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Los Angeles, California

"I can't just settle for anything. My daughter is watching me..." I’ve joined @nakeiachomer’s “Don’t Settle Series.” Created to encourage women to never settle, whether it be in their relationships or in their career. Head over to Nakeia's page to get your daily “Don’t Settle Reminder” then share your story with us by using the hashtag #dontyoudaresettle 💋

Jump over to @momcrushmonday to read my Monday Mom Crush interview [Link in Bio] Destiney & I had so much fun chatting it up. We touched on a little bit of everything from what I love most about being a woman to how motherhood has changed me. Let me know what you think 💋P.S. @momcrushmonday has the best co-parenting advice AND she serves up real life motivation on the regular 🙌🏽 📷 @bradleymeinz

The Plaza Hotel

Happy Father's Day to the most incredible man I know. I love you Papa! I am so grateful that Lennox Mae has the very best example of how a man loves and treats a woman, how a man puts his family first-- before anything else and most importantly how he shows up physically, mentally and emotionally day after day. I didn't have what you and her have growing up so it has been a true gift to witness. To the Dad I was blessed to gain at 12 years old, Thank you Louie!!! Fatherhood requires love, not DNA. I love you 💕 Happy Father's Day to all the Papas out there who are committing themselves to their children. You are all heroes 💋

Fri-nallllyyyy 🤙🏽💋

To my daughter I will say, ‘See your beauty without a compliment or a mirror.’ -D.H. Wilson 📷 @bradleymeinz

West Los Angeles

Monday mornings can be tough but breakfast doesn't have to be. Prepping Chia seed puddling the night before allows me to throw a healthy breakfast together in minutes. It's a total time-saver! One for me & one for my mini. Happy Monday 💋

Acknowledging someone's light does not dim your own. Same goes for the Guys!!!! Raise each other up 🙌🏽

Running home... Meet y'all on Insta LIVE in an hour 👯💋

💗My Besties 💗 #nationalbestfriendday

Los Angeles, Venice Beach

Even though we spend 98% of our time together she calls these "Mommy-Daughter dates." It's mind blowing to know that tomorrow I'm taking her to see & explore her school. She won't start going till September but I'm soaking up and cherishing all the little moments like this. Time moves right before your eyes at the most incredible speed. I'm so grateful I could put other things in my life on hold to simply be present for her. It truly has been the greatest gift to all of us 🙏🏽 @amandler 💝#blessed #LennoxMaeMandler

Your Little One's meals should look exactly like their crayon box. #tastetherainbow 💜💙💚💛💝❤️🌈

Decisions 🤔Decisions 🤔

‘If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money.’ – Dr. G. McPherson You can not put America first if you are putting our dear Mother Earth last. You can not believe that we can keep causing our land damage and that there will not be consequences. You can not promote personal wellness without supporting green living. For most of us, yesterday was a sad day for America. Now more than ever we need to make a commitment to our planet and take accountability for our contributions. If our country's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement has left you feeling powerless let me remind you that there are still easy changes you could make to help. If we all committed to just these 3 adjustments below we could make a difference. Don't believe it has to be that hard, because it's really quite easy to make impactful changes. -Be energy efficient Wash clothes in cold or warm (not hot) water. "90% of the energy used by your washer is used to heat the water the other 10% is used to run the machine." Air dry clothes. I wash all of 👸's clothes in cold water and never put them in the dryer. This system extends the lifespan of her clothes, as well. You'll also see some savings in your energy bill. Win•Win•Win🙌🏽 -Mind what you eat Eat organic & locally farmed foods-- not only is it beneficial for your personal health, it is also beneficial for the overall environment. Eat at least one meat-free meal a day. A senior UN official said that raising animals for food "significantly contributes to today’s most serious environmental problems." (That's because a big percentage of greenhouse gas emissions come from meat and dairy production.) -Reduce the use of harmful chemicals Look at your cleaning products. Are there chemicals (usually things you can't pronounce) in their ingredient lists? These chemicals are causing pollution to the environment and by the way, to you & your family! The toxins in standard household cleaning products can have serious consequences on human health. Using "green" products minimizes health risks as well as the impact on the environment. 👣Small steps everyday💋DV

It's always been very important for me to travel but since becoming a Mama I'm even more adamant we see the world as a family. Yes, of course we love traveling to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect but there's so much more than that. The real life experiences offer 👸lessons that textbooks will not. Travel gifts you with exposure to culture, tradition, lifestyle, and (sometimes) language different than your own. It teaches you about architecture, art, history, politics, economy, finance and much more. To me, traveling proves that dreams come true. Sadly, traveling has become more complex due to the tragedies we have seen around the world. As a family that travels consistently, we are forced to have conversations about safety and risks. When the tragic incident in Manchester happened just days after we departed London, we questioned if we should change our travel plans. We decided to continue through to Paris but took certain treasured landmarks off our to-do list. That really sucked!!! Sometimes, while walking around I turn to my hubby and ask him "what if?" questions... "how would we?" questions. It's hard to have these talks with each other but they are conversations that need to happen. The ability to travel is a gift and I am deeply appreciative for that. We must be cautious but we must also never let fear steal our passion to experience life. Travel!!! Even if it's once a year-- whether it's a few states away or thousands of miles away. Save up all year if you have to but do not miss the opportunity to live life, do not miss the opportunity to share that with your Little Ones and definitely don't ever let fear of the "what it's" hold you back 💋

Le Spa La Réserve Paris

We'll always have Paris 💗

La Réserve Paris Hotel & Spa

Everything sweet endings are made of 🙏🏽💗

When comfort is 🔑 but you still need to look put together and sh*t #mamalife

Jardin du Palais-Royal

It's always about the details 💋

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