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Venice, California

I’ll be sharing a few things I’m grateful for each day leading up to the biggest day of thanks. My personal 5 Days of Gratitude starts with my supportive husband. No matter what, I know that I have him to turn to and that even when I question myself he is always there to cheer me on. Thank you @amandler! There are so many beautiful things you have taught me but the most important thing I’ve learned from you was how to believe in myself. I love you!!! ❤️ I want to see what you’re grateful for too! Post a pic and hashtag #GratefullyMaed so I see you.

Los Angeles, California

So many exciting things to talk about on this FRIYAY morning!! First, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be speaking on “The Pivot Panel” with @heymamaco on Dec 4th. They’ve assembled a group of bad ass women who will be talking about career pivoting once LOs came into the picture. Which leads me to my next surprise...anyone notice something special on this photo above? Stay tuned for a very special announcement! 💋💋

Los Angeles, California

I’m slowly flowing into the holiday season (how is it that time already?) Which means my favorite coffee & self care will go a long way. Things get cray when we forget to give ourselves “ME” time. Sit down, calendar up, plan and prepare 👊🏽✨

Venice, California

A long day isn’t so bad when spent unwinding with my favorite piece of denim 😂👆🏽 Thank you again @mydomaine for capturing our cozy family room. Anyone else feeling the grind pre-Thanksgiving week? Hands up if you’re counting down to Friday like I am!!

Venice, California

Happy World Kindness Day! As a parent, it is our duty to encourage our LOs to think and speak kindly of others. Extending kindness bridges the division of race, religion, and gender. Today for #WorldKindnessDay, take the moment to lead by example... something as small as sharing a smile with a stranger, holding the elevator door open, or dropping a quarter in someone’s parking meter could change someone’s entire day. Not only is kindness contagious, it’s free, and it’s important! Now more than ever!!!! The only way to teach our children to act kind is to be kind. What random act of kindness will you carry out in your day today? #KindnessMatters


Thank you @Baby2Baby for such an inspiring event! Here are a few facts: this year, #Baby2Baby will serve over 150,000 low income children in Los Angeles and in over 20 other US cities. They donated 34 million supplies and over 3.6 million essentials to hurricane victims this year in Puerto Rico, Texas, Northern California, and more. This year they donated their 20 millionth diaper to a baby in need. Convinced yet? Find them at Baby2Baby.org to join their cause! Swipe left 👈🏽 for the recap! #Baby2BabyGala

Paramount Ranch Trail Runs

How well do you do life with the people you love? When I’m presented with an opportunity, I make time for play! We had such a blast at @mercado_sagrado, an annual fair that reminded our whole family how important it is to play. There's nothing wrong with closing your laptop, pressing pause on everything else and chasing joy. Starting the week recharged from smiles and adventure. Swipe left 👈🏽 to see how 👸 and I are dancing our way into the new week...how do you chase your joy? 💋

When your👸wants to be Alice... you do that 🙌🏽🦇👻have a safe & Happy Halloween

🎃🦇HAPPY HALLOWEEN🎃👻 Circle time at Preschool this morning was so very sweet! Lennox Mae is even more excited to throw on her favorite (and 😁 FINAL) costume & head out to trick-or-treat. SCROLL 👈🏽 to catch her school costume and STANDYBY because #weaintdone 🙌🏽 #myfavoriteholiday 🖤

Lakeside Golf Shop

🎉party animals🐾 Halloween Pre-gaming TO THE LEFT-TO THE LEFT 👈🏽👈🏽 Definitely swipe to the left!!!!!!@amandler had the best costume tonight 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Hands down he holds the crown... till Tuesday 😉😘 Thanks @studiok_design & @cheth44 for such a fun night 💋

Venice, California

As a busy Mama, my uniform is typically comfy jeans and a t-shirt or a cozy sweater. Most of the time I have about 10 mins to get out the door so when I need to pull it together I pair a tee with a nicer pant and then accessorize! It’s the easiest way for me to keep it casual but chic. My favorite accessory right now are these vintage earrings I found in Italy. I fell in love and then my mom surprised me by buying them for me. So they are extra-extra special. What’s your favorite accessory right now and why? 💋

Ken Paves Salon

Everything she touches turns to gold!! Congrats to my beautiful friend @victoriabeckham for creating the chicest makeup line! It looks as pretty on your skin as it does on your vanity! 👏🏽👏🏽

Aaaaand we have a winner!! Congrats to @yvonnedutra who has won our #ConsciouslyFall giveaway with @cabbagesandkingsny and @statebags!! 👏🍁❤️ Thank you to EVERYONE who entered, every Mama is a winner in our book!! We have more surprises coming your way so make sure to keep following and stay tuned for more giveaway announcements coming in the months ahead!!

Los Angeles, California

Today, 👸’s school hosted a beautiful Grandfather’s Day celebration and wrapped up the “month of Europe” with a Venetian masquerade ball. I didn’t think I was going to participate in the choreographed dance show (put on by parents) but was nudged into it & I’m so happy I was! The kids watched in amazement and the Grandpas laughed with love. Swipe to the 👈🏽 to see more photos and peep 👸’s Grandpa. P.S. y’all know I’ll take any excuse to get dressed up in costume 🙋🏽🎭💃🏽

Venice, California

Today on @mydomaine, I talk a little bit about conscious parenting and Lennox Mae’s diet. “I’m here to give her a clean foundation so that she can understand the concept of using food to fuel her body and mind. When the time comes and she wants to try something, she will.” To read the full story, click the link in bio!! 📷 @jennapeffley ✏️ @sacha.strebe

Venice Beach

It's here! @mydomaine was the first to take a tour of our home which we built from scratch with a lot of patience and love!! Tap the link in my bio to read the feature and see all the pretty pictures! Thank you to @sacha.strebe and the #mydomaine team for such a beautiful story! | photo: @jennapeffley #HerDomaine

Today is #LoveYourBody day, but I celebrate body positivity with 👸 every day. I grew up in front of cameras and I constantly heard things like, ‘She isn’t skinny enough’ or ‘She isn’t tall enough.’ Naturally, that made me question myself a lot. I want my daughter to grow up knowing she can be valued for more than her measurements. Nowadays, I find confidence in knowing my body is healthy, strong, and able. Which is why I love media platforms like @iamwellandgood - and so many more - who are promote that women are not just “one size fits all.” To read about the way 14 women love their bodies, click my #linkinbio!


The trick to breakfast that looks this good is prepping in advance. I love that there’s minimal work in making Chia Seed Pudding yet such a delicious reward. I mix the chia seeds with almond milk, add a natural sweetener, let it sit overnight and it’s all ready to go in the AM. All I have to do is top with fruit. For someone like me who isn’t big on breakfast this is one of my go-tos. It’s extremely light but still really nutritious, packs a punch of energy boosting power and is loaded with antioxidants. 👸 loves it too, for breakfast or for a snack. They say the first minutes of your morning can determine your entire day ✨ so why not start the day out fueling your body with something yummy that’s also good for you?! #breakfastgoals

Los Angeles, California

Swipe 👈🏽 to see these homemade little jars of organic bath salts we made for Lennox Mae’s school Harvest Sale. One thing I’m teaching 👸 is to take the time, do things with detail. To never be shy about rolling up your sleeves and putting your heart into everything you do. You may have seen the recipe on my insta-stories (catch it while it lasts!) I promise to have a permanent home for all my little projects, “how to’s” and recipes soon! #ConciouslyFall

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