Даутцен Крус


Нидерландская супермодель фризского происхождения.
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This place is so special, every time it feels like coming home. #homeawayfromhome @elephantwatchcamp @sabadouglashamilton @savetheelephants 🐘♥️🐘

Good morning... #repeatcashmere #summer2018 #summercampaign #cashmere #soft #newcollection #summer

Welcome to the Worth it show! 😊 @lorealmakeup

Can I cannes? #worthitshow #lorealcannes #lorealparis @lorealmakeup 😎

That smile is everything... well the body is not too bad either😜 I’m proud of you my love I know you work hard to keep your body healthy and fit while working late nights and keeping up with a crazy travel schedule and me😜! 💥💥💥💥 @sunneryjames

‘hairprepping’ by @stephanelancien 🤓 #cannes2018

Love it @bushwickfreddy ‘Gotta go’ 😜 #cannes2018 #lorealcannes @tomford @piaget

Thinking of the beach 🌞 #doutzenstories for @hunkemoller 🌴🌴🌴

Over the past year, many courageous individuals have revealed the dark truth of sexual harassment in the fashion industry. These concerns have yet to be addressed in a meaningful way. Today, with @ModelAllianceNY, I'm joining over 100 models to put forward the solution: the RESPECT Program. We are calling on brands, agencies, media companies to sign a legally binding agreement to foster an industry defined by safe workplaces and mutual respect. Link in bio. #Time4RESPECT

It’s always so special to be on the iconic red carpet in Cannes for the film festival. Thank you so much @tomford for dressing me in this amazing tuxedo! It felt great to wear a suit, I would say that it felt empowering to ‘wear the pants’ and to keep it minimal yet so strong from within after having had amazing conversations with my L’oreal ambassadors about equality and what beauty really means, I feel better then ever the older I get and the more I get to know myself and learn about life while raising two kids. Aging is a beautiful thing when you own it! We are all worth it♥️ Thank you @piaget @ketevan1 @bushwickfreddy @stephanelancien @thevalgarland @tiffanyleighpatton #lorealparis #wereworthit #cannes2018

When on the Côte d’Azur 🌴🚗#lorealcannes #cannes2018

Ready for my close up when it’s finally sunny! @lorealmakeup 💋 #cannes2018 #lorealcannes #lorealparis

Taking a pose for @lorealmakeup 💄

Celebrate every mother, every mother counts! Thank you @cturlington for caring and using your voice to help mothers in need around the world! Donate to @everymomcounts to make pregnancy + childbirth safer. everymothercounts.org. #happymothersday ♥️

Happy #mothersday dear mem ♥️ what you share and teach us is priceless and I’m forever grateful to be your daughter! Dikke tút 😘

NYC nights.....

Dreams do come true and NYC is magical when it comes to that💫 #dreaming #daydreaming #grateful #nyc @sunneryjames ♥️

These kids, they grow up so fast @joansmalls ♥️

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