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“Where isn’t the bathroom?”

The “the motherfucker already” is silent. #ITMFA

Until next time...

Sebastian doesn’t skip leg day.

New #savagelovecast at savagelovecast.com!

Separated at virgin birth?

Yes, D.C. can and should. Let the motherfuckers line up for bottled water — like the residents of Flint have been doing for more than two years. And the water bill is past due because of the shut down. So turn off that motherfucker’s water, D.C. The shut down shouldn’t just hurt TSA agents, federal contractors, food stamp recipients, the Coast Guard, etc.

Not mutually exclusive — and often strongly correlate. Just saying.

Graz, Austria

Tonight I saw Die Nacht der Musicals. Scenes and selections from roughly 300 Broadway shows and some 65 German-language Broadway style shows. Everything sung in German. As a consequence, tonight I saw an all-white cast perform the Lion King in German. Please remember me in your prayers.

The Internet is telling me that Timothee is wearing a harness in this pic. I don’t see it.

I had a blast on @livewireradio — download the podcast or catch the show on NPR this weekend. I’m honestly curious how much of my interview will actually make it onto the air...

Kunsthaus Graz

Hey, old friend.

The White House

Hit the ground running in 2019 with an #ITMFA tank top! $5 off while supplies last at www.itmfa.org. #itmfa! #impeachtrump #Repost @pseudodave with @get_repost ・・・ Always fun to workout in political swag #itmfa

New Years Resolution.

Friends brought cookies!

The boys hanging by the fire.


The bison is lit.

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