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I was really happy yesterday at Gillette Stadium. Today I’m still aglow and think settling into a nice #9jkl at 9:30 pm on CBS will be the perfect end to the evening. You should try it too!#gopats

We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaack! #9JKL Tonight at 9:30 pm on @CBS. Here’s a quick blooper reel to hold you over until then. I’m only in one clip because I never ever make mistakes. It’s just how I live my life. Whatever.

Final #9JKL episode of 2017 about to start on CBS. Time to dance! @mattmurray28

LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

On the left is how I will feel if you watch #9JKL on @9jklcbs tonight. On the right is how I will feel if you don’t. #lacma

Does anyone ever see a huge stuffed bear and wish they could come back as one in their next life? #sosoft #9JKL show starts now on CBS.

#walkingintoasceneholdingalifesizecutoutofyourself anyone want it? It’s in my dressing room and starting to freak me out. #shippingnotincluded

Another #9JKL a little bit later in the night tonight. 9:30 pm on CBS. I️ saw this frame in a movie. Special gift for whomever can guess the director...

Kramers Pipe & Tobacco Shop

I was picking up some cigars at Kramers, LA’s oldest tobacco shop and what do I behold but a signed picture of my TV dad and screen legend @elliottgould . It was magical and I couldn’t resist doing the ol’ selfie with a signed headshot in a cigar shop thing. Eliot is the world’s biggest sweetheart, an excellent hugger, and a fascinating man. Please check the legend out on an all new #9JKL at 8:30 pm on CBS tonight!!

On tonight’s #9JKL @9jklcbs at 8:30 pm EST the waiter pictured rubs his twig and berries across my back many many times. Let me know if you want specifics about the size and shape of this nice man’s situation. I know him VERY well now.

My new show #9JKL @9JKLCBS is about to air after Big Bang Theory on CBS. 8:30 pm EDT. It’s a comforting and funny show about a loving family. Its like eating chicken pot pie on a cold day. Hope you check it out and like it. Xo

The Lot Studios

DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO with your children, nieces, or nephews unless you want to answer some big questions. Merry Christmas to all!!!! PS Video link is in my bio or Google Elf on a Shelf with Amy Smart Red Band Trailer;)

The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain

Gary and Gary floating in the pool at @mindbodygreen #revitalize2016 thank you @jasonwachob for a superb weekend. Mind body and spirit officially revitalized. @darylwein

This is the only picture I took in the 6 weeks of shooting. Im an idiot in real life (and in the movie). But that shouldn't stop you from going to see this absolute gem of a raunchy comedy. All the stars absolutely kill it. Thank me later! #BadMoms

ANGIE TriBeCa is my new favorite comedy. It's like Naked Gun meets Airplane meets CSI. It is piss pants funny. It stars my dear old friend @hayze_days and I happen to guest star and slo-mo run on the beach with him this Monday at 9 pm on TBS. CHECK IT OUT!! #angietribeca #spraytan

Don't be fooled. @maxgreenfield rubs my leg as soon as the camera pans up. Every time. #methodactor new new girl tonight!

Dr. Sam takes out a restraining order on Jess aka @zooeydeschanel on tonight's @newgirlonfox at 9/8c. Car wash hilarity ensues! Very fun episode. You should DVR it while you watch it live...#shamelessplug

So fun being back at #newgirl with my old pal @mrjakejohnson #friendsforever

Great to see you Nick. You've never looked better.

Thor and a prepubescent Joaquin Phoenix watching the big game. #mets #dodgers#parenthood#joaquin

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