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Американский стэндап-комедиант, актёр, режиссёр, сценарист и продюсер.
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The simple response to why I do what I do and why performers need that challenge and chaos, the impossible task of making an "easy living" in the arts. Yet it speaks to so many that can't quite allow the norm to encompass them. This quote sums it all up and I'm glad I found it because it brings me peace to know others understand.

Sony is really slipping with the new V-PlayStation.


My buddy Laurence Fishburne is so good in John Wick 2. I loved this movie - go see it and count bullets.



A little Valentine's Day ditty for a pretty girl. #Baby

The BK Lounge is now offer adult toys as a part of their Grownup Meal. Mine came covered in mayo. No you really can put sweet & sour sauce all over your pussy.

Hollywood Hills

Caught Chopper in portrait mode.

#underamour #patriots

Partying on a Saturday night with Chopper.

I can't wait for people to see #AmericanGods when it airs this April. #SXSW is gonna premiere it. See you all there! This is gonna be one wild show with some of the coolest people I've worked with.


I won't be wearing this shirt to a B&E. #SB51 #Patriots

Is it me or does my leg look like it's my cock? #tbt

Every year I watch Bad Lip Reading and make my annual Bad Overdubbed Disaster Mixtape. I get one chance with a string of close calls to put my own spin on what I truly believe the people were saying. TAG & SHARE and if it hits 1 million in ten minutes I will give everyone a hand job or a finger wiggle.

I mean only Tom Brady could turn this around at this point.

I've never shared this clip or story but since I posted from My Best Friends Girl a moment ago I think I'll overshare. I love Johnny Cash and I admire him. His music is savage and real. It cuts into you and it encompasses you depending on your rank or reason. We were filming this funny movie in Boston and we needed this 3rd act to show my character Tank (haha still love I played a charter named Tank) is a force of nature not to be trifled with. I also wanted this moment to show what shrouds my comedy and the darkness around me and how I over came so much to get back to where I started. I wanted a tribute to my strife and to show a glimpse of my mother and father as well. I wanted this walk to be something I could look at forever and say this is truly me - all aspects as a man. We filmed this twice. The cigarette and how I smoked it and the dark shadows was from my father. The moment I look at the light was my mother. She was always shining. My father always had a dark almost mean look in his eyes. I loved the way he is scary and I like owning that sometimes. Wait until you see my next film American Exit and you gonna see mean. And you're gonna see scary. But you're gonna see the light and the sparkle of love I feel and share in everything I do. For the rest of my life I have this clip. I know what drove it and how I created and positioned it. This is a song I play when I'm "coming around."

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