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Американская исполнительница шоу в стиле бурлеска, фотомодель, певица.
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💝from the archives💝

Paris, France

By @alimahdaviparis wearing @manfredthierrymugler #muglerarchives


Exquisite @imtheresafarrell just before taking the stage with me on New Year’s Eve for the debut of my Big Cat Tamer act. Photo by @sanchezzalba with body paint masterfully created by @nellyrecchia🐆 You can see Theresa in the new @americancontemporaryballet production Astaire Dances 2, now through February 17th.

The Mandrake Hotel

Another from last night’s event @themandrakehotel by @davebenett

The Mandrake Hotel

Tonight’s performance @themandrakehotel 📷 by @davebenett

Paris, France

Throwback to a film @alimahdaviparis directed for the Wonderbra lingerie collection I designed a while back. See the full film, which unfolds into mega showgirl extravagance, plus more unearthed #alimahdavi treasures on my app, just search for me in the App Store! Follow @ditavonteeselingerie for my latest collections, based on my #vintage #lingerie archives💋

London, United Kingdom

Breakfast with @thebeardedpublicist @themandrakehotel ☕️wearing my new #ditaforditavonteese @ditaeyewear + @madeleinethompsoncashmere

An @alimahdaviparis video for my very first limited edition perfume. My latest fragrance venture is #scandalwood by @hereticparfum at Scandalwood.com

Paris, France

If we all just had @alimahdaviparis lighting all the time, we wouldn’t need filters or retouching ✨Reunited yesterday with Maestro of Glamour™️ @alimahdaviparis here in Paris. As discussed in a chapter in my book Your Beauty Mark, lighting makes all the difference; you can use lighting to your best advantage at home to look and feel your best! You probably wouldn’t want this kind of Hollywood lighting at home, but there are certainly little tricks to creating a poetic space that flatters. Hair by @marcorsatelli and makeup by me, @jpgaultierofficial #hautecouture tuxedo and dress. View all the behind the scenes videos on my official app, just search for me in the App Store or get the link in my story.

@ditavonteeselingerie Savoir Faire in electric blue is now available at @shopjournelle @bloomingdales @odettelingerie @barenecessities @figleavesofficial @myer @glamuse_lingerie @houseoflingerie_com @nordstrom #ditavonteese #ditalingerie #vintagelingerie #lingerie

Folies Bergère

#ReGlam • @jpgfashionfreakshow Last week with @DitaVonTeese as a guest of the #JPGFashionFreakShow. 💙 📸 @odieuxboby #striptease #burlesque #fandancer #foliesbergeres #dita #ditavonteese

Paris, France

Final three days here @jpgfashionfreakshow at Folies Bergère in Paris! Matinees tomorrow and Sunday, if you can handle all the glamour of @jpgaultierofficial just after brunch. Ticket link in bio. https://billetterie.hubber.fr/fashionfreakshow/fr 📷 @odieuxboby

Folies Bergère

I feel right at home here in the @jpgfashionfreakshow #fetish club! 🖤 It’s a privilege to step into this show with these incredible performers, I have so much respect and adoration for the cast, the crew, and how much they give both onstage and off every night. Thank you @jpgaultierofficial for creating such a magnificent show, and thank you to the cast and the production team for making me feel so welcome here at Folies Bergère. I’m here through Sunday, (matinees too!) and whether you come see the show this week while I’m here or another time, don’t miss it! It’s a jubilant, glamorous show unlike anything you’ve ever seen, guaranteed. Ticket link in my bio, and stories🖤 #jpgfashionfreakshow 📷 @odieuxboby

Paris, France

🖤@jpgaultierofficial 🖤

Folies Bergère

#ReGlam• @jpgfashionfreakshow @DitaVonTeese enflamme le #JPGFashionFreakShow toute la semaine.💄💋 🎟 Réservez vos places : http://bit.ly/2m7NuTg (Lien En Bio) 📸 @odieuxboby

#internationalfetishday #louboutin #ditavonteese

Flashback to February 2006, by Saint @warwicksaint More photos from this day are on my official app teese.us/app or search for me in the App Store

Have you downloaded my official app yet? All the uncensored, behind the scenes and live videos are there in our own private club with fellow like-minded #glambassadors 💄It’s a cinch to download: Teese.us/app or see the link in my story #corset #mister-pearl #dita #ditavonteese #burlesque #vintageglamour

Paris, France

ReGlam • @jpgaultierofficial “Strip Strip Hooray! for our most Parisian of all Americans: @DitaVonTeese” Seven special performances at the Folies Bergère from January 22nd to 27th 2019. #JPGFashionFreakShow Photograph by @mrperou

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