Даррен Крисс


Американский актёр, автор песен и музыкант.
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One week left, folks! Help @weplaycomputers win @macys @iheartradio #RisingStar!!!

NYC! @charlescriss and I are performing at @macys in Herald Square tomorrow! Come join us! The first 100 people to pick up wristbands starting at 10am will join an exclusive meet and greet. @weplaycomputers #risingstar

Now everybody FREEZE. #EverySingleNight @weplaycomputers

If you guys think this photo is cool, @charlescriss and I are looking off at something way cooler. What do you think it is?

‪So what's more red? My sunburn, my speedo, or YOUR FACE???‬ #ACSVersace

‪I've wanted to see @Freaks4Live my whole life. Came to @BottleRockNapa just for this. I made it! I Alone! (And all my pals!) 🤘😎‬

Hey @bottlerocknapa , I'm having fun in either mode, but for those that aren't, here's why silent discos are awesome:

‪Also I wanna give props to my man for wearing his own band t shirt. Sell dat merch, brah @thehelmets @bottlerocknapa ‬🤘😎

Boom. Chuck and I just dropped the #EverySingleNight video on FB Live! Watch the video now on YouTube. (Link in bio)

It begins.

It was so nice to be back with an old friend. @leamichele and I had an incredible time, as always, putting this together for you. Watch the duet of “Lost Boys Life” from the @weplaycomputers' EP. (Link to full video in bio)

Surprise! @leamichele and I will be hanging out on Facebook Live TONIGHT at 6pm PT! Don't miss it.


Got what I need. A cool playlist and cool earbuds that make me look less cool. With all of my spare time I decided to make y'all a lil playlist of some of the folks that inspire me... Press play on Spotify. (Link in bio)

An outrageously talented guy. YouTube everything you can from @reggiewatts and enjoy your face melting off.

I adore this gal. Go see @getoutmovie in theaters while you still can! This cutey plays what I believe will become an iconic character. @aw

Was very excited to finally meet Jesse L Martin. Here's proof! @cwtheflash

Been a fan of this dude a long time, very excited to crash his show tonight! @latelateshow @j_corden

Awww guys shucks cut it out! #CowlKisses @cwtheflash Follow along on a Twitter: @darrencriss

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