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Американский сценарист, режиссёр, продюсер и ЛГБТ-активист. Лауреат премии «Оскар» в категории «Лучший оригинальный сценарий» за фильм «Харви Милк»
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Warner Brothers Stage 10

California Daze. Was a dream to come home to SoCal with the hubby for the 1st time. Few more days of work for me here. Fly home safe my 🐒! Miss u already. ❤️

San Antonio, Texas

In the research for my new book I recently stumbled across this #TBT gem. Oh how I wanted to fit in! #TexasBoy #Football #ToughGuy

When your husband throws u a surprise b-day party after you've already had the most romantic b-day. #BestBirthdayEver

So Tom convinced me to attempt the #ScotchEggs from his cookbook... he made a video of it. Link is in my bio. #SaltyBalls #SendHelp #EggIsland

Arthur's Seat

Thank you #Edinburgh for helping make time stand still with your beauty & reminding me what top of the mountain really means. ❤️

University of Oxford

A week ago today, I had the honor of speaking at @TheOxfordUnion on how curiosity, storytelling & love can help extinguish fear and build bridges. #DreamComeTrue

So @tomdaley1994 just revealed the making of our wedding cake on YouTube! Thank u @crumbsanddoilies & @cupcakejemma for this masterpiece and the love. Link is in my bio for the week.

Weekend wedding vibes. Congratulations to @brookegraddon and Dave! It was a spectacular wedding. 📷: @tomdaley1994

Happy Birthday to my tough guy husband! I love you! #LovelyDress

Bovey Castle

A little #TBT to say thank you to the best two flower girls a couple grooms could dream of. #photoboothmadness

London, United Kingdom

Folks keep asking if things feel any different now that we're married. They do. And in the best of ways. Seems @littlemissbugg caught me checking one of those things. 🙈

London, United Kingdom

Married life so far: 1) Plant trees to mark the beginning of all our new adventures? DONE. 2) Paint the living room? DONE. 3) Wipe that silly grin off my damn face? NO WAY.

Bovey Castle

6th of May 2017. When all my hopes and dreams of "Maybe one day..." came true. Thanks to all of our family and friends for helping create the best day of our lives.

Bovey Castle

So... what did you do this weekend?


Rooftop BBQ #SaturdayOUT #SummerIsComing

London, United Kingdom

The boys will be boys. #SaturdayOut

National Portrait Gallery

When you spend the day alone at the museum but can't help feeling like someone is watching you.

Albert Memorial

A very bright day with a very tall monument to #LOVE

Tour Eiffel

Missing these two a ton tonight. #Paris & @tomdaley1994. ❤🐒❤🇫🇷❤

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