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Артист балета, Премьер Американского театра балета и Большого театра. Первый в истории Большого театра американец, ставший премьером.
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Cocina Economica La

When in 'zona, eat the real deal.

The crux of it all. Dad does it best.

And were back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Seriously wigged out when they brought in a stack of these!! The first copy of "A Body of Work". 😧 (with Stephen King staring intensely behind me; his On Writing was a major inspiration at the beginning.. 4.5 years ago!) Pre order on amazon in bio. Released November 7.

Monday care of my Veronica @macedoniangirl32

Here we go...again

Edits. Edits. Edits. 😧Can't wait to share this labor of love with you all on November 7. Pre order link in bio. #ABodyOfWork

This woman @brookelockett exits the stage tomorrow night @ausballet. A properly common used word to describe her is 'light'. Not only is she a light herself, but she lights the way for others around her. Brooke lit the way for my path to the rehabilitation team at The Australian Ballet. She was the first person I spoke to and she planted the seed there after. And through those 14 months, as dark as they were, she lit the way to the light I could not yet see. I'm continually in awe and her next adventures will be just as bright but just as different as the path she took during her dancing years. Bravo Brooke. You are that divine light.

Through a three year battle to stand on stage again, it's hard to describe how it feels. Before was another life; more greedy, different emotions all together. Now; its more vital, real, deeply honest, and internally meaningful. It was taken away from me and to experience it given back I'll never take a moment like a bow at the end of an evening for granted. It will never be just the end of an evening. But deep thanks for the privilege of allowing me to dance once more on any stage. Captured by @patrickfrenette

Hello show day. 👋🏻

I've been listening to Nureyev interviews between him and Elizabeth Kaye conducted in 1992. Candid. Opinionated. Compelling. About performing: "You have to astonish yourself. You have to become something else. You have to become IT." About Fonteyn: "Fonteyn brought light on stage. She was carnivorous." About the end of a variation: "I don't think 'I did it'. But 'I am'." About perfection in dance: "Perfection is sterile, unattainable. You have to match your own ideal. My ideal isnt everyones perfection." Legend.

Always Be True. Happy Pride from me and @nike. #betrue

@Nike photo:@jamescasebere

@Nike photo:@jamescasebere

@dancemagazine June cover. Photographer: @henryleutwyler Link in bio.

@dancemagazine June cover. Link in bio. Thank you @clthomps (writer and friend from childhood!) @henryleutwyler (great photographer & collaborator) and Jennifer Stahl and all the @dancemagazine team.

Nike ACG campaign teaser 2 @nikenyc @outofordermag

Couldn't be more thrilled to share my new Nike @nikenyc collaboration with @outofordermag More exciting things to come...

Metropolitan Opera House

...and all that was left do was clasp my hands together and thank the universe.

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