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Bow down to the bitch who gave her VHS the Jawbreaker treatment. Regram @samanthadaileydailey_

MM by Bert Stern

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Clubbing with Michael and Ollie in London. #TBT #Ducky

May 19

Me & Nico

UK flashback! With Michael Willett in the London underground.

Excalibur (1981)

Painting by Eric Fortune

Tanner+Fawcett #GBF

From Russia with Love. Mikhael Agafonov in a beanie made for Sundance in 1999. The back says "Death totally bites." I still have mine but I haven't seen any others.

From @_massimax_ of London.

Excited to return to DragCon this year to spill some 90s tea with legendary hair & make-up artist Jason Rail (House of Yes, Clockwatchers, Nowhere & The Doom Generation), Jordan Ladd (Nowhere, Never Been Kissed, Cabin Fever) and Jimmy Duval (Doom Generation, Go, Donnie Darko).

How's your Monday?

Another tat! Regram @xladylobesx #jawbreaker #peachykeen

RIP Bernie Wrightson. Your macabre illustrations fueled my imagination and were an essential part of my childhood.

Precinct DTLA

We just don't eat in public...well, at school at least. @frankie_doom served up a heaping portion of the cafeteria monologue from Jawbreaker last night. She took me to the Karen Carpenter table, hunty! #complexiondefection

Precinct DTLA

It was the sweetest treat seeing @frankie_doom rock a Jawbreaker performance at Queen Kong last night. #SataninHeels

Love these ladies. Hard to believe it was 4 years ago. #GBF

Precinct DTLA

Doing Saint Patrick's at Queen Kong with my sisters, the @bouletbrothers.

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