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Американский кинорежиссёр, сценарист и продюсер.
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best #chocolatechipcookie ever?

‪the battle continues. my friend mark tilsen doing one of the things he does well. he’s also a great writer shouldn’t need one but another reason to demand that the water protectors are respected by the law. ‬

good morning #georgia

Браво! Я только что видел «Нуреева» Кирилла Серебренникова. Это был один из лучших балетов,который я видел за последние годы. Пожалуйста,привезите это представление в Нью Йорк. Вы сделаете много людей счастливыми. #russia #moscow #nuryev

summer read

body of god #coneyisland

the final episode of #onestrangerock is tonight and i am so excited to share it. it is about #home and what it means to be from planet earth. it stars legend peggy whitson @astropeggy who spent 665 days in space. she is the #RealLifeRipley and amazing. join @willsmith and me as we conclude our journey celebrating mother earth on @natgeochannel

you want to know how your brain evolved? join @lelandmelvin and @willsmith for tonight’s episode 9 of #OneStrangeRock on @NatGeoChannel ‬

calling all #trekkies tonight new episode of #onestrangerock searches for alien life in the universe. featuring @maejemison and at the helm @willsmith on @natgeochannel


see how life itself created solid earth on the new episode of #onestrangerock tonight on @natgeochannel our host @willsmith and @astromikemassimino

#frustratedwithlife ? #boredofpolitics ? #justplaintired ? then start thinking about humanity leaving earth and colonizing the solar system with #OneStrangeRock on @natgeochannel #tonight featuring @colchrishadfield and @willsmith #10pm

#moscow #diesel

#cosmonautmuseum #moscow #OneStrangeRock

#bolshoi principal ballet dancer vasiliev with his lost love maximova. the god of the dance. they were the golden couple of russian ballet.



happening tonight on @natgeochannel is the first episode of #OneStrangeRock, a #LoveLettertoEarth -- eye-popping and eye-opening. a portrait of our shared HOME — from the smallest microbe to the entire planet we present to you our MOTHER. enjoy! respect her and protect her.

made it to #timesquare #brooklyninthehouse #onestrangerock on #natgeo march 26th!

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