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Артист балета, Премьер Американского театра балета и Большого театра. Первый в истории Большого театра американец, ставший премьером.
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There’s Only One @officialdavidhallberg @tiffanyandco 😊 @inezandvinoodh ❣️ @trey.laird 😘 @carlynecerfdedudzeele 💥 #theresonlyone #tiffanyandco

It’s Nureyev’s birthday. I am of the generation who unfortunately know only the myth; and the stories; left to my imagination to fill in the blanks. But the stories I hear of him; his passion, his nurturing of other dancers (!), his wit; how lucky were those who worked with him & were inspired by him. Few come along that carry such power and use it to its fullest. 🎂 #nureyev #rudolfnureyev

💪🏾 Blood Flow Restriction 💪🏾

A huge shout out and THANK YOU to @matty_ball for stepping into my shows @royaloperahouse. He got a call at home (I think burrito in hand 😜) to come back to the theatre and dance Act II at the last minute. Although heartbroken I couldn’t finish, it’s those instances that form a dancer, instinctual moments where you cannot think but just do. I was in his shoes at one point, filling in for a dancer, when I first partnered Natasha Osipova. These moments are when the strongest rise to the occasion. Matt did just that; well deserved to an equally humble & hard working guy. Bravo to you my friend, I’m truly thrilled at the opportunity you were given. Your future looks bright indeed.

To all the dancers at Royal Ballet @royaloperahouse; you guys are amazing! 💥 So honored (or honoured 😉) to have had your support. See you soon for sure and this time let’s do it right and finish what we started. ❣️❣️

Royal Opera House

House of the Dead. Janáček’s trumpets 🎺 Bravo @royaloperahouse and Krzysztof Warlikowski

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Royal Opera House

My dear friends; ‪Thursday night was the first time I was dancing again with Natasha Osipova in over 4 years and my debut with the Royal Ballet; a moment I eagerly anticipated. The energy between Natasha and I felt connected and spontaneous, alive yet familiar. Mid-way through the first Act, taking off for a jump, I felt a pop in my calf, and from then on a sharp pain inflicted by just stepping on it. I finished the Act through sheer grit of determination but knew in my gut I couldn’t possibly continue. I am shattered and heartbroken (personally for what this performance meant to me, as well for the audience that came from far reaches to see this moment). But I am human and this is a very common injury among dancers. Although my calf needs some rest and rehab, I will be back in no time (my ankle subsequently is better than ever!).‬ Before we all know it, Natasha and I will be onstage, reveling in the chance to dance together again. Deep gratitude to all for the warm wishes and concern, and especially to the entire team @royaloperahouse and Kevin O’Hare for their collective support and understanding. What a company I’ve witnessed. Photo: Bill Cooper

Royal Opera House

I’ve waited a long time for this.. The reunion has arrived.

🇦🇺 Aussie Aussie Aussie! “A Body of Work” is now on sale at your Australian book store (as spotted here @dymocksbooks). Time to get that copy! Link in my story. 😘👍🏼

@abtofficial: "I Feel The Earth Move @benjaminmillepied @harristheaterchicago

Tonight. Chicago. Other Dances. 💎 Photo by dear friend: @rosalieoconnorphotography

Zoom in. @daniil (my mini me) captures the best moments.

@joffreyballet you have quite the history. This seminal work “The Green Table” by German choreographer Kurt Jooss has been in its rep since 1967. When @abtofficial premiered this work I was chosen to dance its central character “Death”; he looms and takes lives throughout the entire work. It was a risk taken by its repetiteurs but a role that changed me as an artist. I was taught weight, style, depth, meaning and intention of movement. An absolute turning point in my then budding career. What a powerful work on the effects of war and the politicians who declare it; a lesson we are still learning decades later. Check out my story for a pic of me as Death. 👆🏼

This photo captures my most cherished moment of a performance; where after the exertion and exposed nature of a show, a dancer and their coach or confidante escapes for a quiet moment in the dressing room. Still sweaty, exhausted and venerable, the performer gets corrections and notes on their work just as it has happened. Look how Tatiana speaks to Sergei and he sips his drink, listening intently, still in his tights and hair. I’ve always loved these more quiet, honest moments (where the dancer truly absorbs their craft and how to better it) to the sometimes forced compliments and pomp of a performance. The dressing room with my coach is always the most honest, intimate part. Photo by Valentin Baranovsky via Ballet Review


There is always more to reach for, try and grasp, and learn from. One can never stop exploring.

Going for this ride tonight. Back in the Romeo saddle. ❣️

My Juliet @isabellaboylston; on a ☀️er day many 🌙 s ago.

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