Крис Браун


Американский певец и актёр. Браун выпустил свой дебютный Chris Brown в конце 2005 в 16 лет.
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This guy just discovered that sometimes wild weather is just mother nature’s wind machine

One of us became an internet sensation when shots of us flexing leaked online. See what happens when I visit Brolga and Roger the world’s most famous (and buff) kangaroo on a house call with a difference @thekangaroosanctuary tomorrow night on @livingroomtv at 730

Today marks the ‘tail end’ of National Dog Walking Week. It’s all part of the Keep Australia Pet Friendly campaign that I’ve been working on and is all about highlighting ways to improve the lives of those furry family members that give so much back to us. Only half of us get our pets out of the house often enough for some physical (and mental) exercise. Even a simple sniff of a tree (or telegraph pole) can brighten their day. Especially when you realise their sense of smell is up to 100,000 times stronger than ours. So tomorrow, you’ll make a best friend for life if you just get them out and about. Even just for 20 minutes. You might even feel better for it... #keepaustraliapetfriendly

High beams off Hopkins Island #southaustralia #thelivingroom

Kami Furano

I don’t often feel small but a place like this does it every time #japan #canonaustralia

Why pose when you can just storm out of your own impromptu photo opp?

There’s every chance I wasn’t paying complete attention when I agreed to wrangle Sam, Ed, Celia, Santo and Denise tonight on #HYBPA. Plus we’ll have regular updates on exactly where Tom Gleisner is as they come to hand. Tonight 830 on Ten @hybpa

One of us really needs to give a little less in photos

Clocking on. The moment the sun sets on this farm, this Maremma pup clocks on for duty. His job? Saving the lives of thousands of chickens by protecting them from foxes. See how they do it tonight on @livingroomtv at 730

Just don’t think about that reef sitting a few feet under the board

Japanese Flare #hokkaido #canonaustralia

Thanks for all the birthday love. It’s been a little overwhelming but very much appreciated.

Kami Furano

On the edge of the night. When the @monsterchildrenfilms boys muck around, they choose a good spot to do it #japan #sunset #canonaustralia


Peeling back the layers #japan #canonaustralia #rethinkmirrorless

Bell's Beach

Tonight on @livingroomtv I hit the iconic Bells Beach and teach former pro @adamrobbo1 that deceptively slow, stalling turns are what extreme surfing is all about. One of us ripped on our retro boards. I’ll let you decide who it was #bellsbeach

Shooting star. Just before the moon came up over the mountains, this big green ball of fire tried to take the limelight #japan #canonaustralia #rethinkmirrorless

Biei, Hokkaido

Midnight in Japan. It took a long time to find this shot in the fields of Hokkaido and almost as long to defrost my fingers. But worth it. And it was kinda the perfect test for the brand new Canon Eos R #japan #hokkaido #rethinkmirrorless

Last flight out

Snowy Mountains

Exit strategy. If you’re gonna go, do it stylishly. And with salon quality hair #snowymountains #brumbies #canonaustralia

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