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Los Angeles, California

Thx for all the bday love to everyone onboard the #DaneTrain or bystanders that don’t board metaphoric trains but just like watching me perform. The goodwill & support this year has been unparalleled. Touring this year, 29 years into stand up, has been so bad ass. It’s like 1995 & 2005 all rolled into one. Big things coming with this new tour. I can’t wait to show you what else is up.

Hello.. I’m @DaneCook and I have a March 18th bday announcement. I ’m running for President of the United States. Please join me by spreading the word and coming to my rallies (aka comedy shows). See you on the campaign trail!! DaneCook.com for my politics.

Next week: March 22nd I’m rolling into Fox Performing Arts Center, Riverside CA. March 23rd I’m stopping at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco, CA! Tix & 411 at DaneCook.com

This week has been a lot of insightful conversations with friends, fans & my team. Lots of new ideas in motion. Tons of new stories to share. Stay tuned!!

Living out my rock n’ roll frontman fantasy with my pals.

For #tbt I have decided to share this again. 3 years ago this kid walked into a gym in LA and opened up a flat can of whipass on this defenseless heavy bag. I threw me singing my fav song from the Karate Kid that I re-recorded with @steelpanther because we are brosssss. Enjoy this mess.

Thank you everyone for making this the greatest moment of my career all over again. #standupcomedian

Los Angeles, California

Caption this pic (what’s the name of our band) for @bradwilliamscomic & @therealjeffreyross & myself. Jeff had.. Crosby Stills and Half I said.. The Two and a Half Men Trio. Brad didn’t caption he just wrote me back the date of the photo... he said “4th of July”... yeah no shit Brad, I couldn’t tell by the everything happening in this picture.

✅✅✅ 📸 by @anthonycosta___ 🎤 by @DaneCook 🔥 by the #TellItLikeItIsTour

Wang Theatre

This is a picture from last night. I have many memories of performing in Boston throughout my life as a kid & a man. 1990 - Catch A Rising Star in Cambridge where I did my very first live stand up comedy show. 1992 - At Nicks Comedy Stop on my first big show with legends Steve Sweeney & Don Gavin with Kevin Knox hosting and Steven Wright also performing. Biggest crowd I had ever played that night - packed room 430 people. Running over to do a comedy show on a boat/restaurant in Boston Harbor with @joerogan & so many others hustling. 1994 - Headlining the old Comedy Connection in Faneuil Hall Marketplace with Patrice O’Neal opening shows & my mom watching me do my first sold out shows and yelling, “YOU DID IT BABY!!” from the back of the room. 1995 - Being a part of the first of many Comics Come Home with @denisleary for our friend Cam Neely’s Foundation for Cancer Care. 2006 - Headlining 2 SOLD OUT shows at Boston Garden. Recording my first HBO special. Standing onstage in front of what felt like every single person I had ever earned the comedy trust of over my grinding years in Beantown. 2013 - Devastated by the Boston Marathon bombings performing a show at Boston Garden to raise money & spirits. Sharing the stage with Aerosmith, laughing when we all needed that & visiting local hospitals to raise up the spirits with stories & humor. 2014 - A sold out Orpheum show where I raised $86,000 in 2 hours for Boston Children’s Hospital. A place that helped me as a young child. 2019 - The beautiful legendary Wang Theatre right across from Nicks where I would sneak over after my shows to watch superstars perform under a ceiling that looked like the chapel. Last night I made a dream become something I once dreamt of but not anymore. This standing ovation went on and on. I said to the audience “thank you Boston for being here and giving me a career.” I woke up today feeling like I did the day after I did Catch A Rising Star. I felt like I could take this all the way. I still do. I still am. And with Boston always there to pat me on the back when times are tough for me or them.. I always will. #hometownpride Thx @_courtneycook for capturing this moment!

Pre show warm up at the #bochcenterwangtheatre in my hometown comedy city Boston. Where it all began.

Wang Theatre

Nothing makes me prouder than returning to Boston for this sold out show at the #WangTheatre. I’ve always repped my home city where I stepped onstage for the first time in 1990.. the year I graduated from AHS (Arlington High School) — Spy Ponders for life! Saturday night is going to be one for the scrapbook for sure.. and by scrapbook I mean the camera roll on my mobile phone. Thx @boston for the write up!!

My new film American Exit is coming out May 14th. @levizmiller is captivating in a breakout role as my son in this fast paced thriller. I play his father in one of the most challenging roles I’ve taken on to date. I posted the link to a brand new trailer in my bio. More 411 on here in the coming days. #Lionsgate #Grindstone

Backstage candid shot by singing sensation @itskelsitaylor at the #ChicagoTheatre. #teawithhoney #nikevapormax

The Chicago Theatre

Last night at the #ChicagoTheatre starter like this.

The Chicago Theatre

Thank you to a sold out #ChicagoTheatre for a phenomenal time. #MoreToCome

United States

My version of “traveling to work.” Chicago tonight. Everywhere after. #HarmfulIfSwallowed #Retaliation #ISolatedINcident #ViciousCircle #RoughAroundTheEdgesLiveAtMadisonSquareGarden #Troublemaker and now, I present, my #TellItLikeItIsTour

Stifel Theatre

Last night in St Louis was magic. Something is happening show to show. It’s growing.. it’s changing.. it’s deepening. I’ve felt this wave building before because it’s a wave I created. All my senses are aware. With show after show in my 29th year of stand up comedy it all feels like a precursor to something bigger and bolder. Like I said to my first die hard fans that boarded the Dane Train some 20 years ago.. here we go. We are taking this to the next level. Fucking epic time in my life. Happy to share it with amazing friends and family.

Backstage before one of my #TellItLikeItIsTour shows. St. Louis & Chicago up next this Friday and Saturday. I. Can’t. Wait. Photo by @anthonycosta___

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