Крис Браун


Американский певец и актёр. Браун выпустил свой дебютный Chris Brown в конце 2005 в 16 лет.
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Goodbye Roger. Sadly, the world’s most famous kangaroo has passed away at the grand age of 12. And while your flexing may have got the headlines, you were actually full of presence and personality. Your bond with Brolga was a thing of beauty. And compromise. After all, time away from your multiple wives surely wasn’t easy. Or was it?! But thank you for all you’ve done for the understanding and appreciation of our national animal. It was an honour to meet you and help you manage your arthritis; a disease that was a trade off for a life well lived. And live (and love) you did. Right until the end. RIP Roger. 📷 Tahnee @thekangaroosanctuary

When out of town looks out of this world

South Africa

In order to protect her from poachers, we’ve sedated this rhino for a painless horn removal. But no rhino sedation is ever stress free for a vet. Here I’m passing a nasal oxygen tube while masterfully matching my facial expression to the rhino’s #southafrica #phinda #rhino #vetgonewild

The drought has made the future of some farm dogs (like Kenny here) uncertain. Tonight on @livingroomtv you’ll see how one group is putting a spring back into these tiny steps #Herd2Homes @herd2homes #kelpie #canonaustralia

With the drought still affecting large parts of Australia, we’ve decided to bring some of the forgotten victims out of the shadows. Working dogs are being given up, abandoned or put down because farmers simply can’t afford to keep them. See how @herd2homes are helping out hundreds of dogs tonight on the @livingroomtv Christmas special

Check out the looks on the faces of these fish when they realise what’s behind them. Some are cool in a crisis, others...not so much. I feel like I know which one I would be #greatwhiteshark #neptuneislands

Crew time

How human are animals? Tonight on #TomorrowTonight we look at a fake news story that could all too easily become very real. And hear about what really happens when pets go to a ‘farm’. See you tonight at 9 on @abctv with @charliepick @annabelcrabb @dhughesy and @adamliaw

Good with the ideas, just a little poor on the execution

You’ve gotta take the good with the bad when you help the @hybpa team wrap up the year

Teahupoo, French Polynesia

Teahupoo translates to ‘wall of skulls’. This is the moment I realised they might be about to add an extra large one to their collection. See how it all goes down tonight on @livingroomtv at 730 #tahiti #thelivingroom #lovetahiti

Teahupoo, French Polynesia

When you’re on your way to surf Teahupoo, at least they distract you with scenery like this. See how one man with very average surfing ability goes against the world’s heaviest wave tomorrow night on @livingroomtv #tahiti #lovetahiti #teahupoo #reeftax

Looks like Pilot Week is really getting a shake up in 2019... The @channel10au social media team can take the week off after this one

That feeling when you’re not quite beach body ready and old mate turns up with a camera. Check out this sea lion’s remarkably remote and beautiful home in WA’s Abrolhos Islands tonight on @livingroomtv

Bordering on a good sunset. NSW and Victoria sharing the honours on this one #mildura #sunset

Don’t mind this guy. He’s just searching for the perfect mullet. Tonight we’re enrolling in dolphin university on @livingroomtv. The wild dolphins of Shark Bay in WA might just be the smartest in the world and have developed some bizarre behaviours seen nowhere else in the world. All in the hope of bagging a quality mullet...of the fish variety.

Twin fins

Lifting it up at the Ten Upfronts #10TVWithATwist

Old mate just told me the long, unusual story of how he got the nickname “Pig”. Not sure I believe it...

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