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No caption needed. 😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️

My assistant @matjhayes sent me this. You can't make this stuff up. We all know he didn't mean it to come out this way, but it did. And it's hilarious!!! #bencarson @cnn @cnnpolitics @elizabethwarrenma

#saturdaynight versus #sundaymorning

Caption please.

Lunch with Leslie Jordan and my Winnipeg friend Heather Stewart @connieandteds ! Hilarious conversation and great lobster!

Champagne, Collard Greens, Blacked Peas and Cornbread!!! At 12:13 Jan 1, 2017!!! Gonna be a great year!!!

Del Shores in a moving message begs @scottienell @scottienhughes to unblock him on Twitter.

Hanging in #castro with daughter @carolineshores. Manly day with mani pedis.

Hanging with @myfairdani at @stfelixweho on the eve of Christmas Eve!

Sunset Gower Studios

Thanks Ann for having me on your LAST show last night @ubnradiotv. Still can't believe my #exploitedelf @matjhayes figured out how to escape the workshop and find his way to @sunsetgower. And dressed like that! Love you Ann! #sordidlives

Hanging with Noleta @carolinerhea4real at @thegrovela #sordidwedding #sordidlivestheseries #sordidlives #noleta It's Christmas 🎄 time in the city!!!


My #exploited #elf had too much #eggnog and missed yesterday's #jingle! Don't forget, EVERY thing @matjhayes is advertising comes with a FREE copy of #sordidlives the series. Get on it while he's still standing!

My #exploited #elf @matjhayes found the #eggnog y'all! Watch out! He's messy when he's drinking! But he's got HUGE deals for you! You can mix and match any of these items to get the perfect gift! And each order comes with a FREE copy of #sordidlives the series!

My #exploited #elf @matjhayes missed a day so he's having to give you TWO today! And don't forget, all these things he's showing you also come with a FREE copy of #sordidlives the series!!!! shopdelshores.com

My #exploited #elf @matjhayes is trimming the tree today! Do you have my plays #yellow or Southern Baptist Sissies? You can get them both with a FREE copy of #sordidlives the series at shopdelshores.com

My exploited elf @matjhayes is giving you HUGE holiday deals! Today is #sordidlives the #movie plus a FREE copy of the series! Go to shopdelshores.com to take advantage of his HUGE deal!

About to take off to Jacksonville from Detroit layover!! Looked out window!!! God, I hope this is a sign!!!

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