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Revolution Hall

I had so much fun hosting HUMP! In Seattle, SF, and this weekend in Portland! Thanks to everyone who made and submitted so many AMAZING films this year, thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and to my Mean Lesbian Boss (@t_cataldo), the woman who really makes HUMP! happen, as well as the folks at @thestrangerseattle & @portlandmercury who work hard on HUMP! And a big thanks to @heavybondageforlife & @rubberzonedotcom for making last night’s 8 PM show extra special! See you all next year!

Get this shirt and other #ITMFA gear at www.itmfa.org! #Repost @waynebutlercomedy with @get_repost ・・・ I love this shirt ❤️👍🏻 @camdygrams #comedy #selfie #vote #itmfa #itmfagram #trump #yuck #daughter #model #notmypresident #controversial #america #fucktrump #dontjudgechallenge #love #instagood #tbt #cute #beautiful #happy #fashion #picoftheday #girl #fun #smile #instalike #instamood #style

Other things that have led to more sex, paid and otherwise: apartment buildings, hotel rooms, student dorms, public restrooms, Catholic seminaries, etc. Tear it all down! Think of the children!

Please stop with this shit.

This is how we count the votes at HUMP —verifiable, un-hackable paper ballots. The US should adopt this system. (Only HUMP audiences in Seattle, Portland and SF get to vote & give the HUMP awards. We plan on extending the franchise to all the cities where HUMP plays soon. But if you wanna vote for the best films in the 14th Annual HUMP Film Festival, you need to get your butt to Seattle or PDX this weekend or to SF before next weekend!)

It’s a good story... hope it’s true... because I really hate hunters who kill giraffes but I kinda want this. Anyone got 8K laying around?

Hey, San Francisco... this place is amazing. Been twice in two days. So good.

What she said: #ITMFA! #Repost @myakhin with @get_repost ・・・ Please...#itmfa #fucktrump

Some problematic AF murals in this hotel ballroom.

The White House

(A follower took this picture and sent the note below.) Hi Dan! Huge fan of you and the show! Happy voting day! We got the House! I lived in Seattle for 5 years across the street from Volunteer Park but recently moved back to my home town, Boise ID. Last weekend I drove an hour outside of Boise to a natural hot springs outside of a small town called Crouch, ID - population 160. On the drive to the natural springs, through Crouch, ID, I had to look twice and pull over the car to check a curious sign. Low and behold it really did say “ITMFA”. I’m in awe that in the primarily republican cracks of Idaho - I saw a glimmer of resistance.

New Savage Lovecast up now at www.savagelovecast.com!

Everyone in our house voted today and Terry ran our mail-in ballots down to the county drop box — now it’s your turn! VOTE!

Some lovely fan art presented to me before the show at @humpfilmfest — thanks, @freak_on_feet!

Is he now?

Evergreen Stranger cover. #ITMFA

As a Halloween traditionalist I strongly object to the creeping fairy-light-ification of this most sacred holiday. Fairy lights are for Christmas, not Halloween. Just say NO to Big Fairy Light!

The White House

Do what Lindsay says! VOTE THEM OUT! #itmfa #Repost @elbow84 with @get_repost ・・・ Mood this morning. @itmfagram #ITMFA #NotMyPresident #VoteThemOut

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