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Американский стэндап-комедиант, актёр, режиссёр, сценарист и продюсер.
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A wonderful segment filled with unselfish gestures....until.... you look.... A ... LITTLE .... CLOSER. #wtfisthat

Two amazing women have helped shape me as a person. They are my mom Donna & my sister @_courtneycook_ . I don’t know where I would be without my moms confidence and belief in me throughout her living years (and even since her passing some of her “lessons” still linger and flourish). Courtney will always be my little sister but her strength and character is something I will always look up to. I think we are both the best of our moms and dads (okayyy not all the best parts.. we could do without the anxiety and effects of it hehe). I have the drive my father had with the energy and positivity my mom had. No matter what happens for the rest of my life I can say without pause my life up until now has been a great one with too many happy memories. Even some of the sad ones have ripened over the years and are quite delicious to look back on and laugh at. No matter what your struggling with just find the silver lining and work your way inward. #forward #dreamon #mom #sister #grateful

Our film is almost locked! I’m so happy to have collaborated with my friend @mo_abhat and creating something timely & entertaining. Directing it was special. Submitted to all major festivals. Can’t wait to watch it with a crowd. @rosskohn & @lanancy114 producing through Indy Entertainment.

Stan Lee.. rest in power

Thx to all who came out to my @laughfactoryhw & @thecomedystore shows this weekend. But a very special thank you to the troops I got to meet and chat with. I admire these men and women who serve. What a sacrifice for all Americans. Glad I could make you all laugh.


The air quality from the fire is unbelievable. You can hardly take a breath without feeling like you are swallowing smoke. I have a deep respect for all the firefighters who have been working over time to help families. This is not a random problem. This is a global problem. Climate change is real.

Boston, Massachusetts

#tbt to #1994 when I was just a local comedian with a couple of my fellow “young comedy bucks” as the late great Kevin Knox used to call us. John David gave me my first ever paid gig at the Billerica 99s restaurant & bar. 20 dollars. I stopped at the BK Lounge on the way home and bought 2 burgers!! I felt rich af! Rick was later found to be the famed serial murderer that Dateline called “Killer Comedian” (totally bullshittin’ about that but it would have been a great ending to a simple post. Ahhhhh dreams.) I started with some of the funniest guys still working today. Proud of my Boston roots. Still the greatest crowds I’ve ever played.

@alecbaldwininsta and I looking at the one guy without an #ivoted sticker on. #tbt


Very Assassins Creed @alwayschopper

Arlington High School

For Halloween I’m dressing as my 17 year old self. Thx to legendary @therickbaker for coming out of retirement to help me with this makeup and prosthetics process (only 72 hours in the chair). I’m grateful for your hard work and tirelessness. I really look like I’m a dork in high school. #sarcasmfont #hauntyhalloween

Los Angeles, California

I’ve had homes, for many years, in Dodger country & in Boston.. an Arlington kid at heart, especially when it comes to my “down time.” I grew up watching the #RedSox year after year. I hoped my dad would see them win it all and break the dreaded curse. They did. I was there and so was my pops. I’ve never not attended a #WorldSeries winning game and here are 10 pictures to prove it. Wonderful memories with truly excellent people. Thank you to the #WorldSeries champs the Boston #RedSox on this historic accomplishment. Much deserved. I have to thank @linda_pizzuti for welcoming us to join them usher this all in with Tom Warner & John Henry. @itskelsitaylor got to see her 1st World Series game live! @paulhughescomic and I have been to many games but most importantly the most important ones! Thx to all the former team mates that brought home the trophy but mostly thx to the 2018 Red Sox for making this one a historic endeavor that may not be done for another 100 years. #bostonstrong

Happy birthday to an amazing human being. @itskelsitaylor took down this buttercake faster than a dad disassembling his kids tree fort after he found weed stashed in it. From her kindness to her sharp perspective, her crazy laugh to her angelic vocals.. from her thoughtful mind to her bottomless stomach this is the real deal great woman right here. I’m so happy I get to plan ahead with her.. she makes this whole ride worthwhile. Happy bday weekend KT. Love your bf... or at least one of your boyfriends as I am sure you have a side bitch stashed in the valley somewhere. 👽

Arlington, Massachusetts

#wbw to a kid in Boston sitting in a chair with the most confidence you’ve ever seen via body posture. I had the perfect haircut for a missing child poster. I hated myself and determined getting laughs was my acceptance. If you were laughing with me I could convince myself it was 100% with and not at. All I knew was I loved making people laugh. I got a lot of shit from kids. I only ever tried to make situations inclusive but was always kept on the fringe when it was someone else’s guest list. It never stops. It’s life. Haters. Detractors. Hurt people that wanna hurt other people. I’ve grown up in an industry that mirrors those early years but the good news is that I’ve got the greatest friends now and I get laughs that mean more to me now than those tears meant to me then. If i could go back and sit with this young boy who just wanted a friend i would tell’em to stop wearing XL jackets bc it makes me look like I replaced my spine with one strand of angel hair pasta. I’d also recommend a great hair stylist and explain the importance of ignoring everyone that starts a sentence with, “You know what you should do?” No one knows your potential like you. Trust that fuckin’ gut.

1.6 billion dollars? If I win I’m gonna retire at 90 instead of 100. Half goes to Boston Children’s Hospital & LA Children’s Hospital immediately. The rest I’m taking my girlfriend to dinner in a used space shuttle that I’m gonna convert into a stretch space shuttle limo. This video is dedicated to anyone that has ever felt like the world is out to get’em when in truth maybe the world is just trying to catch up with you to give you something. Lastly I wanna thank all the shitty people that write shitty things online about others peoples beliefs and accomplishments... you are the dirty fuel that ignites the fires you only wish you started. One last (and most important) thing... #registertovote & then #vote.

Waiting for #Halloween like...

Fresh #hurrcut b4 the #redsox game. Let’s go #bosox LET’S GOOOOOO!!!!

#fbf to my @thetylershields shoot last year. Fun fact: I’m sitting on a lion but it wasn’t looking at the camera so we cropped him out.


No one I would rather spend time with more than @itskelsitaylor. Strong, kind, communicative, sassy, fun and most of all loving. Thx for being there on my journey Kels and inviting me on yours. #toinfinityandbeyond

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