoga?! @CorePowerYoga is holding a contest and the winner will receive an entire year of unlimited Yoga for free. If you are looking to expand your practice and meet other like minded Yogis, @CorePowerYoga is the perfect place to go. The contest is super easy to enter, and totally worth it… because who doesn’t want to do the Yoga for free?! Steps for entering below - Step 1, post a sweaty selfie of yourself post Yoga practice or workout. Step 2, include the hashtag #BlackTagYoureIt in your sweaty selfies caption. Step 3, Tag a friend below to enter and in your caption - now they’re it, and also have the chance to win free Yoga. For more info on what holding a black tag membership at @corepoweryoga consists of, visit the link in my bio. #spon

Thousand Steps

"I don’t need to find compassion for you. I don’t need to try to love you. I don’t need to ‘do’ understanding or kindness. I simply assume that, on the deepest level, beyond our stories, we are identical. That you are whole, complete – the vast, open, spacious capacity for life itself – and are only pretending to look for something that deep down, you know was never absent. That you are a homesick home-seeker who is secretly already home. That you are perfect, even in the midst of everything you reject or deny in yourself. That everything you long for is already offering itself in the form of your present experience, even if your present experience is painful to you. Maybe I’m crazy to assume this. Maybe it’s the ultimate solipsism or self-obsession. I don’t care. It’s how and why I can love you exactly as you are in this moment. It’s how and why we can truly meet. The holy books, the sutras, and all the commandments, melt instantly in the fire of simple human connection." - Jeff Foster ____________________________ Beach flows with @jadealectra.

I guess I’m a little weird. I like to talk to trees and animals. That’s okay though; I have more fun than most people.

There is nothing to understand because you cannot understand. Basically, there has to be an awakening of what you are already. You need to become aware. You are unhappy. You are panicked. You have tension and so on because you think that you are the droplet; whereas, you are the ocean. You are not the created one. It’s an illusion. You belong to the Creator. You are one with the Creator. You need to become aware of that. You have to lose this thought of imagined self, this “I am.” - Sri ShivaRudraBalayogi ____________________________ Throwback Thursday to one of my silhouette favorite videos.

Have been taking some time off moving my body in the evening. I usually come home after taking Yoga class and continue to play around. I enjoy it and crave it, but recently my body said no to it. I listened and spent the last little while not giving it as much movement. It paid off. Tonight I was going to do my taxes, but instead the second I got home I needed to keep playing. After a strong practice earlier, my body finally wanted to play again too. Yay! ☺️ ____________________________ Also!! If you're looking for free unlimited Yoga check this out, because I am SO stoked to share this opportunity with you guys. This month @corepoweryoga is having a contest for a chance to win UNLIMITED YOGA for an entire year. As you all know i’ve been a practitioner there for years and absolutely love their studios, so the chance for one of you guys to win a free membership there is super exciting. Entering is simple… just follow the steps below. ____________________________ Step 1, post a sweaty selfie of yourself after Yoga practice or a workout. Step 2, include the hashtag #BlackTagYoureIt in your sweaty selfies caption. Step 3, Tag a friend in your caption - now they’re it and also have the chance to win free Yoga. For more info on what holding a black tag membership at @corepoweryoga consists of, visit the link in my bio. #spon

“Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like the rays of the sun.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar ____________________________ Rinsing, twisting, and staying healthy with my @biohmhealth probiotics. Seriously still am honestly so obsessed with this product. So glad I've added it to my daily supplements. One week of taking it and my stomach has felt super regular, non bloated, and happy. Yay for a healthy gut. ____________________________ #BIOHMPartner #BIOHMBalance

Hahaha a memory app reminded me of this collision with Dante today. 😂😧 - On another note, happy Friday peeps! Enjoying wine and ringing in my birthday weekend with the pups and family this evening. Hi 26 years of life!

Busting out some twisting flows to rinse and detox! I'm one of those people that utilizes my practice big time for detoxing and keeping my belly happy. I suffer from bloat and upset stomach even just from one bite of the wrong food. I am always trying new things to keep my gut in check. Apple cider vinegar, lemon water, more fiber, staying hydrated... I've done all of it. But, recently I added @biohmhealth to my routine and holy hell!! I take one every morning and the difference is incredible. It has 30 million natural live cultures and is the first probiotic with good bacteria and fungi. It's a completely all natural way to promote healthy digestive balance. I totally feel the difference and truly love this product. Check the link in my bio to order it. Your tummy will thank you! 😋 ____________________________ #BIOHMPartner #BIOHMBalance

Progress video December 2013-2017. (Haha my head bonks in this video 🤷🏽‍♂️😂) - I got quite a few messages on the last video I posted regarding handstand pressing and how to achieve it. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! I dug out an old hard drive in hopes of finding these videos that came to mind while reading all of your messages, and sure enough I found them. The videos at the beginning of this post are forever ingrained in my memory, as they are the first morning I woke up after committing to learning how to handstand press… that I actually felt myself floating. While far from perfect, it was a huge success. I was still utilizing the strap and light years away from understanding the body awareness that a fully engaged press takes… but I had finally laid my foundation for it. I have no dance, gymnastics, or athletic background. I simply fell in love with Yoga and the movements behind it. I committed, educated myself, and built an ever-loving relationship with my body. As the saying goes... "Do your practice and all is coming." ... #yoga #handstand #questforthepress#handstandpress#presshandstand #progress #growth #yogi #commitment #dancer #beforeandafter #flow#love #myyogalife#practicedaily #strength#balance #namaste#yogainspiration#inspiration #yogalove #love#yogaeverydamnday #fitspo#dance #motivation #yogainspo#yogapractice#yogavideo#stretch#yogalife

Late night peace. #yoga

I am alone in the garden. The sun is rising. A little robin tugs at a worm in the grass. In true love, there is no object of desire, affection and tenderness, for the beloved has collapsed into the lover. The object has collapsed into the subject, and there is only love. Only love, and nobody to be aware of it, nobody to know it and nobody to deny it. Only love, both radically alone, and intimately connected to all things. A subject and an object can never be in love. They are forever divided from each other, split from each other. They can only gaze longingly into each other’s eyes across an unbridgeable divide, with the fervent hope that one day, perhaps one day, love will bridge the chasm, and the isolation of multiplicity and fragmentation will give way to the joy of intimate companionship, togetherness, and unity. But no, love cannot and will not bridge the gap, for the gap is inherent in the subject-object split. Indeed, the gap is the subject-object split, and nothing can fill a gap which is so deeply engrained into the very foundations of our experience. No, love cannot bridge the gap, because a subject and an object, a lover and the beloved, are inherently, fundamentally separate. It is unlikely that they will ever truly meet as people, as human beings. True love is the death of this terrible divide, and with it, the ending of all division between two people. This will never be achieved through effort. The very effort to end the division strengthens the division, gives power to the division. This is because the division is not there. It has never been there, and it will never be there. The division is an illusion, and when you fight an illusion you are bound to lose. Lovers can never meet through effort, although they may die trying. - Jeff Foster - With @jadealectra.

"There comes a day when you realise turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realise there’s so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on."

Who can spot the major face plant in this video? 🙃 Also, you guys are cracking me up with some of your messages about my insta story earlier today haha! - Anyhow, getting in some at home flowing after my @corepoweryoga class this AM, which is exactly what I needed to start my day! I’ve been really trying to take a go at this “morning person” thing and I think hitting my mat first thing just might be the trick. Tried one of @corepoweryoga's HPF (Hot Power Fusion) classes this AM and feel not only detoxified, but incredibly energized as well. I can get caught up with constantly practicing power/vinyasa so adding the slower moving and longer holds that this class provides to my practice feels super good on my body… especially bright and early in the morning. A perfect start to the day. :) #spon

"Maybe you are being taken advantage of, maybe the activity you are engaged in is tedious, maybe someone close to you is dishonest, irritating, or unconscious, but all this is irrelevant. Whether your thoughts and emotions about this situation are justified or not makes no difference. The fact is that you are resisting what is. You are making the present moment into an enemy. You are creating unhappiness, conflict between the inner and the outer. Your unhappiness is polluting not only your own inner being and those around you but also the collective human psyche of which you are an inseparable part. The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space. Either stop doing what you are doing, speak to the person concerned and express fully what you feel, or drop the negativity that your mind has created around the situation and that serves no purpose whatsoever except to strengthen a false sense of self. Recognizing its futility is important. Negativity is never the optimum way of dealing with any situation. In fact, in most cases it keeps you stuck in it, blocking real change. Anything that is done with negative energy will become contaminated by it and in time give rise to more pain, more unhappiness. Furthermore, any negative inner state is contagious: Unhappiness spreads more easily than a physical disease. Through the law of resonance, it triggers and feeds latent negativity in others, unless they are immune — that is, highly conscious." - Eckhart Tolle - Something pulled from tonights readings. A must share, I must say! 🤓 Night night friends! 😴 Also, I'm done with my juice cleanse tomorrow AM! Yay breakfast, avocados, and all the good foods to come!

Day 2 of this juice cleanse almost done... and I'm beat. Puppy snuggles and sleep are in order. 😴

Off to sleep... But before I go, what do all of you want to see on here?! One of my favorite humans @jadealectra and I have been discussing this lately. What inspires you? What can we all give to better connect us all? Make this platform more meaningful. What do you want to see on such pages? Challenges, more truthful shares, at home flows, day to day life posts? I've fallen away from my social media recently, lost some interest and passion in it... but I don't want to leave it behind because I truly love the connections I've made through it (i.e. I met @jadealectra on IG 😊). Let us know. Why do you follow, and what do you want to obtain by doing so? ❤️❤️❤️😴

Lets talk about weights. I have never been a gym rat, mostly just because I can never seem to commit or enjoy spending time going to one. This is another big reason as to why I practice so much Yoga, I love doing it. Recently though, i’ve been incorporating weights into my Yoga practice, and the change i’m seeing in my body is super satisfying. Even as an example in this video, my shoulder strength that the weights have built is making my forearm like press ten million times easier. I feel safer, more aware, and much more in control while practicing. My bad right shoulder feels more stable, and the muscle the weights are building are keeping it more engaged and protected. @corepoweryoga incorporates Yoga Sculpt classes into their schedules, and i’ve been adding a few of them a week to my practice. The added weight really isolates and trains specific muscles in the body. The class also incorporates wide armed push ups and other physical workouts that we don’t tend to get in a regular Yoga class. While I still love my daily Vinyasa flows, switching it up and adding this to my routine has been so much fun. I’m actually enjoying having weights in my hands and have no intention of taking them off of my schedule. #spon. - On another note, hope you all had an incredible holiday (if you had it off). Spent the day doing Yoga (surprise 😁), and now going to hang with the pups and enjoy amazing food before jumping into a 3 day juice cleanse tomorrow. I'm super bad at actually finishing them but doing it with friends so hopefully we can keep each other committed haha.

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity." - Paulo Coelho - Just a nice reminder to start the day. ⭐️ 💫 Off to morning Yoga. Making shapes with @jadealectra

"If we do not push ourselves enough, we do not grow, but if we push ourselves too much, we regress. What is enough will change, depending on where we are and what we are doing. In that sense, the present moment is always some kind of beginning.” - Taking time to hit the pause button, breathe, and disconnect from the hustle & bustle of daily life is so important. Come into the present. As i’ve mentioned in the past, keeping my brain calm and quiet is one of my biggest struggles. If I don’t take the time to hit my mat at @corepoweryoga, it isn’t long before OCD, stress, and anxiety starts to get the best of me. Keeping my mind in check is probably the main reason I practice Yoga. Through growing, learning, connecting, and meeting other like minded individuals at @corepoweryoga, my life has greatly improved. Yoga has given me the tools and strength I need in order to stay mentally healthy. I highly recommend starting a Yoga practice if you battle similar issues. Checkout a class @corepoweryoga, meet a community full of supportive people, and reap the benefits of this incredible practice…. it’s totally worth it! I promise. :) #spon - 📷: @jadealectra

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