Дарья Строкоус


Российская топ-модель, известная своим внешним сходством с голливудской актрисой Умой Турман.
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Thank you for teaching us how to become better! #ripstephenhawking #trueinspiration

#ProTip: When in NYC, only wear black and Always make sure to look like you are too cool to be bothered. Your attitude should say “I’m a social media mogul and all my friends are too”. And under no circumstances take your shades off. They see that as a sign of weakness and positive attitude here #yuk

Love you @robertlussier 🖤 Snobbing around with my new @lesnob_com baby 🤟🏼

Feelin it ✌🏼


I got Moroccan fever now.. #moroccaneverything

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

Today was EPIC! #cantlookaway #perfectdate #happyvalentinesday


Winter in the mountains 🇨🇭🇨🇭

#MOOD today

Hi François!! You are on my mind today! @narsissist #françoisnars @patti_wilson 💥💥💥


Here today, gone tomorrow

Stormy weather

Rome, Italy

Incredible reunion with @maisonfrancescoscognamiglio and the girls in Rome this weekend! Happy 20th anniversary, Amore!! #20scognamiglio

Кофейня "КОФЕ БЮРО"

Наша традиционная точка слёта юных Василис 💛 @coffeeburo @yasminamuratovich @katyaevstropova #ДаёшьКокосовыйКапучино By the way, if you are in Moscow looking for a yummy non-dairy cappuccino, these guys here have 9 types of milk.. #justsayin If you’ve been to Moscow you know the struggle is real

Berlin, Germany

less stress

Thank you @voguemagazine and @sendurbanstems for this beautiful surprise! They are gorgeous! Beautiful collaboration 💛💛💛#VoguexUrbanStems

New York, New York

My “It’s so cold outside” face

Celebrating genius François! This time it’s the new NARSskin campaign 💎💎💎 #FrançoisNars #NARSskin 2018

It’s January 4th. Still sticking with my 2018 resolutions 👍🏼 #justdoit #wakeupandgo #вздоровомтелездоровыйдух

Ok, winter can start now ❄️

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