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Американская актриса доминиканского происхождения.
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A teacher is valued, a good friend who stimulates proper thoughts and attitudes is prized and total enlightenment is a solitary experience. Otherwise, it would be, to some degree, subject to limitation and to phenomenal conditionality. #daniacs

Thank you Daniella & #Kabook @mykabook for this treat! @mygaiaaether Are loving the personalized children’s books and @ggbenitezprinc for the outfits you put together for them curtesy of @kidbox . We love contributing to this cause! Daniella Benitez is a 14 year old philanthropist, helping building houses for families in poverty through the non profit organization, Build a Miracle. She was named to Kidbox’s Kids Board of Directors due to her charitable work, and they are helping donate clothing to the kids in the BAM community. With the code “daniellamariebenitez,” you will get 20% off of your Kidbox order, and they will donate clothes to kids in need with Daniella’s passion project. Kidbox is on a mission to clothe one million children, worldwide! Go order and get your goodies this holiday season #daniacs

#naileditholidayvillage In the Christmas Spirit! @mygaiaaether thank you @ggbenitezprinc and @kidbox for their outfits!

If I ate meat. Wait I do... #daniacs

And another one... #daniacs Guess what story I’m telling here. #tellmeastory #hannahshorde #youknowwhy

How I feel about all of you! #daniacs 🙏🏽❤️ #bruised and all. #tellmeastory #hannahshorde

Studio City, California

A rainy LA day calls for a day at home in a cozy sweater and a smile. #daniacs

Golf much? @2davisantos Find out what it’s all about. New episode streams tonight on @cbsallaccess #tellmeastory #hannahshorde #daniacs

I can’t be more proud of my nephew @ave_201 A lot of people expect success or a free ride just because. It takes hard work, perseverance and discipline to carve your own path. Check his mixtape out now on ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify! All links on his bio! ・・・ It’s on all streaming services got Apple and Spotify links in my bio @gabrieldiver #rap #realrap #loudpacks #jersey #gardenstate #weed #eastcoast #fire #nyc #nj #fl #ganja #ave #crownproductions #tristate

Prakata... #youknowwhy #daniacs

#daniacs Tune into #tellmeastory and check out my fav moment of this next episode! @cbsallaccess #motherdaughter issues. #hannahshorde #youknowwhy

#reflexions On the way home. In a world where women are still oppressed in some countries and cultures, I feel proud to be with you. Thank you for always respecting and protecting me the way you do with such honor and pride. I am honored to be your life partner. Your open mind is a blessing of magnitudes. You never seize to amaze me. @bevland22 🙏🏽

Never a dull moment. Thank you for sharing this and every life with me! #ontothenextone ・・・ ✌️peace out India 🇮🇳 #thejourneycontinues #blessedlife #iwannagohome

Nothing is to be feared for which the mind is not responsible, and if the mind is controlled, no other discipline matters. Living and Loving Fearlessly. #daniacs #LifeIsABeach

And for all you #Cinderella haters. Here’s a little #Gretel for ya! #tellmeastory #hannahshorde #daniacs 😂😝#hanselandgretel

On that #india filter sh*t. #daniacs

Maisur, Karnataka, India

Swipe ⬅️for the full pic. “The cultivation of patience is not merely in the interest of compassion. It is the path to enlightenment & happiness. When one walks with the arrow of hatred within his/her heart no happiness is possible.” #bethechangeyouwannasee #daniacs

More Blood, Sweat and Tears on a New #tellmeastory Drops Tonight at midnight on @cbsallaccess #hannahshorde 🔥 #daniacs

#Reflexions in light of the recent events: “Hatred harms the hater as well as the object of hate. Because we have been victimized by hatred and by other passions, we, and everyone whom we know, have suffered in thousands of hells for vast periods of time, and this punishment has not contributed to our rehabilitation or to the welfare of anyone else. Hatred has helped neither us nor the other.” #daniacs

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