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Take full advantage of opportunities in front of you. Don't second guess when you're prepared and persistent. If a moment passes you by and you regret not doing more.. HOLD ON to that and don't let it happen again.

The Improv on Melrose

I had such a great time this week doing the @the88show with my good pals @averyfunny @jeremiahstandup @joshadammeyers & @paulmccartney (sorta) photos by: @mattmisiscostudios

#Patriots #letsgo #gameday #nfl #football

Los Angeles, California

Sneak peek at my photoshoot with my good friend & author of the just released #Provocateur @thetylershields. In my whole career I've shot with some of the best photographers in the world but never really captured the classic portrait shot the way I hoped. Last night we got so many insanely cool pix. I can't wait to show you the finished ones (this pic was just on my iPhone of Tyler shooting) and why I got them done when I did. Special shout out to @anamulvoyten. Bonus shout to @sethgreen @claregrant @ericblackmonster for the best dinner and convo after the shoot.

Us Cook boys are fighters.

Night shoot with @thetylershields

I just finished working out. I'm down 15 pounds preparing for two upcoming projects. No sugar alone knocks off so much and of course don't eat late and make sure you exercise. Back into doing Krav and just feeling all around healthy. #grateful #healthy #happy #onward&upward



Arlington, Massachusetts

#tbt to little me. In the background is my pops holding @_courtneycook_ !

Everyday this year my goal is to put a win in the win column. Everyday. Something for my life, my friendships, my family, some goodwill, something kind anonymously, but in most cases something to move the needle and build my brand, my team and my investments through my businesses. Today was just amazing. I refinanced my home. It's something I would not have expected to get so thrilled about. I'm a kid from Arlington MA that had to do anything necessary to get lunch at school while we were on the states system of helping low budget families. I remember the struggles my mom had to keep the roof over our heads while still keeping a positive attitude. I always hoped to have a home of my own but without the worries. Well..... truth is there are still worries but thankfully my career has provided me protection & peace. #homeowner #w **this is NOT the big news I'm announcing. That is in the coming days.

Loungin' #Chopper

Several people asking where to watch my documentary series Tourgasm. It's on @HBO NOW & HBO GO. It's amazing to see all the insanity leading up to my breakthrough moment. It's also fun to make fun of pretty much everything in the show. My life is so different 10 years later and I'm grateful for the people that were in my life at the time but are no longer a part of it. You were part of a bigger picture. Truth be told if I could do it all again I wouldn't. Or I would show more of the stuff we couldn't air bc we all had girlfriends at the time.


Walt Disney Studios

Happy 95th birthday to my TV grandmother, the beautiful, talented & kindest lady on the planet Betty White! I am forever indebted to Betty for being such an incredible friend and showing me the ropes doing television acting (my first tv show ever) and how to compose yourself and be professional on and off set. I loved seeing Betty pull up into the Disney lot where we shot our silly little sitcom in her 1980 yellow Buick Riviera. She always had a smile on her face and she was always gracious. Still is!! Happy bday to a legend.

Hollywood Improv Comedy Club

Get your tix right now before we sell this one out. Catch my next comedy special early & watch us make up a song on the spot on @the88show w/ @AveryFunny - Jan 18, 10p @HollywoodImprov

Me no like the doctor.

The Garden

Thinking about mom & pops today and how much I appreciate them and how I wish I could be sharing this great time together. My mom was so pretty, she always had a youthful way about her. My dad could command a room, he had authority and was bad ass. Both funny, both passionate, both tough & both loving. This is going to be an awesome week.

I'm fucking dying. Hahahahahahaha.

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