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Американский актёр и модель.
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Los Angeles, California

Today was my 25th w! (Solo, duos, or squad) who else plays @fortnite? I get pumped in the closing moments of this game, obviously. Been playing for 2 seasons now. Tag your squad! #fortnite @ninja @ajjacobs42 @ronnienuanez @jack.elway @dave_brandt45 @jjenkins03 Song: @twentyonepilots

NOLA! @samwcoil @cm_brewster @lsummerscales #oncloudcoil

Los Angeles, California

*Link in Bio* If you don’t know, I’ve been living with T1 Diabetes for most of my life. The JDRF is a foundation that raises money to search for treatments and an eventual cure to Juvenile Diabetes. The annual JDRF one walk is November 4th at the Rose Bowl, (my birthday week) and I can’t think of a better present than you donating to the cause. Just a few bucks goes a long way, but if you can’t donate, come! I’ll give you a free Team Theler shirt and you can walk with the team.

City Park, New Orleans

Buds. Congrats @samwcoil #oncloudcoil

Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour

My face when I find out I get to feed live gators in the Louisiana Swamp today. 🐊

So pumped to be a part of season 2 of AMERICAN GODS! 💪🏼⚡️ #americangodsstarz

#phoenixupdate I surprised Phoenix yesterday! So good to see my little buddy and his pup Bagheera. (Neptune’s nephew) -Uncle Derek

Denver, it’s always fun. #broncos #toughloss #mondaynightfootball #kcvsden #jacktimus


Taking the road less traveled with my #DexcomG6. 🌲🏔🍃🍁🍂Traveling with #T1D has its peaks and valleys, but I’m thankful to have incredible technology by my side every step of the way. #sponsored #PeepTheDexcom #WarriorUp #diabetes #DexcomWarrior

#phoenixupdate Happy Birthday to my little buddy! He is now 2 years old! Phoenix is still working on keeping his food down while using his Gtube to eat. But, he is closer than ever to being off oxygen. He still needs it while sleeping at night. But he is a fun and curious dude, and with his new glasses he can see better! Thanks to all of you, who have been so positive and interested in his progress. I can’t wait to see him again! -Uncle Derek

#tbt to my second day in South Africa prepping for my movie ‘Shark Killer’ a few years ago. My friends know that stunt choreography is one of my favorite parts of the job, something about a great fight scene gets my blood going. Stunt performers are no joke. *No actual sharks were hurt during the filming of this movie* #SharkKiller #chasewalker #respect

I miss the crew, anyone else? #babydaddy

When people say, “you look like your dog”

Sequoia National Park, California

My head’s in the trees 🌲 #tbt

Los Angeles, California

This guy gives me perspective. He is always willing to jump into the magical box we call a “car” and teleport to anywhere in the universe without thinking twice. I love that attitude, always up for adventure. Just as long as he can stick his head out the window. (He really thinks he is Krypto the Super Dog) @adventureswithneptune Song: @royblair #krypto #falcor

Panther Beach

Get out there and explore! #tbt


Colorado Boy

Vision Quest Safari

Fun Fact: after you wash an elephant, it still smells like an elephant #tbt

St Elmo Ghost Town


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