Дейн Кук


Американский стэндап-комедиант, актёр, режиссёр, сценарист и продюсер.
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We spent the day on the yacht until sunset. Swam with turtles, ate amazing food & laughed a lot. This trip was years in the making. #grateful


Always looking for my next adventure. #gandolfcook




Lunch on the open seas.




I am a grown man.

A Beach Somewhere In Maui

bf + gf + #maui = bliss #thankful #grateful #inspired


In warrior stance since 1972.

A Beach Somewhere In Maui


Wailea Beach

Breakfast in Maui with my favorites people. #aloha


#maui with my #sidebitch. FYI: This is Kelsi writing this.

Is it football season yet please?


Happy #NationalIceCreamDay

Life has an unlimited amount of ammunition but I've sharpened all of my sense over the last several years. My eyes see people for what they truly are.. clearer. My heart remains on my sleeve but I've protected it with true intentions. My soul is free of negativity, fear & insecurity. My voice is both of reason & of action. My creativity is abundant & defines my spirit. Life will always take shots at you. If you believe you will get hit you most certainly will. I choose to not get hit. I choose to embrace the knowledge that the ammo isn't necessarily there to hurt me but possibly to guide me. #ramblingsofahuman

#happyfriday #fridayadvice #wisdomworld

York Long Sands Beach

When your friend secretly films you purposely bad car dancing to make your gf laugh. #cardancing

Oarweed Restaurant

Round 1 last week. Round 2 next week. #bros

I almost ran this guy over.

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