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Thanks for rocking with us for ten years.. I can't believe it's been a decade of music.. more love to everyone we collaborated with... so many to mention but they all helped us reach 14.5 BILLION STREAMS...we will continue to be as great as you let us.. this album is for you guys. much love. what song got you into @majorlazer?

Big watch energy

Shaolin American Self Defense Academy

Protect your neck



ok go off @lisafreestyle ⚡️⚽️⚡️

Kampala, Uganda

Dear fans I love you. If it wasn't for you I'd still be working at Subway or Western Sizzler 🤷🏼‍♂️. But probably like a low level management job by now📈

I can still wear a suit if you pay me well

Pokemon Center

You won't be able to see this because I'm never gonna get you a phone until your 18 but your the coolest most wierd and unique and special little person i've ever met and you changed my life, happy birthday Lockett

Oakland, California

we really don't know what we are doing but we are learning

Phoenix, Arizona

I had the pleasure to celebrate @didierdrogba's career last night .. you might not be familiar but we both have but if ownership of an amazing soccer team called @phxrisingfc .. who are headed to the USL playoffs next week.. Didier decided to do something amazing and came to help us build this team and finish his career with us .. He has had too many highlights to write about- done so much. Won the premiere league 4 times, champions league once. Fa cup 4 times, league cup 3 times ... that's just in England .... The man is a legend in the highest form and does even greater things off the field, I'm so happy for him and glad I got to know him. Much love 🔥C'est un honneur, tunes un grand monsieur, Didi.

Diani Beach, Mombasa, Kenya

House party in Kenya bout a week ago

⚡️⚡️⚡️ live on jimmy kimmel.. @dualipa

my sounds are single origin, organic, gluten free and sustainably produced. grab my first ever sound pack #soundsoriginals

Manhattan, New York

the floor is anxiety about how many likes I'm gonna get

Fort d'Aubervilliers

video shoot in paris with @niska_officiel

Navigating thru my treacherous Instagram feed

South Africa

This looks fake but it's not

Nairobi, Kenya

When I first started this project @majorlazer, it was just a hobby, I never thought it would take me and my friends all over the world .. I love making music so much but it was never easy for me to work on dancehall and what you might call "world music" and find a way to release and finding the audience..so I started to write more pop music. Our brand grew a lot we went everywhere and I was so proud of the project, the fans have kept me going . I started putting in bits of African guitars and drums in the records .. even with songs like cold water w Justin .. all the way up to run up w party next door and Nicki all the way to our recent releases .. I went to Nairobi once after a short tour 5 years and I was blown away by the energy and how far our music had reached . i didn't know if i would ever come back but i wanted too.. The third time performing here this weekend was mind-blowing . Every song we released the last two years got in the hand of this country and I haven't seen that much love in a crowd .. last night gave me love to continue this project , it felt like every song connected with the people in a way that i haven't seen in years of doing dance music .. i'm so lucky to be able to tour africa and keep building these relationships and keep working on bringing the world together and sharing music whenever I can. love you Kenya 🇰🇪

Oct 8th 🇺🇸 (this will be my least popular post but idgaf)

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