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Bared Footwear

- Comfortable shoes and the freedom to walk away are two of our most powerful choices. - Sometimes you have to know when to walk away. When to put your foot down. You don’t have to grin and bare it. - I have a tendency to walk on the wild side... bare with me. I still have my feet on the ground.. I just wear better shoes. There you go- I BARED all. Your turn. 👠 ?

Bared Footwear

Proud to have directed, produced, choreographed, styled and edited our first campaign for @baredfootwear with my amazing partner in crime @leahbarylsky. These shoes make me feel like I can do just about anything in them, they really are for the woman who wants to do it all, it’s been a long love affair with this brand and I’m so excited to be the face of an empowering, stylish, comfortable and socially aware shoe brand. I hope you love the video- we had a blast creating it in the brands hometown, Melbourne. Full video link in bio ❤️👠

Just another student of love.

“I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” 📷 @isabeldurant @k.atzki

“you don’t have to be beautiful, to turn me on” 📷 @isabeldurant

Gold Coast, Queensland

“In 5 years I hope the songs feel like covers, dedicated to new lovers” - 🎶 Night Shift 📸 @isabeldurant


I had an absolute blast supporting the hero that is @tourist. @leahbarylsky captured this moment of me trying out my wizardry. 🎶 Déjà Vu - @lastlings @luke_alessi remix.

Corner Hotel

Melbourne. Tomorrow Night. Supporting @tourist .. ✊🏼

Happy International Womens Day to the amazing super women in my life. My incredible sisters, mum, friends and my genius collaborative partner in crime @leahbarylsky. I love my team of brilliant girl boss ladies that I get to work with every day. You are all a dream to work with and make me so proud. You inspire me and I love changing the game with you. EMPOWERED WOMEN, EMPOWER WOMEN. Thank you @biancaboulden @leahbarylsky @isabeldurant 📷 @isabeldurant

Every day words seem to turn into love songs. 🌹

You’re a revolution.

Here’s to you.

Unremarkable people don’t worry about being unremarkable.

Go away, Closer.

For The Love

“Bad boys like to smack me in da bum” 🤷‍♀️ thanks for capturing this very fun moment @leahbarylsky and thank you @forthelove. This set is up live on Soundcloud now. 🎶 Die Antwood- I Fink You Freeky #sanpel sponsor me plz

For The Love

Thank you for all the messages regarding my set at @forthelove it was a real hoot 😏 I’m uploading the set for you as we speak xxx link in bio ♥️

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Redhot. 📸 @michelle.psd

I’m a make you work hard. 📸 @leahbarylsky @forthelove @datelessmusic

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