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#tbt Memories of shooting and directing the amazing #sordidlives cast in the original film. @bethgrantactor #bonniebedelia @therealonj #beaubridges #deltaburke @thelesliejordan #sarahhunley #annwalker #rosemaryalexander #newellalexander @geigerkirk #earlbullock

Yes I’m ranting and the content is R rated so be warned! See what has set me off 😂! #condom #safesex #lube #sordidlives #juanitabartlett

The power of $32.09!!! Super #sordidlives fan Chris Funk won $10,400 in Orlando, FL with the numbers 3209! He is also now playing 5209! Someone please explain the significance of those numbers because I know some here will not know!! #cigaretteprices

CVS Pharmacy

Condom and lube in stairwell at @cvspharmacy West Hollywood! I have so many questions! #safesex #condom

Excited to be on #TheMorningBeat 📻 radio show on @wearechannelq 🌈 with @officialjairodriguez & @mikalahgordon ON AIR NOW. 8-9am PST hour. INFO: https://player.radio.com/listen/station/channel-q#.XL3HxRUrLR0 LISTEN HERE: https://player.radio.com/listen/station/channel-q#.XL3INRUrLR0 OR CHANNEL Q is also available on: Los Angeles: 97.1 AMP Radio HD2 (KAMP-FM) New York: ALT 92.3 HD3 (WNYL-FM) San Francisco: Alice @ 97.3 HD2 (KLLC-FM) Chicago: B 96.3 HD2 (WBBM-FM) Seattle: 103.3 AMP Radio FM & 107.7 HD2 (K277AE & KNDD) Boston:103.3 AMP Radio HD2 (WODS-FM) Miami: POWER 96.5 HD3 (WPOW-FM) Palm Springs: 103.1 FM (KQPS-FM) Sacramento: ALT 94.7 HD2 (KKDO-FM) Las Vegas: Mix 94.1 HD2 (KMXB-FM) Houston: 95.7 The Spot HD2 (KKHH-FM) Phoenix: Live 101.5 HD2 (KALV-FM)

Happy Easter y’all! I wrote an Easter sermon in my play Southern Baptist Sissies. Newell Alexander delivered the sermon to perfection (also in the film) It’s my tradition to share this every Easter! PREACHER. I see we have some once a year, maybe twice a year Christians here today. You darken the door on Easter and around Christmas and you think that’s enough to keep your reservation in Heaven. Well, I’m here today to tell you the truth. And I’m not going to sugarcoat it, folks, because God is speaking through me today. You can have a part-time job. You can have a part-time hobby. But you can not have a part-time religion. You can not be a part-time Christian. You can not mix the carnal, the secular life with the spiritual life. You can not worship Christ, celebrate his resurrection and then make the Easter Bunny more important. These pagan rituals just tick me off, yes, they do. (Suddenly angry, getting angrier and angrier.) There was no Easter Bunny running around Gogaltha! There were no eggs hidden behind the thieves’ feet on the cross!! No chocolate-covered bunnies in the tomb! ! ! And Mary Magdalene did not have an Easter egg coloring party with all the disciples on the night before Christ arose!!! And let me tell you something else. (Screams out.) There were no elves at the manger with baby Jesus!!! No reindeer mingling with the cows and the donkey!!! And Santa Clause did not bring our Savior gifts and put ‘em under a Christmas tree! You can not mix it all up my brethren, it just does not work like that! And don’t get me started on Halloween!!! #easter #easterbunny #southernbaptistsissies #delshores #newellalexander #lgbtq🌈

West Hollywood, California

An Easter message and a god awful Easter duet from me and my buddy @thelesliejordan! #easter #hearose #sordidlives #lesliejordan #delshores

On this Good Friday, I wanted to share this picture of The Shores family. This is how we looked on Sunday mornings. How precious were we? For those of you who don’t know, my Daddy (W.D. or Dub as his friends and family called him) was a Southern Baptist Preacher and my mom (Loraine) was the high school drama teacher. We were living in Brownwood, Texas when this picture was taken, my parents attending Howard Payne University. My brother Dexton was an amazing big brother to me. I choose to celebrate the love that I was given by my parents. I miss them. No matter what your beliefs are, I wish you all an amazing weekend. #fbf

The Zephyr Theatre

#FBT. My play SOUTHERN BAPTIST SISSIES opened at the Zephyr Theatre in Hollywood, CA Sept 21, 2000. It was truly my heart and soul and is still the work I’m most proud of. I had four amazing actors play the original Sissies. Here they are. Tate Taylor (T.J.), Michael Taylor Gray (Benny) @michael_taylor_gray, Sam A. McConkey (Andrew) and Robert Lewis Stephenson (Mark). Amazing time in my life. Amazing memory. Others in that beautiful cast were Newell Alexander (Preacher) Rosemary Alexander (Mothers). @thelesliejordan (Peanut), Ann Walker (Odette) and Joe Patrick Ward (Houston/Brother Chaffey) #southernbaptistsissies

BREAKING NEWS: DEL SHORES GRAND MARSHAL KNOXVILLE PRIDE 2019 - June 22nd! DEL SHORES: THE S-STIRER - EDGE KNOX - 9PM June 21st! TIX: Only $10!!! TIX: DelShores.com/dates Thank you Mark Janes and Pride committee for including me! Thank you @hambyjr15 Jeff Hamby and #edgeknox for hosting my show!

Happy Birthday Rosemary Alexander! Feel free to comment your wishes to our “Dr. Eve.” LOVE YOU so much Rosemary!! #sordidlives #sordidwedding #southernbaptistsissies

Sherman Oaks, California

@carolinerhea4real @marlagarlin fun birthday party!!!

Shreveport, Louisiana

Happy Birthday to my hysterically funny and kind and loving friend Caroline Rhea!@carolinerhea4real! I love you so much! Can’t wait to celebrate with you! Remember your wedding day?? (set of Sordid Lives: The Series) #sordidlvies #carolinerhea #sabrinatheteenagewitch #sordidwedding #sordidlivestheseries

Love the portrait @mr.trevorwayne @trevorwayne.art !!! You made me look pretty 😂 I know some fun merch items including mugs and prints are forthcoming!!! Stay tuned! #sordidlives #delshores #trevorwayne check out Trevor’s art at Trevorwayne.com!!

#FBF In 2001/02, I was writing for #Dharma&Greg (5th season). Here are some fun shots with my buddy @billprady (who hired me and went on to create #bigbangtheory) and cast @jennaaelfman @thomasgibsonofficial Susan Sullivan and @mimikennedyla. I adored this cast and it was an amazing time with great writers and beautiful actors!

#tbt I think the year was 2004. I had a Sordid Sissies Trailer Trash Party. You were to come as a character in one of my plays or movies that you did not play. I was “Mark” from “Southern Baptist Sissies”. @therealonj came as “Latrelle” from “Sordid Lives” complete with sign. Beau and @mrs.b.bridges came as themselves. So many great people at that party including @bethgrantactor who came as “Brother Boy” (funeral scene) and @rupaul (just as his fabulous self) I promise I’ll find more pictures ! #sordidlives #olivianewtonjohn #beaubridges #southernbaptistsissies #costumeparty #delshores #tbt

Yesterday in sound mixing session of my the film of my play SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF A PLAY directed brilliantly by @emersoncollins! It filmed so well! So, question — how many of you agree with Yvonne about green beans. #sixcharactersinsearchofaplay #delshores #sordidlives

The Grove

Hanging out with @thelesliejordan... talks fashion at @nordstrom today! God, he makes me laugh. Yes, we are working on something exciting. Stay tuned! #lesliejordan #sordidlives #thecoolkids #delshores @thegrovela

The Grove

Please caption. Here’s mine: WHEN YOU’RE NOT CAMERA READY. Writing at @barverde.club at @nordstrom with @thelesliejordan #sordidlives #thecoolkids #lesliejordan #delshores

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