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Hollywood Hills

Happy Drag Race Finale!

Friday Vylette brought to you by @bsmdowdy /link in her bio to donate to Broadway Bares. Thanks for sharing with me @dwcostumes

Regram @wadopotato who has quite the collection of jawbreaker memorabilia complete with a Reagan Rhinos t-shirt and signed jawbreaker from the opening title sequence of the film.

Regram @theart_ofaking

Regram @ms.lancing #excelsiorbarbrooklyn

Family time.

Regram @jeddybear3k /Fern and Vylette #funkopop

Meltdown on my Dad's shoulders at age 7 with my brother @evanjstein at Sea World.

Sunset Boulevard

Can't wait for episode two tonight. #claws

Happy Birthday Miss Sherwood! Hope you're having a toke, a smoke and some dope! I love you Carol!

When I was 15, my Dad took me to see Siouxsie and the Banshees and Love & Rockets at the Hollywood Palladium.

As a kid I loved going to the movies with my Dad. Favorites include a double feature of Urban Cowboy and Fame at Mann's Valley West, Fast Times at Ridgemont High at the Avco Westwood, Poltergeist in Century City, Raiders of the Lost Ark at the La Reina, Temple of Doom at the National, Brainstorm at the Village Westwood, Terminator, Xanadu and Flash Gordon at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, Bladerunner at the Bruin, Brazil at Mann's Westwood, The Thing, Beetlejuice and Dune at the Chinese, Empire Strikes Back, Oklahoma and Aliens at the Egyptian, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and T2 at the Dome, Nightmare on Elm Street on VHS and Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors at the National.

Hollywood Hills

Reunions with GBF's @taylorfrey are always best at a pool party. #mormontabernaclechoir

Saturday!!! Of course it's the best day of the week - it's ruled by Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. Satur(n)day.

Regram @wadopotato

You had me at Laura Dern in a platinum bob. #twinpeaks

Berlin 2002

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