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Американский актёр, автор песен и музыкант.
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🎶. @cwtheflash

Today was yet another fun adventure in Vancouver. Thanks for stopping by, Sunshine.

As if my trip to Palm Beach wasn't wild enough... Ran into this guy on my way out, almost as if to congratulate me on my adventures. Thumbs up indeed, Bill!

crazy fun night out last night with pals that ended in a piano-side singalong until 4am, woke up shortly thereafter up to head to the next city... and while these nights happen all the time for me, I LIVE for the following days when my flight gets pushed back and I get to spend that extra time taking in the beauty before me.

Ok pop quiz- am I in Florida or British Columbia? It's a doozy.

You ever get the feeling that @johnscotbarrowman is lurking nearby?

They need me for soundcheck but I'm like CASH ME BACKSTAGE HOW BOUT NAP

... And then this morning I was toasting this beautiful coastline. From one end of North America to another. Cheers, world! Thanks for letting me check ya out.

Also it's cool that what seems like three seconds ago I was toasting this beautiful snow capped skyline... #vancouver

Fun thing about landing in Orlando is right out of the gate you're like, SWEET. A Ride! No line for this one either... And it's a CLASSIC.

The last time I worked with this dude, HE was the bad guy singing at ME. Oh how the tables have turned , @grantgust . Talk about a #tbt @cwtheflash

Me & @zachvwoodlee back together again and it feels so good! Glee fam is all over this crossover episode... @supergirlcw / @cwtheflash

Yeah, I thought about it.

Will Smith told us to come here.

Lookin good, @bwaycon , I made it! I am in you. I am ready.

Up up and away we go, #supergirl ! @supergirlcw

Hanging out with all my super cool new friends!!! ... in the fortress of solitude. 😐 @supergirlcw

First day on @supergirlcw . I'm assuming this is my seat.

... No, thank YOU, Mr. President. This photo was taken four years ago tomorrow, and marks one of the greatest honors of my life. Thank you, Obamas, for your leadership, your grace, your strength, your compassion, your humor- the list goes on and on. You have been and will continue to be an inspiration to us all, for generations to come. Also let's be real, hot damn what a great lookin' couple. Can't wait to see what you do next. #tbt

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