Ричард Спейт мл.


Американский актёр, наиболее известный по ролям в фильме «Дрейф» и в сериале «Сверхъестественное».
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Final days! Help me become the sellout I’ve always dreamed of being. Get my #embracelet charm (now on VHS)! Link in my bio.

Los Angeles, California

Watch in awe as the welcomed rains reveal the power and majesty of the mighty Los Angeles riv— Hey look, hubcaps!

Final week, homies! Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like my #embracelet Casa Erotica charm, a teeny tiny tribute to low-res hotel porn. Plus, my charm is 100% NSFW (Nicely Suitable For Wearing). Get yours at the link in my bio!

Yo kindness gangstas, quick reminder - it's not the size of the VHS tape that matters, it's what you do with it that counts. So grab my #embracelet charm and help the @wwp in an impressively big way. Link in my bio!

Well, #spnsea, we tried. Blame it on an Act of Chuck. Miss you already. #supernatural @cw_supernatural @creationent

Holy cats! Half of my #SPN #embracelet charms are sold! Y'all either really love jewelry or porn- either way, I don't judge. Get my dangly bits while you can because it looks like this magic moment between us will be over far too soon. Link in my bio!

Snowy Seattle #supernatural #spnsea

When #SPN first started 300 episodes ago, the only way to record it was VHS. So I present to you my #embracelet charm, an homage to two classic professions: SPN and porn. (But for diehard fans, aren’t they one and the same?) Link in my bio!

I celebrated the 300th episode of #Supernatural with family. You should do the same, be it your own, your friends, the Winchesters, or members of the #spnfamily the world over. Creating successful TV is a team sport. You all helped make this milestone happen as much as the cast and crew. Well done, #spnfamily. Enjoy this landmark event tomorrow night at 8/7c! @cw_supernatural

Cleaning out the office and stumbled across this chestnut - the first (& only) photo shoot of my first band in high school called Catalina Safari (named for the model of Pontiac station wagon I am sitting in). Starting on the hood of the car - Ben Tate on guitar, Patrick Roberts on keys & vocals, Drew ‘The Professor’ Nord on drums, and yours truly on bass. I only regret that this photo doesn’t show how truly green the station wagon was.

Dick and Dr. Balls NAIL THE HUNDY!!! #skeeballbadarses @thekingsofcon #instagramtakeover @cwseed @robenedict @dicksp8jr @alex8calvert @fridanorrman @jaredleto @jaredpadalecki @misha @thecwriverdale @skeetme1 @jensenackles @cwseed http://go.cwseed.com/kocofb

Arts District Brewing Co.

@thekingsofcon @fridanorrman @skeetme1 @thecwriverdale @alex8calvert #instagramtakeover @cwseed @robenedict @dicksp8jr http://go.cwseed.com/kocofb

Doctor Balls falls hard! @thekingsofcon @fridanorrman @alex8calvert #instagramtakeover @cwseed @robenedict @dicksp8jr http://go.cwseed.com/kocofb

Manuela DTLA

Artsy Bob-o. @thekingsofcon #instagramtakeover @cwseed @robenedict @dicksp8jr http://go.cwseed.com/kocofb

. @cw_supernatural thekingsofcon #instagramtakeover @cwseed @robenedict @dicksp8jr http://go.cwseed.com/kocofb

Los Angeles, California

Bob-o vs Uber update: tie. @uber @robenedict @thekingsofcon #instagramtakeover @cwseed @robenedict @dicksp8jr http://go.cwseed.com/kocofb

Bob-o vs Uber. Uber is winning. @uber @cw_supernatural @robenedict @thekingsofcon

Los Angeles, California

Today is the day @robenedict & I take over @cw_supernatural Instagram! In fact, Bob-o already started (I would’ve too, but I had “a thing”). Anywho, I’m en route to join him so we can start filming ourselves doing crap, so get yer booty over to @CW_supernatural Instagram and join us! @thekingsofcon @cwseed

To celebrate @TheKingsofCon launching on #cwseed, #RobBenedict & I TAKE OVER #CW’s INSTAGRAM! TOMORROW! Day drink with us...er, I mean watch as we walk you through a day in the life of 2 busy industry professionals (assuming we run into 2 busy industry professionals). See you mañana!

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