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The first full week of school was pretty damn tough. Not for 👸 but for Mama. An emotional rollercoaster in addition to a whole new list of responsibilities. Mama Life 2.0 is majorly 😱😩 but towards the end of the week I was brought to my knees when Lennox Mae called me a "Super Mama." *Currently in tears... again!* There are lots of special moments I don't share here on Insta (believe it or not 😜) but that one I HAD to share!! Mamas, know that your LOs "get it!" They totally understand the endless desire we have to make them happy, they DO see all the work we put in!! You couldn't give me anything in this world with more value than what my 2 1/2 year old said to me Thursday night. I will never forget that moment. If you missed it on Insta-stories... I'm sorry because it was freakin' epic 💗💓💗

First Day of Preschool for Lennox Mae! She's so excited, so ready, and all smiles! Meanwhile, I'm over here trying to hold my shit together. 😃😩😱😫💖😘😬#FirstDayOfPreschool #GivingAPerformanceOfALifetime

Watch out world, here she comes!!! #ProductOfAStrongFemale 🙌🏽💋

This administration is a nightmare!!! Ending (#DACA) the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is heartless, inhumane and just plain vile. I am in tears at the thought of families being ripped apart and innocent children being sent to countries they've never known. How can anyone support such a senseless evil act??! Contact Your Member Of Congress and RESIST RESIST RESIST ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿sharing a guide on how to (via @huffpost) in my Insta-stories. #dreamers #defenddaca

Reminiscing about our recent family trip. 'Daycations' are such great reminders that you don't have to go far to make sweet memories. Thanks to @Honda for helping us capture the little, but oh so beautiful last moments of summer. #hondapartner #hondaodyssey

Houston, Texas

I first saw this photo this morning on @time's feed and my heart has been carrying it all day. Of course, my initial thoughts were "What if this was Lennox Mae and me?" How does natural motherly instinct propel us to take necessary action to save our children?" I read that the little baby in this photo is 13 months old 💔I honestly couldn't imagine how I would do it, although I know I would. That could be my baby girl, your baby boy, a beloved niece or nephew, your neighbor... wouldn't you want someone to reach out and help? It's weird to say this but in my heart, I know if I came here and asked my insta tribe to donate $ to help my family y'all would. Reports say that more than 1 million children have been impacted by #HurricaneHarvey. I read that babies are sleeping in cardboard boxes because the shelters don't have what they need to help all of those in need. I'm so terribly broken up about it all. So, I'm asking y'all to find your charity of choice and give as little as or as much as you possibly can. $25 donations can be made to @savethechildren by texting “HURRICANE” to 20222. Donate to the @salvationarmyus by texting "STORM" to 51555. @amazon, @apple and @wholefoods are also helping to raise funds. @allhandsvolunteers and Texas Diaper Bank are local organizations on the ground assisting as well. There are so many small easy ways to offer a big helping hand. Please help 🙏🏽💖😘 Tonight, my prayers go to the Mama in this photo, the other Mamas who clutched their babies in the wake of this tragedy, all the people of Texas and those whom are risking their lives to help. May God Bless You 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Stepping into the new week like "Rawrrrrrr'" 🦁

The last days of summer have arrived and 👸 was begging for another trip to the beach but with her first day of school around the corner we couldn't go far. Can you say "daycation??!" I partnered with @Honda and I took the fam on a nearby getaway. The best part-- even Gino got to come 🐶🙌🏽 How are y'all spending your last few days of summer? Anyone else "daycationing?" #hondapartner #hondaodyssey

You all know how passionate I am about traveling with the little ones. There really is no better way to learn than to simply just experience. A day hasn't gone by since returning from Europe that 👸 hasn't mentioned the beach (Can you blame her?) So I partnered with @Honda and just like that we were off for a family adventure. Can't wait to share all the fun we had. P.S. the fact that one of our pups gets to come is icing on the cake. Can y'all tell how excited Lennox Mae is??! #hondapartner #hondaodyssey

Today's 'Total Solar Eclipse' was here to reminder us to slow down, take stock, be open hearted towards new beginnings and to supercharge our intentions. So I cancelled everything I had planned for the day and we just did this. SWIPE to the left to see the whole 2 seconds where 👸 was actually into it 🤣 What did y'all do? Did the day feel any different? Have you set any intentions?

@mydomaine asked me how I was helping to raise the next generation (👸) embrace love, not hate. Here's a small part of what I had to say... head over to their site {LINK IN BIO} to read the rest of my answer alongside some remarkable Mamas that I'm honored to be in the company of. "It’s okay to be different! I know that by openly discussing not only the differences but also the similarities in all of us, my daughter will understand the basic principle of feelings. I strive to instill respect, compassion, empathy and love in my her. I know that my daughter is looking at me with eyes and ears wide open. Teaching our children will always start by modeling behavior— doesn’t get any simpler than that."

Friday night & girls just wanna have fun... even little girls 🤣 @snack_doc89 @chandraspencer 💋

Capri, Italy

Throwing it back to our days in Capri 🍋🍋🍋purely because Hubby can't stop talking about how we should still be on vacation 🤣 @amandler

Venice Beach

Hump day just got a little bit brighter 😱💎✨@ajacobyandcompany

Santa Monica, California

😩30 days till 👸 starts Pre-School 😱 I'm about to lose 4 hours of hugs a day 😢I seriously think my separation anxiety is going to be worse than hers. Any other 1st time Mamas with school jitters? Any experienced Mamas with advice? #mamasbabyaintsolittlenomore

Bill and Coo

Since I'm often asked about traveling with our LO, I'm talking travel essentials & the best Mama fail moment from our last family trip over on @birdsongbrooklyn's blog [LINK IN MY BIO] My Mama tribe on Insta is usually curious about what I bring to keep 👸 occupied while we fly since she doesn't partake in screen time and doesn't play with personal devices. My personal Mama friends are curious how we travel for weeks at a time with no nanny. Well, this is 👆🏽what lunch on vacation looks like... sometimes. It's not perfect but it's all totally doable. Head over to their blog and read all about it, I'm so excited to be their #mamaofthemonth. I just love what these Mamas do and what they stand for 💋

Venice Beach

We're back to our favorite afternoon pastimes & regular everyday shenanigans 🏊🙌🏽

Ravello Italy- Amalfi Coast

My hubby came up with the most incredible idea-- "Lets take your Mom to Europe. She's never been and it's her birthday." Thank you @amandler!!! So many beautiful memories were created on this trip. Shout out to my Mom who doesn't love to fly (at all) but made it thru 4 flights and several boat trips 🙌🏽 Mommy, Happy Birthday! We hope you enjoyed your adventurous birthday this year! We love you "big a lot!" 😉 May we all remember that... "life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Ravello Italy- Amalfi Coast

#vasimandlermerge ♥️♥️♥️ #miv

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