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Американская актриса и певица. Как певица Деми выпустила альбом Don’t Forget 23 сентября 2008 года. Он занял второе место в списке Billboard 200. В первую неделю было продано 89 000 копий
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Today at the #womensmarch in LA introducing U2's The Edge!! We stand in solidarity #WomensMarchLA #Womensrightsarehumanrights

Today... we march for our rights. Not just as women, but as human beings. We are entitled to equal rights like GENDER EQUALITY, EDUCATION, EQUAL PAY, REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS, FREEDOM FROM SEXUAL ASSAULTS... and the list goes on. Do it for your mother, your daughter, your little sister, your best friends because womens rights are human rights.

Thank you. 🙏🏼

Incredibly proud of the strong women marching and fighting for equality. We will continue to stand united 💪#WomensMarch @womensmarch

Pure. Joy.

Water walk 💦

The crew 🦁🐘🐵 @metowe @wemovement

Women helping women. One of the most incredible moments of this trip. Thank you @Ryanbolton for capturing this beautiful moment with one of the mama's!! I love this so much.

Had such an amazing time with these beautiful, intelligent and inspiring girls 💗 thank you @metowe @wemovement 🙏🏼

Masai Mara - KENYA

Thank you @wemovement/@metowe


Caption this. Wait actually... don't. 😂 🐘🐘🐘🐘


Thank you 😊

Check this out! A sneak peek into @newyorkcolorcan’s past and future launches… Some of them are developed with New York Make-Up Artists!

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