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#theendoftheworld #mothermovie Atlantic City Wyoming The foothills of the Wind River Mountains in central #Wyoming are dotted with remnants of the former gold mining boom. Atlantic City, now a vacant mining camp, got its start in the summer of 1867 when gold was discovered in the area by a group of Mormon prospectors. South Pass City was the first of three mining camps in what was called the Sweetwater Mining District. Atlantic City and Miners Delight soon followed. Though the precious mineral had already been found in this area in small amounts in 1842, the isolated region was primarily occupied by Arapaho, Cheyenne and Sioux Indians who were quick to attack those who had invaded their homelands. In 1870, Fort Stambaugh was built as a permanent post for U.S. Troops to protect the settlers and the miners from Native American attacks. Although by this time the boom was nearing it's end and the population of the South Pass City area was decreasing.

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#mothermovie #jenniferlawrence #javierbardem #michellepfeiffer #edharris opens SEPTEMBER 15 on planet #earth

september 15

our #mother "they're taking everything!" #mothermovie ...thy seasons come, thy will be done... Homestead, Wolf Point MT This is a homestead just outside of Wolf Point #Montana. In the backyard a collection of washers, metal barrels, and other appliances poke out of the over grown grass. Looming behind them a former grain bin, blown on its side, creeks as wind flows through its remaining metal ribs and siding. The house, still standing on the property, has been ransacked by strong Montana winds, and potentially Wolf Point locals.

#mothermovie #protozoa crew taking a break from our movie to watch the greatest show on #earth #eclipse

our #mother who art underfoot, #hallowed be thy names... #WolfPoint, #FortPeck Indian #Reservation, #Montana Wolf Point is the largest community on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in northern Montana. The Fort Peck reservation, started in 1912, is home to the Dakota-Lakota-Nakota - #Sioux and Dakota #Assiniboine nations. Though separate, both tribes have similar languages and are of the Siouan language family. The Fort Peck Tribes have an estimated 11,000 enrolled members, half of which reside on the reservation. Originally developed as a fur trading post in the mid 1800's, and named after the high stacks of wolf pelts that used to line its streets, Wolf Point today is mostly a farming community, continuing to host the "Wild Horse Stampede", the longest running #rodeo in Montana every July. #mothermovie

our #mother #Burnt Building, Wolf Point #Montana Seems to be a former small apartment building, but no one in town or online could tell us what exactly it was, as well as when the fire occurred on the property. how long will it take the #earth to reclaim it. only #sheknows

the #badlands our #projection for #mothermovie in #SouthDakota The Badlands is a national park in South Dakota that protects 242,756 acres of sharply eroded buttes, pinnacles, and spires blended with the largest undisturbed mixed grass prairie in the United States. Also known as the White River Badlands, the geologic forces of deposition and erosion created what is visible today. Deposition of sediments began 69 million years ago when an ancient sea stretched across what is now the Great Plains. After the sea retreated, successive land environments, including rivers and flood plains, continued to deposit sediments. Erosion carves the Badlands buttes everyday and eventually, these Badlands will completely erode away. The unique history of this land was discovered due to significant fossils findings. Marine fossils of creatures that no longer exist were found in deposits of the ancient sea bed while mammal fossils such as camels, rhinoceroses, rodents and birds were found to inhabit the prairie once the sea was gone. The spectacular vertebrate fossils preserved within the White River Badlands have been studied extensively since 1846 and are included in museum collections throughout the world.

#mothermovie #projection #roadtrip T'S CONTAINERS & RECYCLING CENTER, #Omaha NE in #russian and #english T's metal scrap yard buys scrap metal from various sources, usually by the pound but some by the ton, and pays based on the type of metal being recycled. The metal can come from all kinds of places, ranging from a construction site or from industrial waste, and does not have to be all metal. Types of metal usually consist of copper, aluminum or cast zinc and can come in any form, such as old appliances, aluminum cans, copper wire or cars. These metal scrap yards act as a middle man buying small quantities of different types of scrap metal, which is then gathered together to be sold at a premium to refineries.

#mothermovie opens soon. me i gotta mix. meanwhile leo and mary sent me this MAGELLAN PIPELINE CO, on the border of #Omaha #nabraska & Carter Lake #iowa #Magellan owns the longest refined products #pipeline system in the United States and can store more than 95 million barrels of petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel and crude oil.  Their pipelines extend approximately 9,700 miles from the Gulf Coast and cover 15-states.  Magellan also owns an ammonia pipeline and terminal system that delivers ammonia from production facilities in Texas and Oklahoma to various points in the Midwest for use as an agricultural fertilizer.  This pipeline is connected to the 2016 incident where a leak in Burt, Nebraska killed a local man who went outside to investigate the bad smell.  In 2004 on the same pipeline 204,000 gallons of anhydrous ammonia spilled into a creek near Kingman Kansas killing more than 25,000 fish.  Magellan's crude oil pipelines have also been prone to leak, in January of this year more than 46,000 gallons of diesel leaked onto northern Iowa farmland.  The sprawling facility pictured is unique in that it serves as a terminal for both the Ammonia pipeline and the Refined Products pipeline with the Nebraksa-Iowa state border splitting the property in half.

#mothermovie september 15! #NERBASKA ASH CO, #Omaha NE A residue called coal ash is formed in the process of combusting coal (generating power). U.S. #fossilfuel plants produce 140 million tons of #coal ash every year, making it the nation’s second-largest waste stream behind household trash. Despite the fact that coal ash contains #heavymetal s such as #arsenic and #lead, which pose a known danger to human and ecological health, energy companies regularly bury it in unlined pits near water sources. More than 1,000 pits and ponds are currently accepting coal ash in the United States, and there are hundreds of other pits that are already full. These sites #leak regularly and contaminate drinking and ground water all over the country. Nebraska Ash, photographed here, was formed in 1976 for the repurposing of coal ash produced by Omaha Public Power District, OPPD. By mixing coal ash with other substances, the heavy metals can be rendered harmless to humans. The resulting mix can then be used in cement concrete, soil stabilization material, and road aggregate. Unfortunately an expensive plant like Nebraska Ash is rare to find in the United States. With coal waste management left to state governments, influence from large coal using utility companies often takes priority over a more sensible disposal method, and unlined pits continue to be filled across the country.

#mothermovie in #kansascity in #francais #french #france GRAIN ELEVATOR The need for Grain elevators emerged in the mid 1800's in North America when agriculture moved to a cash crop economy following the invention of the Cyrus McCormick Mechanical Reaper. The McCormick reaper machine revolutionized farming methods enabling wheat farmers to begin mass production of grain crops. The storage of grain and its transportation was both labor intensive and time consuming and thus needed to be mechanized. The purpose of the steam-powered grain elevators, staged in tall, house-like structures, was to provide a facility to load, unload, handle and store agricultural products all in one place. This facility is owned by Cargill Inc, the largest privately held corporation in the United States in terms of revenue. Cargill's major businesses are trading, purchasing and distributing agricultural commodities, energy, & steel, and producing food ingredients such as starch and glucose syrup, vegetable oils, and fats for application in processed foods. i like this one because it reminds me of #montreal

#oldworld #newworld

#pitstop for #mothermovie with #jenniferlawrence and #javierbardem #HIGHWAY INTERCHANGE, #KansasCity Shot at the intersection of US Route 169 & Interstate 35, just 1 mile from the Kansas Missouri State Line in Kansas City.

still in #kansascity at the imperial brewery #mothermovie #texture in #hebrew and #korean

#mothermovie opens september 15. meanwhile we #project. IMPERIAL BREWERY, #KansasCity The old #ImperialBrewing Co. building is a long-vacant, fire-charred tribute to the city's golden age of breweries. From 1890 to 1910, Kansas City’s population nearly doubled to 248,000, as did the manufacturing sector. Part of the growth is attributed to demand from local breweries. Imperial Brewery was started in 1901 by investors from St. Louis and local saloon owners. It had all new technology for its time and set trends that are still used today. The tallest building on the grounds was the brewhouse. Grain was hoisted to the top level, and then using gravity it was transformed into beer by the time it got to the bottom level. As the brewery grew, so did the movement of prohibition across the country. Producing alcohol became illegal in 1919. As these buildings were built for very specific purposes prohibition was a death blow to the brewing industry. The Old Imperial Brewery building was turned it into a flour mill until 1985 when it shut down for good. The Imperial Brewing Company is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

#mothermovie #projection #forreal #roadtrip #jenniferlawrence #javierbardem now in #kansas in #japanese and #english AMMO PLANT, KANSAS Established in 1941, The Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant was used by the US Department of Defense for production of propellants from 1942 to 1992. Sitting on 10,747 acres in Johnson County, Kansas, it was the world's largest smokeless powder plant. The site is divided into sub-sites based on the use of individual areas where components were stored, mixed, dried, washed, tested, finished, and packed. The sub-sites also include support facilities such as laboratories, a wastewater and drinking water treatment plant, power plants, disposal areas, vehicle and other maintenance shops, and burning areas for destruction of explosives-contaminated material. Over the years it was continuously put in and out of standby status, only during wars was there a need for large quantities of propellants. The plant produced more than 200 million pounds of propellants and employed as many as 12,067 people during World War 2.

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