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Американский стэндап-комедиант, актёр, режиссёр, сценарист и продюсер.
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I'm so proud of Chopper! His first cover shoot for #Bark. His elegantly crossed legs kills me. #proudpapa #doggoneit

Big fan of this guys work.


Shows this week at the @hollywoodimprov including Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday. I should have just said everyday except Friday. I stink.

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Hollywood Improv Comedy Club

Ain't nuthin' but a good time at @hollywoodimprov

I will fucking crush you at Jeopardy.

I gots it from my momma & and thanks for the broad shoulders pops. #backstage #atwork

Does anyone know what kind of snake this is on my lawn!?

In love.

Here are a few more pix from an incredible night last night. The American Gods premiere was a big party. The crowd loved episode 1. Proud of the cast & crew as well as all the PR people at @fmnatv @starz such an awesome team. @rickywhittle I can't say more about or it's gonna sound like we are lovers. Watch the damn show. @erikakaar is magical (that's a hint and not) but she lights up the screen. @neilhimself @bryanfullergram Michael Green and everyone else thank you for a special evening. Ended up at @thecomedystore where I had a great time with a wonderful crowd.

Meet Chopper.

ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood

At the @americangodsstz premiere with my boy @rickywhittle aka Shadow Moon on the coolest new show on TV & streaming. #starz #amazonprime

These are a few things that make a relationship work. Yet there are a few things not listed here. Overcoming, championing, quietly understanding, celebrating & sharing. You have to be able to get through dramatically tough times that are painful. You have to fight for it sometimes and mostly you need to sacrifice. That doesn't mean giving up on what's yours. It means sharing what's meant to be shared without withholding. Giving up your power. It is the ability to collaborate. You have to break down old ways to build up new means. I've had friendships that have blossomed because we fought and blew up on each other. It's a silly intimacy because once you get past it and learn you both feel less scared to show your inner self and that inner self is complex as fuck. Time shapes it. Only time and only patience & understanding. There is no graduation day where you earn a degree in it. In fact with every new person there is a brand new way of communicating and that means relearning your own triggers. This is a lot to digest but it's all about staying open and honest. Looking inward and telling someone how you feel when the time is right.

The reviews of American Gods still don't come near the ride you're in for. I can't wait to talk about it but for now you get to watch it and pray for more. #omgtv

"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper reimagined by me. #noshirtversion

The thought of going back to Maine to visit my moms final resting place is brightening my whole day. She loves Cape Neddick aka Nubble in York. She loved eating at her favorite restaurant and she loved visiting with all of us. I just want to be there. Surrounded by family, friends and feeling the spirit of Donna. #embrace


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