Kevin Kumar-Misir


Канадский киноактер.
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I do miss this though, late night runs to 7/11.

Dirty (psisyn voice)

"Could be us but you playin'"

Ultra violet light beams.

Say hello to mimic me. (Dr. evil voice)


No entry, don't even try.

New ears and a torch. 🔥

The Company House

As Vetements plays on the wall.

The Company House

The Company House

TRANSIT c/o @brantoll7 @codolowe

Shout out to @tealifecanada two of the best teas ever. Cherry and Vanilla Cola Tea!

Helping Josh teach focus pulling.

Stay Strapped fam.

I used to wear these every Valentine's Day, now they are out of shape and turning yellow from being in a box 💔

BTS with some friends.

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