Крис Браун


Американский певец и актёр. Браун выпустил свой дебютный Chris Brown в конце 2005 в 16 лет.
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Torshavn, Færøer

Schnapps and snaps. Midnight in Scandinavia

Costa Rica

Free. The Scarlet Macaw might just be the most stunning bird in the world. But these supermodels looks have almost been it’s undoing. They’ve been trapped in huge numbers for the pet trade causing them to nearly become extinct in Costa Rica. But now, local wildlife groups are helping them fight back. See how we help this macaw make it home to the wild tonight on Vet Gone Wild at 8pm on Animal Planet US #vetgonewild #costarica

Chernobyl, Ukraine

While most of us have heard of Chernobyl, not many people have seen inside Pripyat; the town just 2km from where the nuclear reactor exploded in 1986. After initially being told there wasn’t a problem, the residents were then given just 3 hours to leave. The result is a town frozen in time where amusement parks, schools and gymnasiums are left exactly as they were on that day. It’s the eeriest place on Earth. And also one of the most radioactive. Many times we were forced to leave a building as our radiation meters started sounding alarms over dangerous levels in the area. Oh and the dog is a descendent of one of the many pets left behind. And a complete softie. #ukraine #pripyat #chernobyl #canonaustralia

The island off the island. If you ever want to get away from it all, that lighthouse would probably do it #tasmanisland #tasmania

The fact this wombat is even out grazing in daylight says he’s sick. And tonight at 8pm on @animalplanet US, you’ll see how we help wombats fight back against a skin mite that we’ve introduced to their wild population #tasmania #australia #vetgonewild

Chernobyl, Ukraine

Deep inside the Chernobyl radiation exclusion zone, I found this endangered wild Przewalski horse stallion (and his family group) scoping me out through the trees. If the nuclear radiation isn’t enough of a threat, they’re increasingly being poached for their meat by poor local villagers #ukraine #chernobyl


Two of these baboons nailed their photo. The other two clearly didn’t. I think it’s obvious who let the team down... Tonight on @vetgonewildofficial, I’m in Namibia fighting to save wild cheetah, meerkats and an inspiring baboon called Shrinky. See you at 8pm on @animalplanet USA #vetgonewild #namibia

Out in the dunes #westernaustralia

Bit of sunrise cruising #westernaustralia #dolphin


Loves the camera. And when he’s not trying to emasculate you with those back legs, he might even try to love the vet. @vetgonewildofficial in central Australia tonight at 8P on @animalplanet US #vetgonewild


When the sleep bus arrives, you’ve just gotta take it. No matter where it’s going... . See how a koala joey’s sore eye sends panic through an entire colony on @vetgonewildofficial Sunday 8P on @animalplanet US #vetgonewild #koala

Wrecked. The SS City of Adelaide sitting off Magnetic Island. See why some people call this area the Bermuda Triangle of Australia tonight on @livingroomtv #magneticisland

The surf may be overpromising a little here #gold

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You’re looking at the world’s only mammal with scales; the Pangolin. But this little guy just happens to have another, undesirable title as the most trafficked animal in the world. This week on @vetgonewildofficial you’ll see what happens when 120 pangolins are rescued from traffickers on the border with China. While some fight for their lives, others embark on an epic journey through the Vietnamese jungle that will see them returned to the wild. This Sunday at 8pm on @animalplanet US

Can you spot the shark in this pic? Enter the ocean and chances are there’ll be a shark of some kind close by minding its own business. And that’s a good thing. Tonight on @livingroomtv I seek out some of the ocean’s apex predators with @sharkgirlmadison. And meet some much bigger relatives of this Wobbegong #amandaforgold #northstradbrokeisland #wobbegong

Frosty reception

The Lake. Decided against a swim #jindabyne

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