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✨Morning Glory✨ There isn’t one thing I’m more grateful for than this right here. Not every morning is full of 🌈s and 🦄s There’s lots of shouting “Hurry, we’re gonna be late!” “Where’s her lunch bag?” “You do it!” But in our imperfect world these little cuddly moments are what life is truly about. Welcome Home Papa! We’re so happy you’re back. ♥️😘

Los Angeles, California

How this Mama feels about springing forward and losing an hour of sleep 😡 I’ve always done pretty well with adjusting 👸to time changes (thank goodness) but I’m wondering if other Mamas struggle with time differences. Even though it’s just an hour, what does #springforward mean for your LOs bed time tonight?

Santa Monica, California

Take conscious action! Promoting gender equality starts right at home, simply by opening up the dialogue with your children and by role modeling. Not just with our little girls but with our little boys too. Let your LO’s see Papa do the laundry. Mamas, put that dollhouse together. Beware of how we unconsciously gender label. “That’s something girls do. Blue is a boy’s color.” There are great books that compile stories about women, their struggle & their successes. Read those books with your children! Gift those stories to your boys too. It’s important they know the struggle in order to really respect it. Show your LOs real life examples whether you point out your neighbor or another kick-ass Mama at school. Come home and share that your female co-worker got that promotion. On the flip-side, if you see/experience something that is gender bias ask your children for their thoughts, teach them to recognize when it’s going down and encourage them to respectfully speak out against it. Today me and👸 wore purple to raise awareness for women and girls, most who have far less choice than we do. For those who feel voiceless and to encourage others to fight the fight. Happy #internationalwomensday 💋 To My Dearest Lennox Mae, you are a girl! You can do anything! I hope you walk into a million rooms as confidently as you are in this photo 🙌🏽

Venice, California

Sharing some of my favorite clean beauty products, my love for #goopglow & what my mornings look like over on @GOOP 👀 it out! ~ link in bio ~ 💋

Dolby Theatre

Coming from a family full of women gave me the opportunity to see firsthand the power of women supporting women. Moments like this last night light up my heart and remind me how much I love all the special ladies in my life. I don’t know who said it but they were not lying... “Supporting another’s success won’t ever dampen yours.” #oscars2018 #womensupportingwomen

Palm Springs, California

🎉Another year older. Another year wiser. Another year stronger. I am more full of gratitude and more fearless than ever before, but that didn’t just magically happen. I could never have the successes I have today without all my failures of yesterday. I would never truly understand real happiness if I never experienced deep sadness. I would never take a chance if I had never felt like I missed an opportunity and I would never know to get up if I had never taken a hard fall. I hope I am forever an example to 👸 that there is a win after every fail. To my Insta♥️Fam, who I cherish so much... “Thank You” for always encouraging me to share in an open and honest way. To my partner for life thank you for working to always be the best version of you. I love you! Lastly to ME— Happy Birthday DV! Celebrate yourself because you’ve come a long ass way 👑🙌🏽🎈♥️

Malibu, California

I had a deep ♥️ 2 ♥️ with a new mama today, she opened up & shared her anxiety over all the new decisions on her plate. GOSH! I surely remember those moments. I would literally break out into sweats. The good news new mamas, is while the questioning doesn’t ever really go away— 3 years in & just today for a second I questioned my decision on something... The anxiety does subside as you grow more comfy with your role as a mother & as you get to know your LO better. Trust is one of the most beautiful things we as human beings can experience and arriving at a place in motherhood where you trust yourself is a spectacular place to be. It really feels like a gift. How many other mamas remember that crazy new mama anxiety?

City Market Social House

You are exactly where you need to be 💋 #createcultivatela

Botanica Restaurant & Market

Still blushing over this afternoon’s brunch hosted by @Clinique x @Createcultivate. During lunch I was asked how I approach the topic of beauty with 👸 and so now I’m curious... how do you Mamas discuss beauty with your daughters? #CCxClinique #sponsored

Los Angeles, California

Took an afternoon just for us & headed out to see @BlackPanther. Have you seen it? Are you planning to see it? You really need to see it! It’s THAT good 💋

This isn’t about Democrat vs. Republican. This is about our babies!!! We must demand #GUNCONTROL PLEASE Join @everytown + @momsdemand in an action plan to get rid of lawmakers bought by the NRA. #ThrowThemOut We’ll never know unless we try— I personally am not comfortable just sitting around believing that this is how we are meant to live. ARE YOU?! *link in bio*

Truth be told... I met him and 45 minutes later emailed my best friend “I just met my husband!” My forever-ever Valentine... since day 1!!!! #vasimandlermerge @amandler I LOVEEEEE U 😘

Venice, California

Exactly what Saturday’s are made for 😍 #mamaandme #beautyjunkies

Venice, California

Jump up, Jump up and get down. Who else is this excited it’s Friday? Any big weekend plans? 🙋🏽‍♀️ seriously looking forward to sleeping in late. Mama exhaustion is on another level this week 😴🤪

Santa Monica Pier Carousel

Yesterday after school we surprised Lennox Mae with the horsey party she wanted for her birthday. It was so sweet to watch her run around with her friends. IMO, memories are the best gifts we can give our Little Ones, they’re far more important than any toy you might buy in a store so Thank You to everyone who helped make her celebration so special! Yesterday was magical 🐴💝🌈 #lennoxmaemandler #carouselparty #santamonicapiercarousel

Abbot Kinney Boulevard

FIRST ever taste of ICE CREAM🍦 Vegan, of course 🦄 That 3 year old life 💝

Venice, California

My Dearest Lennox Mae, Happy 3rd Birthday! You have been the most incredible gift I’ve ever been given. Your vision of and sensitivity to the world amazes me each and everyday. I’ve learned so much from you and I know there’s so much more for you to show me. I’m so proud to call you my daughter and I’m so very grateful for the moments I share with you— even the rocky ones 😉 The last 5 months have been tough... you starting preschool, dealing with separation anxiety (more me than you.) Your first big ouchie, the first time you came home and said someone was mean to you, your 1st school recital. So many tugs on my strings and only just the beginning. I wish I could keep you little but I know the real honor is watching you grow into the amazing young lady I know you will be. Happy Birthday, Princess!! Mama loves you SOOOOO much!!!!!!!!! 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

Venice, California

Anyone else chasing after their naked toddler in the morning? That’s pretty much my everyday situation. Can you relate? Read more about it on @thechalkboardmag 💋

Los Angeles, California

Took a new red lip out for a spin today... Whatdya 💭??? What are your favorite red 💄s?

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