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Нидерландская супермодель фризского происхождения.
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He calls me Bambi 🤣

Evergreen 💚 #repeatcashmere #cashmere #fashion #FW2017

A day spent on a boat ❤️

Beachy vibes 🏝

Happy birthday to the legend Sir Iain Douglas Hamilton 🎉🎈🎁 I got to know the pioneer of elephant research a few years ago and I have the deepest respect for him and his family and for what they are doing for the Elephants and are a huge inspiration for me and everyone who created the #knotonmyplanet campaign. @savetheelephants @elephantcrisisfund ❤️🐘❤️ #hbd #iaindouglashamilton

Peace and quiet 😌

😻😻😻 @sunneryjames

🛫 next location 🏖🙌🏼

Always at it.... 😎 @renskroes

Till the cops come knocking.... 😉 NEW picture by @luigiandiango @anna_dello_russo @yumilee_mua @luigimurenu @voguejapan @pg_dmcasting ❤️

Happy summer! #summervibes 💛

I just spent a very special week with the most inspirational women in my life, my sister and my mom ❤️ #grateful #ilederé #france

Happy #worldelephantday today and everyday! Since two years we are working very hard to protect and save these amazing creatures from disappearing from the wild! Together with everyone who supported our #knotonmyplanet campaign we already raised a lot of money and thanks to @tiffanyandco I was able to auction off this amazing brooch this past summer at the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation in St Tropez! We raised another 225K for the @elephantcrisisfund I'm so grateful for brands like #tiffanyandco for being so generous and I'm hoping for this crisis to turn around and the fashion world to be a leader in it! Let's all tie knots again on September 9th to not forget #elephants ❤️🐘❤️

Groceries vacation style 😉 #onthego #renskroes

When Rens is using my favorite blanket from #Samburu in #France😜 @renskroes


✌🏼#vacation 📸@renskroes

So thankful 🙌🏼

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