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Sometimes dreams do become reality. During my childhood my parents used to subscribe to Germany’s weekly biggest magazine, Stern (@stern). Now I’ve got a feature in it! Thanks to press agent extraordinaire Felix Schnieder for making it happen and to David Baum for the article!

Teatro La Fenice

Done with two shows at the beautiful Teatro La Fenice (@teatrolafenice) in Venice, Italy! Thank you to partner Tatiana Melnik (@melnik_tanya88) and organizer Daniele Cipriani (@daniele_cipriani_entertainment) for the fun! Now a few days of recharging with my parents in Germany before the 15th triennial World Ballet Festival in Tokyo!

Last show done in Mexico at the @festivaldanzatlan with @elisacarrillocabrera & friends! Now (through New York) on my way to Venice, Italy to perform on Saturday and Sunday at the Teatro La Fenice (@teatrolafenice) alongside Tatiana Melnik (@melnik_tanya88) presented by @daniele_cipriani_entertainment! Can’t wait!


On the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. A little day-off tour with @elisacarrillocabrera & friends. Photo by @mikhailkaniskin .

In Mexico City! Performed here already 3 out of 4 shows with @elisacarrillocabrera and friends at the @festivaldanzatlan. Dancing DonQ PDD alongside @maiamakhateli and Les Bourgeois. Performing our last show on the 19th in Pueblo! Here Elisa’s daughter, Maya delivering flowers onstage to her mother in the end of the show.

890 Broadway

Oh, New York. Well, New York. You’ve been good to me. You taught me to push and you taught me to pull. You were harsh and you were sweet. You were hot and you were cold. Oh, New York. You’ve been good to me. You taught me to work and you taught me play. You hurt me and you taught me. You gave and you took. Oh New York, you’ve been good to me. You were not easy. You were beautiful and sad. You were by far not perfect, but oh New York, you’ve been good to me. You taught me to be patient and calm. You taught me to accept much and many. You made me into someone else. Oh New York, you’ve been good to me. You didn’t give me time to think. You gave me work. You taught me to think. Oh New York, you’ve been good to me. You opened the vault to let people in. You made my heart beat. You were loving and you were scary. Oh New York, you’ve been good to me. So long, so far. So far, so long, Goodbye New York, oh well - you’ve been everything to me. Photo by @nycdanceproject, poem by yours truly.

The Metropolitan Opera

Last week at the MET with @abtofficial. And so my first show of Whipped Cream is done! One more on Saturday afternoon! Thanks for the bomerang, @gillianemurphy!

The Metropolitan Opera

Since everyone gave me so much love for the other video, here a little “continuation” with the coda from the same rehearsal with @abtofficial ... in the meantime done with 2 shows of DonQ, onto Whipped Cream on Monday! Btw thanks to @conholl for filming!

The Metropolitan Opera

One more show of Don Quixote tonight with Isabella Boylston (@isabellaboylston)... here a little clip from rehearsal last week...

The Metropolitan Opera

And so Don Quixote came and went with ABT (@abtofficial) at the MET (@metopera). Thank you to my partner in crime @isabellaboylston for making this auch a fun experience. We’re having another one this Thursday! Hopefully see you then!

The Metropolitan Opera

Performing in the land of swans tonight! Dancing alongside Isabella Boylston (@isabellaboylston) in Swan Lake with ABT (@abtofficial) at the Metropolitan Opera (@metopera).

About to embark, again, on a 3-act rite of passage also known as Romeo in McMillan‘s “Romeo & Juliet” alongside my luminous Juliet Misty (@mistyonpointe). Can’t wait. Photo by @geneschiavone !

The Metropolitan Opera

Had a blast performing Mercutio yesterday... on to switching my gears, coordination and stamina to the role of Romeo for Saturday afternoon! Family pictire from left to right: Stella Abrera (@stellaabreradetsky), Roman Zhurbin (@romanempirefitness), Susan Jones, yours truly (@daniil), Blaine Hoven (@mbhoven), Gillian Murphy (@gillianemurphy), Cory Stearns (@cory_stearns) and Thomas Forster (@thomasforster22).

The Metropolitan Opera

Kicking off our 5th week at the MET with ABT (@abtofficial) with a show show of Mercutio in MacMillan’s Romeo & Juliet. To be followed by a show as Romeo alongside Misty Copeland’s (@mistyonpointe) Juliet on Saturday afternoon!

Last show of Ratmansky‘s Harlequinade tonight with ABT (@abtofficial) at the MET (@metopera). A video from, literally, half a life time ago from the Varna Inernational Ballet Competition in 2004 (age 15) where I danced a variation from Harlequinade... Alexei Ratmansky noted though that neither this music, nor this variation has been used in the original... it‘s a soviet-era version which has little to do with the original by “Petipa“

Alexei Ratmasky’s Harlequinade! Getting ready for our world premiere! My shows are on June 6, Wed afternoon and June 9, Sat evening! Check out my story for more pictures. In the photo: Isabella Boylston (@isabellaboylston) and James Whiteside (@jamesbwhiteside) as Harlequin and Columbine. #leica #35mm

Teatro Colón

#latergram: The view from the “coupole” in the ceiling of the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. #leica #35mm

How special, meaningful and fun to perform Wayne McGregor’s (@waynemcgregor) AfteRite for the first time at the MET with ABT (@abtofficial). Next show tomorrow night and Sat eve! Photo by @gillianemurphy

Giselle week is over! Had a great show with my Giselle, Sarah Lane (@sarahlaneps103)! Onto week 2 where I am SO excited to dance in Wayne McGregor’s world premiere of AfteRite (a reenvisioning of Rite of Spring)! My shows are Wed afternoon, Thu and Sat evening! Can’t wait! Photo by Kent G Becker from @balletfocus_com

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