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The vegan leather fetishist — new #SavageLovecast available now at www.savagelovecast.com! Also joining me on this week’s show (and taking questions!): @andrewrannells!

Hey Vancouver: I will be at Vancouver Playhouse this Saturday, March 23rd to answer all of your sex & relationship questions on stage for a special Savage Love Live show! Joining me will be comedian Corina Lucas (@desperate4approval) and special musical guest Rachel Lark (@rachellarkmusic). Get tickets at http://Savagelovecast.com/events

The White House

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You say sad-ism, I say say-dism. #Repost @thestrangerseattle with @get_repost ・・・ A bill that would mostly decriminalize teen sexting passed off the floor of the Washington State House. Republican Rep. Brad Klippert is unhappy about that. Here's him screaming about anal sex and other acts | by @richsmith4

Butt is it art?

I think people need to know this is a lie — a lie that destroys relationships. Happily partnered people in loving relationships can develop crushes on others, even catch feelings for others. If they believe this means they aren’t in love with their current partner anymore, they may end a relationship that doesn’t need to end, shouldn’t end, and that they will regret ending. And to be clear... this lie doesn’t destroy the relationships of the open and ethically non-monogamous. It destroys the relationships of people who are and wish to remain monogamous.

The White House

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How is PED XING not the name of four indie bands?

A reader created this BEAUTIFUL needlepoint piece — happy Valentines Day, everybody, and remember to #FuckFirst! If I may quote myself... “Here's my stock Valentine's Day advice: fuck first. It's easier to get late dinner reservations, think 9 or 10 PM, the restaurant will be less packed, the waiters and cooks less harried. And since no one feels like fucking after a ‘romantic’ meal (rich food, wine, dessert), it's a much better idea to go get something to eat after you fuck. Remember, kids: a romantic meal doesn't put you in the mood for a good fuck but a good fuck builds up an appetite for a romantic meal. And if getting fucked on Valentine's Day is important to you—and it seems to be important to a lot of folks out there (judging from the amount of mail I get on February 15 from people complaining about not getting fucked on February 14)—you must fuck first. I've written back to folks who emailed me on Feb 15 to ask if their relationships were doomed because they didn't fuck on Feb 14 and asked them to describe—in minute detail—how the night went down. Invariably they went out to eat first, drank and ate, and then promptly slipped into food comas once they got home. Don't make that mistake. Fuck first.”

#itmfa! And go see @noahegalvin in “Alice By Heart” at the MCC Theater in New York City! In previews now, opens Feb 26!

I still have those boots. Photo by @markvans. Hair and makeup by Zora. My drag name: Helvetica Bold.

Sunset Boulevard

Sunset on Sunset.

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