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Американский стэндап-комедиант, актёр, режиссёр, сценарист и продюсер.
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Walt Disney World

It’s not the greatest picture I know but it shows how much I loved my mom. She took us to Disney World with my sister @_courtneycook_ & my dad. It was raining so bad but my mom always the adventurer threw some rain coats on us and we had a great day. I miss her so much. I love that I have amazing memories of my mother!

Akron, Ohio

I got the band back together and out on the road. Well.. above the road but there are roads. Thx Ohio for the love and laughs. Florida.. we comin’.

I just caught #soloastarwarsstory & I gotta tell you it was out of this world (get it.. because.. it takes place.. out of this... ahh fuck it). Solo is truly an entertaining flick. #mustsee

I feel like a f’in Jedi master with my double lightsabers playing Beat Saber on #OculusRift. This game burns 200 calories faster than Han Solo can make the Kessel Run. The soundtrack is rad. “Legend” by @jaroslavbeck featuring @generdyn is my fav on Hard mode. Watch my moves. I should be on the gawd damn Dancing With The Stars.


I can’t tell you how incredible my gf is you just have to trust me when I say I’m in amazing hands. She is also very lucky because I’m pretty rad (and I mean rad as it was said in 1998 not the faux hip retro way people use it today with that tone like “heyyy mannnn I just used raaaaaaad.”) Kelsi thank you for so many nights filled with laughter, days filled with creative thoughts & expressions and mostly thx for the love. #1yearanniversary


You know when I’m wearing my Sparq weight vest, 28 pounds evenly distributed around my upper torso, I mean business. Here I am standing in front of a fake hollywood landscape.. real fake not hollywood fake fake. Something I thought of today was that we are obviously in a simulation and basically our lives are a futuristic version of The Sims.. and we create games inside the game to keep us from focusing on the bigger truth. Our sleep is when we download new maps & life upgrades. What do you think? Are we in a simulation? I’m not asking you.. YOU are asking you. You just projected it here because that’s the work around for figuring out what controls us... thank yourself for this. Good luck getting back inside reality. #levelup

#oldheadshot #tbt

Mohegan Sun

No press, no commercials, no hype.. just showing up and filling every size venue.. anywhere I play. Thx to the Parx & Mohegan Sun Arena for making it loud with laughter. My goal headed to 30 years of stand up was to get to The Rolling Stones mentality. We. Play. Anywhere. There. Is. Passion. I don’t care if I’m playing a barn or colosseum I give it my all. No fluff, no half baked ideas. I’m not saying where I will be next. You can ask around. I just show up and give you my best. Period. I’m at my best.. only getting better and if you don’t show up that’s on you. If you do.. that’s on me. #spotlight #OGrockandrollcomedian #funnyaf

Sound check complete. #Philly

I’ve played every kind of venue massive and intimate. I always loved how The Rolling Stones would play where ever there was a crowd of fans regardless of the capacity. This was a couple nights ago. 6000 comedy fans giving it up. I hope you get out to a show at some point. I’m better than ever and have so much more to express. 28 years this month doing something I did for free for so many years. Thx for the memories and the chance to make more!

There is nothing more gratifying than setting & reaching a goal. Dropping some weight while doing tour dates, prepping a film & some new surprises in their way. When your moment arrives you need to be happy, healthy and ready for the rewards you will reap.

Thank you everyone that attended the two sold out shows in Niagara Falls & sold out show in NY! I can’t tell you how fucking cool it is to be out there entertaining everyone. #Danechella #danetrainisnowthedaneplane

Fenway Park

11 years ago today my pops George Francis Cook made his transition to the next life. I have so many memories with my dad that I cherish. He wasn’t without his faults but I think his missteps only helped to inform me how I wanted to live my life. Thx for that dad. See you down the line pops.

The World Famous Comedy Store

Reading all of the wonderful tributes to Mitzi Shore who turned @TheComedyStore into a launch pad to stardom (or a gateway right back home if you were not passed). So many of the comedians I wanted to emulate made their start in that unique edifice. If those walls could talk they probably wouldn't. There is a special energy inside @thecomedystore. It's magical & yet it's also stark. The Comedy Store has an essence all it's own and none of that would exist except for Mitzi Shore. I truly believe the "Store" was Mitzi. I have read everything and watched so much over the years celebrating the club, it's amazing family & of course the pioneer who turned a room with a mic in the middle into a legendary location. In this moment of sadness there are so many smiles & laughs remembered. Rest in laughter Mitzi Shore.

Los Angeles, California

Clearly this isn’t working out for us.

Hangin’ with my buddy @alwayschopper

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