Ричард Спейт мл.


Американский актёр, наиболее известный по ролям в фильме «Дрейф» и в сериале «Сверхъестественное».
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This was last night, and it was spectacular. Thank you, @mollyrogersmusic for jamming with us. You’re now officially a “volunteer.” #DickJrandtheVolunteers @drumbyrd @cooperappelt @jasonmannsmusic @zacharyrossguitar

North Hollywood, California

Back at it. #DickJrandTheVolunteers @jasonmannsmusic @cooperappelt @drumbyrd @zacharyrossguitar

North Hollywood, California

Oh yeah, we’re in the studio. Right now. This. Is. Happening. (Like it or not) #DickJrandTheVolunteers @jasonmannsmusic @cooperappelt @drumbyrd @zacharyrossguitar @zackaryknows

Silver Lake, Los Angeles


Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

Oh, the exciting things we do while @jaredpadalecki and @jensenackles are on stage. @creationent @cw_supernatural #spnchi #supernatural

Rosemont, Illinois

It’s @billy.moran checking the weather. Verdict: it’s snowing. @loudenswainmusic @cw_supernatural #spnchi #supernatural

This is where we store the band until showtime. @loudenswainmusic @hillybilly22 #supernatural @cw_supernatural #spnchi #spnfamily #SNS

Los Angeles, California

bathroom survival kit #schoolfundraiser

Los Angeles, California

I’m trying to have a nice, professional meeting, @misha! Leave me be! @cbstv #supernatural @60minutes

Las Vegas, Nevada

That was the breakfast, and those were the champions.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The OG #Spnlv convention room. #supernatural

The Pot o’ Gold parking lot.

Nashville, Tennessee

BEST. GIFT. EVER! Thank you #Supernatural make-up mavens @trishymakeup (on the right) and @fridanorrman (on the left). This is by far the nicest Valentine’s present I’ve ever gotten. Come to think of it, it may be the only Valentine’s present I’ve ever gotten. Regardless, IT SHALL NEVER BE TOPPED! #cozyupwithTrishandFrida

Fairhope, Alabama

Nighttime in Fairhope.

Fairhope, Alabama

Nicely done, Fairhope.

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Los Angeles, California

Watch in awe as the welcomed rains reveal the power and majesty of the mighty Los Angeles riv— Hey look, hubcaps!

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