Американский диджей и продюсер. Основатель лейбла звукозаписи Mad Decent.
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When I was teenager I got arrested at Target for stealing CDs But now Im rich I bought my own Target and set all the CDs on fire 🔥

Silk City is an homage to some of the greatest dance music cities.. chicago london detroit paris... .where it all began for me as a fan .. @iammarkronson and I met as crate diggingdjs over 15 years ago and our paths have taken us all around the world and everywhere since then. Mark is one of the most trusted songwriters of the past two decades and i've been a producing and djing in dance music and pop for a minute. Its very cool to get back together and make something brand new for both of us... also Mark has better hair than me and artistic integrity but I still bring the fire. Our first song, "Only Can Get Better" is out tomorrow

Los Angeles, California

We made a song for Deadpool movie for money but it's actually fire 🔥🔥🔥 Update - Most added song at radio this week


This was an honor to attend 👑🙌

welcome to the party video out now @frenchmontana @lilpump @zhaviaward @deadpoolmovie (link in bio)

I couldn't lose any billboard awards tonight because I wasn't even nominated ⚒💰💰so not losing = winning ✔️o

Tacos el Gordo 3049 Las Vegas Blvd

This is the plurest moment of my life 💓

A wise DJ once told me "You not headlining unless your redlining" that's why I had to bring @lilpump to EDC. 🙏

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tonight we taking over EDC w special guests 1:30-2:30 kinetic fields #ESKETIT

Los Angeles, California

I'm the grown version of lil Tay

Bad dad

Trejo's Cantina

You can't break my heart cause I don't have one

We made one for the summer 🚀💣🚀💣🚀💣welcome to the party out now @frenchmontana @lilpump @zhaviaward (link in bio)

Beijing, China

This is my plug for chinese glow sticks

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo was a complete typhoon with sideways rain and the cdjs were spinning backwards like broken cukoo clocks but somehow everyone jumped up and down in mud puddles for an hour and since i lost my luggage in China I wore this wet outfit for 25 hours and had to dump a liter of water out of doc Martin's and probably have pneumonia but it was worth it because Japan you are worth it 🎎👹🈶🈲🇯🇵💴🎌

ANA Suite Lounge 羽田空港国際線ターミナル

The only picture I took in Japan was of this puppy's butt

Volusia County, Florida

Mom I love you to death I hope you learn to use a scanner properly one day

thank you for these blessings 💓 Happy Mother's Day

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