Даррен Стейн


Американский кнорежиссер.
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Still from the "Really Rich Italian Satanists" video I directed for Dirty Sanchez in the early 2000s. http://bit.ly/2ir69Y4

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Regram @redlacquered's Jawbreaker night 🍭🙌🍭

Regram @catawinitzky #Gayheart costume design by @vikkidisco #jawbreaker

Striking a pose in my Alien costume. 1981, Encino.

Your groove I do deeply dig.

Natalie Portman as Jackie. Beyond.

Elle by Neven Udovicic

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Thanks for bringing this beauty to my attention @clint.catalyst! From tumblr's kylo-ren-is-a-punkass-bitch

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