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Американский сценарист, режиссёр, продюсер и ЛГБТ-активист. Лауреат премии «Оскар» в категории «Лучший оригинальный сценарий» за фильм «Харви Милк»
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Caravan Bankside

Some days are for falling in love with each other, others are for falling into #InstagramStory black holes together.

San Antonio, Texas

#TBT! Searching through old photos as I put my book together & came across this gem. #Bookworm then. Bookworm now.

Happy #HarveyMilkDay! With a little one on his way, I’m so grateful that Rob Sanders & Steve Salerno have created this book #PRIDE to help share Harvey Milk’s story of #HOPE & my old pal #GilbertBaker’s story of #PRIDE with future generations. “You gotta give ‘em hope!” 🏳️‍🌈

Cheers to the Birthday Boy! Love, adore, and admire you. My #bestfriend #husband & #birthdayboy!

Le Mas de la Rose

Au revoir France.


Wedding ready. (not that one) ⚪️ #styledbyjamesyardley 📸: @tomdaley

Marseille, France

A bridge between coffee shops. ▪️ (not angry, it’s sunny... and perhaps a pinch peeved I have to write all day)

Brooklyn Bridge

Craziest travel day of my life, and that’s saying something. EXHAUSTED, but this is my plan for getting back home to London from NYC tonight, and I’m loving it.

Bovey Castle

I (still) do. #anniversarytrip ❤️

Venice, Italy

What if I don’t want to go home? #anniversarytrip

Venice, Italy

Here’s to the most wonderful husband a man could ever wish for. I thought we were headed to our first anniversary dinner down the block in London and instead I’m on a gondola in Venice. Biggest surprise of my life.❤️

Bovey Castle

ONE YEAR: this was the beginning of a beautiful year and a wonderful life together. #HappyAnniversary


Afraid the sky IS falling. Found a chunk of it lodged in a field here in France.


Today it’s a train. Next stop #Paris. #inspirationexploration

West Hollywood, California

How I really feel about taking photos. Another from my lovely shoot with the talented @lukefontana a couple months back. #truestory

A day late, but this one took that much digging. #oldheadshotday 🤦🏼‍♂️ (FYI: 17yo)

Manhattan, New York

Manhattan manhattans. Cheers to a very creative week in NYC with this brilliant man. #AndrewLippa #StayTuned

London, United Kingdom

DADS to be. #BabyShower!

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

O M G! N O! . . . #10meter #skimps #budgiesmugglers #godhelpme #ouch #harderthanitlooks

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