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good morning it’s PI day. our annual tradition continues. in honor of the respected irrational constant that gave me my career start, the BEST MATH PUN posted here today wins a signed copy of the NOAH comic. let the cringing begin:

.#sanjuan #puertorico #fossilfuels


congrats @prune and thank you for letting me part of this beautiful film. #berlinff #serendipity https://deadline.com/2019/02/serendipity-prune-nourry-berlin-film-festival-doc-about-artist-prune-nourry-angelina-jolie-darren-aronofsky-1202552343/

great reading while we thank our mother! for all her bounty. let’s start giving back. https://www.amazon.com/mother-Screenplay-Darren-Aronofsky-ebook/dp/B07KFW6L72/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1542746060&sr=8-1&keywords=mother%21+screenplay

International Space Station

all three chapters now available @oculusrift with @milliebobbybrown @jessicachastain and @thisispattismith : ocul.us/spheres

delaney tarr survived the marjory stoneman douglas high school shooting in february, 2018, and has since taken her activism across the country, advocating for gun control on a national stage. today is the day we make our voices heard and vote for the issues important us. your voice matters. get to the polls and vote. #whydoyouvote @delaneytarr @marchforourlives @sierraclub

an inspiration and friend @lynseyaddario has her new photo book out: ‘Of Love & War’. it is moving and challenging and beautiful and filled with love and hope and dreams and nightmares. everyone should study it to see a fearless artist at work spreading hard truths. #bravery #ofloveandwar

lisbeth chavarria works with the dream defenders to fight police brutality, end the school-to-prison pipeline and advocate for dreamers and the undocumented in south florida. show up tomorrow and vote for those who can’t. #whydoyouvote @lizzy.ly @sierraclub @miami_dreamdefenders

to honor the start of native american heritage month, here’s xiuhtezcatl martinez, an indigenous climate activist, who’s currently one of the plaintiffs in juliana v. united states, suing the federal government for failing to act on climate change. vote to protect our planet nov 6. #whydoyouvote @xiuhtezcatl @earthguardians @sierraclub

delaney reynolds is an environmental activist working to raise awareness around climate change and rising sea levels. as delaney says, you do have a voice. use it nov 6. #whydoyouvote @miamisearise @sierraclub

with @jr pasting for @time #houstonbowerywall only artist to 2-peat.

chelsea turner is a climate justice activist working with uprose in brooklyn, using her art to shed light on the massive impact of hurricane maria on puerto rico, and how regular extreme weather events impact low income communities of color. vote nov 6th. #whydoyouvote @glowandgetit @sierraclub @uprosebrooklyn

meet sandra cornejo. as a DACA recipient, sandra is one of millions living in this country who are ineligible to vote. if you have the right to vote, please do so on nov 6th. @sandracorn_ @sierraclub @puente.az

chella man’s story feels particularly resonant today. chella is a transgender deaf man from small town pennsylvania who is working to educate others on issues of queer identity and disability rights in a safe space. vote nov 6. #whydoyouvote #wontbeerased @chellaman @sierraclub

david hogg survived the marjory stoneman douglas high school shooting in february, 2018, and has since become a passionate advocate for gun control. join him and vote in the mid term elections on nov. 6. #WhyDoYouVote @davidmileshogg @sierraclub @marchforourlives

meet lulu cerone. when lulu was 10, she founded LemonAID Warriors to empower young people to introduce philanthropy into their daily lives. join lulu in casting your vote in the mid term elections on nov 6th. #WhyDoYouVote www.lemonaidwarriors.com @lulucerone @sierraclub

as the 2018 midterms approach, more first-time voters than ever will have the opportunity to cast their votes and make change. i directed this video for @sierraclub featuring some incredible activists and hope they inspire everyone to get to the polls on nov. 6. #WhyDoYouVote @xiuhtezcatl @gavingrimmVA @sandracorn_ @davidmileshogg @delaneytarr @ed.naaaa @hinkle4sc @miamisearise @lizzy.ly @ohitikalocke @lulucerone @glowandgetit @justicejamaljones @brinkleysmithers @chellaman ⠀ ⠀ #vote #darenaronofsky

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