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In the past 24 hours I had a fist fight in Chengdu, flew to Sri Lanka, crashed a minivan into a metal barricade did yoga with some old people bought a new hat and a washing machine and invented something called surf pasties .. but here's a picture from Bali because I couldn't afford a photographer in Sri Lanka 🐵 🇱🇰

Sri Lanka

When she says she likes seaweed salad 🦠


comment below your favorite quote from Taledega Nights

กิ่งเเก้วซีฟู๊ด บุฟเฟ่

I'm starting to look like Billy Ray Cyrus on vacation


🌌 🌑 mercury is in gatorade

Nanjing, China

The rice whisperer

If I can find a girl that can love me with my long ass dumb hair she's gonna be in for a special treat when I cut it and I look like Brad Pitt

Shanghai, China

When your ready to get this bread

Bangkok Suvanabhumi Airport, Departure

Meanwhile on tour in Asia @majorlazer


After 2.3 billion streams I'm gonna act like I don't know nobody


Do you know how hard this is to do?

no one on my team even noticed this wasn’t me…. anyway, @drinkbabe is gonna fly u & a friend to @lightsallnight + put u up for 2 nights. enter at diplo.com/babe (U.S Residents & 21+ only)

Grammy Awards

Big love to the @recordingacademy for listening to our little project Silk City .:: 🙏🏽 I know Mark already has 26 Grammys but I could use just one more .. biggest thanks to the amazing @dualipa for being part of this song and helping us make a great dance song .. it's not an easy feat and she was the only voice that could have done it with us .. thanks for everyone involved @dianagordon 💖@romythexx @picardbrothers @jrblender @ritontime @joshgudwin @jaramimusic @alexmetricmusic of course my bro @iammarkronson I've known him since before I even started to release music.. he was checking me even before day 1.. so it's an honor to finally be able to show our very first idea we ever started - recognized and get a Grammy nomination for it .. God is good 🏆

can’t believe u guys spent 119 million hours on @spotify listening i would get so bored with me... thank u

Frankfurt, Germany

diplo and @mreazi are for the children #openandclosechallenge

Bali, Indonesia

I went to monkey temple but couldn't get any monkeys in the picture so I'm just gonna use this other dudes picture I found but with my face 🙏🏽

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud

When you like another girls photo on Instagram

Bali, Indonesia

Bli Bagus 🇮🇩 🌾🍚

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