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Clinton Street Theater

Thank you Portland and Clinton Street Theater for a SOLD OUT A Very Sordid Wedding screening! #sordidwedding #sordidlives #delshores

Walla Walla, Washington

I think Noleta moved to Walla Walla! #sordidlives #sordidwedding #delshores

"I wish they could see my ass today, 'cause I've worked really hard on my ass." #huskyjeans

Just hanging out with some bigots at #southerndecadence making my own statement! What truly is sad is the Guy on the right is a preacher who brought his teen son to spew hate. #cherrypickingchristians "bless their bigoted hearts" T-shirt designed by @emersoncollins

Laemmle Music Hall

I get to work with the best actors! What a thrill to go to see A Very Sordid Wedding tonight with the amazing Carole Cook and her husband Tom troop, as well as my good friend @masonmcculley who took this picture.

Deborah Cox at #southerndecadence #gonegay #neworleans

My fans! They're crazy but they are loyal! Joy Theatre. New Orleans! #southerndecadence #sordidwedding #sordidlives

Where's the rapture when you need it??? #cherrypickingchristian #southerndecadence #neworleans

#DECADENCE jogging with @themothertuckers drag personalities !!! #averysordidwedding screening tomorrow 2pm @joytheater

@persanashoulders hosting Strip Off at @ozneworleans. I'm judging with @emersoncollins. #southerndecadence

At @ozneworleans about to judge Strip Off With @emersoncollins hosted by the amazing @persanashoulders !!! Life is HARD #southerndecadence

Roxie Theater

In San Francisco @roxie_theater where #sordidwedding opens 9/8!! I'll be here with @emersoncollins Rosemary Alexander (Dr. Eve) and Newell Alexander (Wardell) #sordidlives

Why I don't wear hats.

In San Francisco! Hanging with my girl @carolineshores

@united you suck! My flight to Amsterdam delayed then new plane announced. Gate change then after 6 hr total wait, also cancelled. So I'm missing Amsterdam Pride and first night on #rhinerivercruise and day of touring Amsterdam, the city on cruise I was most excited about. Thankfully, I will make it in time if all goes well with KLM tomorrow to perform my show and host my films! Staying in Houston tonight. It is what it is. AND, yes worst things in the world, but there are better choices when flying. Enjoy my video United. (Sorry y'all, I'll be funny tomorrow)

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Headed to Amsterdam looking for a book to read! HELP!!!! #lgbtpride #amsterdam #rhinerivercruise

Loved seeing this in the Boston airport as I head back to Los Angeles! #lgbtpride #lgbt🌈 #lovewins

So great to see Linda Swartz at A Very Sordid Wedding in Provincetown then for dinner and catch up time. Linda was a co-producer of Sordid Lives and has supported my work and our community for years! That's Daisy Mae with her!!!

Loved shopping at family friendly Bravo Men's Fashions in Provincetown!

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