Крис Браун


Американский певец и актёр. Браун выпустил свой дебютный Chris Brown в конце 2005 в 16 лет.
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Surfing is always better with friends. And there’s no shortage of company in this line up...

These clouds really brought the drama to the sunrise. And then the rain...

Special Easter weekend with the family. But note the fact the Ruby the dog is walking away and my brother can’t even look. If ever there was a hint as to the quality of the surfing that was about to take place, this is it...

Even though this guy is still shaped like one, tonight on the @livingroomtv Easter special, I’ll be shelling out all the tips you need for great eggs...and raising happy and healthy backyard chickens. Meanwhile, @thecrazybull is using those same eggs for his own spanish take on hot cross buns. It’s the circle of life. See you at 730

Bogie Hole

Dipping in

Sure she’s a pro at covering breaking news but you’ve never seen @Lisa_wilkinson broken like this before! We’ve definitely saved our best ‘in your ear’ prank until last. Look out for the cameos from Lisa’s dogs that, until they arrived, she’d never met before. This one is dressed in a red bandana...for some reason. See you for the @takeawayau series finale at 730. We also have special guest Magda Szubanski!

Winter is coming

Sure dancing has always been a special gift...but let’s just hope I kept the receipt. A massive thank you to the cast of @satnightfeverau and especially @melaniejhawkins for bringing this together for @takeawayau. The white nylon flares are now on permanent loan.

The one place you probably shouldn’t prank someone is in the gym. Which is precisely why we sneakily gave @krissmith13 and @joshgibson06 a workout to remember. See that as well as @mattscravat, the Hoodoo Gurus and the cast of Saturday Night Fever tonight on Sunday Night @takeawayau at 730. My dancing alone should make it the happiest show of the week #takeawayau

Macquarie Lighthouse

Saving daylight before it runs out

We’d all love to squeeze some rescue dog love into our lives but knowing how to choose the right little personality can be hard. So tonight on @livingroomtv, I show you some simple tests to help you match a little mate to your lifestyle. You might be surprised to see who is more relaxed at home alone. A rescue greyhound or a maltese. All our dogs come via the amazing team at @poundpaws. See you at 730 #thelivingroom

Early inspections

Nice to get back on the tools today. “Macy” might just have one of the most unique medical quirks in the animal world. And it has nothing to do with her slightly questionable eating etiquette. You’ll be hearing more about her soon...

This was my very first day of television. Just a guy hoping that his vet clinic shirt and some J.T. inspired 2 minute noodle hair would get him through. Thankfully it’s led me to work with lifelong friends on The Living Room and I’m a Celebrity. And coincidentally, hair dressers. Voting closes for the logies today so if you’d like to show some love to these shows, head to www.tvweeklogies.com.au or the link in my bio. It’s quick as.

Moorea, French Polynesia

Sure he was a little shaky on the sit and stay, but this whale really nailed the roll over. Tonight on @livingroomtv at 730 #thelivingroom #tahiti #canonaustralia

Moorea, French Polynesia

Breathe. Combine a pure wildlife encounter with this light and the clearest blue water and I’m pretty happy. For the series return of @livingroomtv I’ve dived into the pacific and surfaced in the islands of French Polynesia to compare singing voices with these humpback whales. They’ve got me covered on the deeper stuff #tahiti #thelivingroom

Rays. The coastal walk before the clouds rolled in

With the Living Room back this Friday night I thought I’d share why this show means so much to us. Sure it’s about cooking, gardening, pets and home renovation but it’s also about friendship. And nothing says that more than this day. In fact, I had the pleasure of taking @baz_dubois on his first surf back after cancer treatment. True to form, he chose Pipeline on Hawaii’s north shore as ‘the’ spot to do it. This will always be one of those special living room family moments. Love ya Baz! @amandarosekeller @thecrazybull @livingroomtv

The sunset? Yep it’s behind you

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