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Wishing my craziest friend @cadehudson22 the craziest 30th bday today. Wish I could be there with ya right now to celebrate, bud... Happy Birthday Cade , ya made it!

Merry xmas to all and to all a good night!

Even more #HairsprayLive BTS on Snapchat @darrencriss

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I'm seein double! An OG Tracy Sandwich! @rickilake and @marissajaretwinokur #HairsprayLive

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"There a light in the darkness..." we're live now in Facebook (link in bio)

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This one might be a meanie on #hairspraylive but I promise you, get @kchenoweth on a comfy couch and it's a cuddle fest. Love this incredible woman.

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The calm before the storm. This set is about to be ROCKIN in 30 minutes #hairspraylive Facebook.com/hairspraylive

Good morning Baltimore! #HairsprayLive @nbchairspraylive

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Me pretending to keep it cool in front of insanely talented people that I'm actually freaking out about being in a picture with! @arianagrande & @harvey_fierstein from Hairspray live and @oneelijahkelley from Hairspray movie and last year's the wiz! #HairsprayLive

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Warblers reunite at #HairsprayLive with @res3an & @masontrueblood

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Here's how this works. Tune in to @nbctv at 8/7c tonight on your TV and Facebook.com/HairsprayLive (link in bio) on your phone/computer AT THE SAME TIME!!! #HairsprayLive

Hurtful comments are very real and can have a dramatic impact on people's lives. I'm glad @Instagram is taking initiative to keep the platform a positive place for everyone to express themselves.

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‪I've moved on from hair gel. It's all about Hairspray now. #HairsprayLive @nbchairspraylive http://on.mash.to/2fRoR4Z‬

Feeling real good about today... a big #goblue from my matinée makeup chair @hedwigonbway

#MiSheCan @umichfootball

Hey @melissabenoist , staring contest, ok go... @hedwigonbway

Yo @gabby3shabby quit upstagin' me 🙃 @hedwigonbway

It's showtime! Saturday night and we in the spot. Don't believe me? Just watch. @hedwigonbway @brunomars

That time I was gonna go home early to work on @hedwigonbway stuff but spent the day driving through memory lane. The ol' spots!

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