Денис Васи


Американская актриса.
  • Все 1878
  • Фото 1812
  • Видео 66
Los Angeles, California

#ad Italy, here we come. I’m so excited!! For the first time ever we booked our summer vacation months in advance. Thanks to the Plan It feature on the @HiltonHonors @AmericanExpress Card, eligible larger purchases, over $100, can be placed into a monthly payment plan with a fixed monthly fee (terms apply.) Good thing there’s more time to pay things like vacay off because we clearly need to upgrade to a bigger place now. Room for four, please!! Learn more here: https://amex.co/2Pfskkh #AmexAmbassador #payitplanit

Venice, California

The comparison of who I was then to who I am today is far more in-depth than any photo I could attach to a hashtag. Rather than compare how we look 10 years later, why not compare how we’ve grown. Let’s discuss what we’ve learned and what we’ve achieved. To read the “10 Things I’ve Learned In The Last Ten Years” head to maed.co 💋 What’s something major you learned or achieved in the last 10 years? #10yearchallenge

Bazaar Sábado

Shopped till we dropped. El Bazaar Sabado is NOT to be missed. Check out 👸’s new Frida bag #mexicocity

Museo Frida Kahlo

Finally got 👸 to Frida Kahlo’s historic house. ✅ that off the #bucketlist 🙌🏽💥 Look at that smile!! ❤️💙💜 #fridakahlo

It’s Real! I definitely still find myself in moments where I can’t believe I’m going to be a #motheroftwo 😱 Eeeek!!! Head over to IGTV to catch a glimpse of life pre-baby announcement and to see my besties’ reaction to the 🤰🏽news. It’s pretty priceless 🤣🤣🤣 #vasimandlerbaby2 #maedmama

Mexico City, Mexico

Just over here soaking her up! Every laugh, every question, every moment!! More than just seeing a cool city, this trip’s about spending mama-daughter time with 👸 before #vasimandlerbaby2 arrives. P.S. If you’re looking for easy everyday ways to bond with your toddler (whether you’re having 👶 #2 or not) head to maed.co 💋 Don’t forget to share the ways you bond with your little ones👇🏽with me. #maedmama

Colonia Roma

Bumpin’ around Mexico City with my minis. Not sure how many of y’all have been here but #mexicocity has a serious vibe. Don’t sleep!!!🤰🏽+ 👸 = ♥️ #maedmama #vasimandlerbaby2 #pregnant

West Hollywood, California

To celebrate 2019 @mydomaine asked myself and 18 other women what our definition of success was. My answer: In my 20s, I defined my success by which acting gigs or modeling campaigns I booked, which is unfortunate, but I was young and didn't know what real success was. Now as a mother raising a little girl, my priorities are way different. I’m focused on fulfilling my real purpose, having an impactful encouraging influence on my little girl and other women and starting conversations that produce a change in our communities. Pivoting careers and launching @maed allows me to use my voice responsibly and positively, which has made me feel my most successful yet. Head to my Insta-stories to catch more of what I had to say and to read how other women I find inspiring define their own success.

DUMBO, Brooklyn

What most days look like... lying on the kitchen floor, trying to catch a break. Is it weird that my go-to place for downtime is always the floor? 🤷🏽‍♀️ #momlife #maedmama

Brooklyn, New York

First maternity photos and a personal letter on why I really wanted to keep this pregnancy a secret are up on the site today. Wondering if any second time mamas felt similar to me?✨LINK IN BIO✨🙏🏽💋 #vasimandlerbaby2 #maedmama #secondtrimester #pregnant

DUMBO, Brooklyn

✨💥2019 Vibes💥✨

New York, New York

✌🏽2018. You had me on my toes every single day right up till the very end of the year but I MAED it. I said “no”’more than I said “yes,” I let go of what no longer served me, and I learned a ton along the way. I proved myself to the most important person I know... me! I am forever grateful. 2019, bring it! I dare you and I welcome all the challenges, changes, opportunities and beautiful blessings you have for me with open arms. Happy New Year’s 💋🙏🏽

New York, New York

Can’t believe New Year’s Eve is two days away. 😱🎉🥂 Click the link in my bio for a few easy ways to turn-up your makeup look on the most celebrated night of the year 💥

Brooklyn, New York

Flashing way back to Kindergarten. Can’t lie, I wonder who #vasimandlerbaby2 is going to look like? 🤔 @amandler should we take bets? Sorry guys, I’m clearly extra excited 😬😬😬 and clearly have always had a thing for mustard yellow. Thanks Ma!

Manhattan, New York

Now you know my favorite... what’s your favorite feature??? Head over to @tinted to see the full interview. #livetinted 💋💋💋

Brooklyn, New York

Our family is feeling so incredibly loved! Thank you for so many beautiful comments, posts, texts & calls. Doing my best to get to them all. Many of you had the same questions so I answered the most asked or related questions in a post on @maed. Click the link in my bio to read my answers and get dets on #vasimandlerbaby2 😱😂🙈🙏🏽 P.S. I currently look nothing like this photo. 🤣 I’m still in my pjs and rocking an ill top knot 😘 #pregnant

Venice, California

Our Christmas gift came a few months early 🎁 Merry Christmas from our family to yours 😘🙏🏽🎄#maedmama #babyannouncement #vasimandlerbaby2 🎶: Mariah Carey

Beverly Hills, California

I couldn’t be more excited for 👸 to open her gift from Santa, this year. I’m literally counting down the hours. Also CAN NOT wait to finally share some big news that’s going to explain why I’ve been so crazy busy and MIA the last few months. Starting the New Year with so many new blessings 😱🙏🏽🙌🏽 STAY TUNED!!! Merry Christmas Eve 😘🎄🎁

Brooklyn, New York

Never ever picture perfect 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ — too busy acting like fools AKA enjoying our time together. Thank you to my ride or dies! You’ve managed to hold me up through every major milestone, lord knows I’m gonna need it with everything that’s coming up in this next chapter. I’m so deeply grateful that Lennox Mae has all of you smart, strong, independent, hustle hard, play hard, always keep it 💯 women in her life. Incredibly blessed to have had the past decades and have the future decades of love & friendship. Blondie, Chando, Puttie, Tortilla, Swiss Miss, & Wifey... y’all were missed but with us in spirit 😘😘 #forevermygirls

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