Крис Браун


Американский певец и актёр. Браун выпустил свой дебютный Chris Brown в конце 2005 в 16 лет.
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Khaya Ndlovu Manor House

Ox the baby zebra’s attitude towards milk is pretty black and white. He’s all for it. The victim of a leopard attack who was walked to a game lodge by his mum continues to receive treatment. The dressings and casts on his leg injuries are being regularly changed but some wounds, like the scratches to his face, are taking time. Thankfully the infection remains under control. And if you’re wondering where his mum is, the protective nature of zebras means she can’t be present during treatment time as the risk of kicks is just too great. I’ll keep the updates coming...

Sodwana Bay

Sure I should have thought more about good technique rather than good sized sharks but surfing in South Africa has been a goal for years. And this spot near the Mozambique border was just the best. 3-4 foot waves, 24 degree water and pods of dolphins running security. Perfect.

To be fair, I probably had this coming all season. Well done to @shanebcrawford @the_richardreid and @yvie_jones for getting one back #imacelebrityau

Congratulations to the beautifully kind and real soul that is @the_richardreid. Our very worthy King of the Jungle for 2019! What a great group of celebs we had this year though. You all pushed your limits and let us into your lives. Thank you! #imacelebrityau #southafrica

There can be only one. After 5 weeks, one celeb will stand alone as the king or queen of the jungle and win $100,000 for their charity. Shane is representing @bcnapinklady, Yvie is @safepetssafefamilies and Richard is @beyondblueofficial. See you tonight for the Grand Finale of #ImACelebrityAU at 730pm

It’s finale day! Tonight, one celebrity will ‘reign down in Africa’ as our King or Queen of the Jungle. The family reunions may be the best yet. See you at 730 #imacelebrityau #southafrica

People often ask what I do in my time off in the jungle. Well, it’s safe to say I have my hands full. This is how you test whether an elephant is pregnant #southafrica #imacelebrityau

When you're a four metre high giraffe, keeping a low profile is hard. But Gwen finds mood lighting works every time. Even if it does highlight those chin hairs #southafrica #imacelebrityau

Into the home stretch #southafrica #imacelebrityau

The River Lodge at Thornybush

In the frame. When you know you look this good, your background is everything #imacelebrityau #canonaustralia

This should really clear it up #imacelebrityau

Sometimes...in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion doesn't sleep tonight. Or any night. Expectation can be a bitch #southafrica #imacelebrityau

Deep in those mountains, six celebs are still toughing it out in the jungle with the snakes, spiders...and the shrews. Unlike them, I might just miss this place when @imacelebrityau is done for the year #southafrica #sunset

Rhino where you are. Hiding behind the tree worked so well up until the point it didn't...

A-freeking beautiful morning. Early beams over the jungle #imacelebrityau #southafrica

Small zebra. Massive ears. Ox is making solid progress. Despite the injuries caused by the leopard bite, his fractured right foreleg is stable and beginning to take some more weight. This is important as it’s reducing the strain on the left side. He’s now kicking too. Which provided it doesn’t involve my groinal area is a good sign of strength and overall zebra-ness. That’s a medical term by the way. Fingers and legs crossed that this progress continues #southafrica #imacelebrityau

When wild elephants turn up to your pool at night, you don’t swim...you spa #southafrica #imacelebrityau

The River Lodge at Thornybush

Appointed a new head of security after the baboon incident. Just encountering a few teething problems... #leopard #imacelebrityau #canonaustralia

Got home to find my house had been destroyed by baboons. The damning evidence (discarded carbs along with mounds of goji berries and raw cacao powder) points to these being the most dangerous kind of primate; the incredibly Bondi Baboon #southafrica #imacelebrityau

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