Джои Кун


Американский режиссер, сценарист, монтажер и продюсер.
  • Все 2012
  • Фото 1950
  • Видео 62
Los Angeles, California

Fresh cut 💇🏻‍♂️

Tin Flats

so much depends upon a red chair glazed with sun light beside the white studio walls 📌 [with apologies to william carlos williams]

Tin Flats

Rider and Uncle Ev contemplate the state of the LA contemporary art scene 🔗

East Village, Manhattan

Found this shot digging through my archives // The dearly departed MARS BAR, 2009, #120film, shot on my old #holga in #NYC

Madison Square Garden

Elton John showering the crowd at Madison Square Garden with both confetti and his ever-astounding musical talent last week. New favorite Elton song: “Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding,” during which his piano glided across the purple-lit stage, as it filled with dramatic Phantom-Of-The-Opera-esque fog [swipe 👉 for video] 🎹 #eltonjohn #latergram

Nyc Highline

The geometry of West Side architecture, NYC // Swipe 👉 for more 🏙 #highline #zahahadid #lenoxhillgreenwichvillage

Griffith Park

Yeah I bloom, I bloom just for you 🌼 @mjsteinmetz & @alizatranquila have a romantical moment in the superbloom 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 #latergram

New York

2016. I started using the app @1secondeveryday that year, unsure of how profound the experience of watching my year back in seconds would be. I began the year not knowing how life-altering the presidential election would be for us all, not knowing that showing my first feature THOSE PEOPLE in festivals, movie theaters, and then on @netflix, would connect me emotionally to thousands of people across the world, not knowing that I would start writing a screenplay - MIAMI EVE -that would ultimately get me representation, not knowing that one of my best friends @laurenmachinist would get pregnant and give birth to one of my favorite people in the world, not knowing that my grandmother would get sick and pass away shortly thereafter, not knowing that my relationship with the love of my life @ev__do would deepen and continue to enrich my life in every way... and not knowing that filming merely one second of my day, everyday, would make me more grateful for everyone and everything - especially the small moments in my life. I tried to film events both happy and sad, momentous and quotidian. Suddenly, every coffee, meal, hang, walk, or conversation with a friend or family member became truly special and important. I didn't share the video in 2017, partly out of respect for my family members who were still grieving over the death of my grandmother - the fabulous Carole Langer, but also because the emotion of the year was still so fresh. So I share it with you all today to say thank you. Thank you everyone - from acquaintance to best friend, mentor to family member - for changing my life, one second at a time. // 🔈SOUND ON [Music is from the BIRTH score by Alexandre Desplat]

Los Angeles, California

I mean... 😍 @theluccakuhn

Pattaya bay thai restaurant

Karaoke All-Stars, @stephen_neidich & @alizatranquila, and their very special rendition of SUMMER NIGHTS that I believe was in a key never heard by the human ear before 🎤


My #Oscars #BestDressed: 1. Billy Porter in custom @csiriano // 2. Angela Bassett in custom @reemacra // 3. Gemma Chan in @maisonvalentino couture // 4. Sarah Paulson in @brandonmaxwell // 5. Allison Janney in @pamellaroland // 6. Regina King In @oscardelarenta // HONORABLE MENTIONS👗 I also loved Amy Adams in @versace, Elsie Fisher in @thombrowneny, Tessa Thompson in @chanelofficial couture, and Kacey Musgraves in @giambattistavalliparis couture


In honor of tonight’s #Oscars, here are my TOP FILMS of 2018: 1. THE FAVOURITE 👑 // 2. ROMA 🌊 // 3. COLD WAR 💏 // 4. WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR 👔 // 5. BLACKKKLANSMAN ✊🏿// 6. A STAR IS BORN 🎤 // 7. EIGHTH GRADE 📱 // 8. CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME 📨 // 9. THE RIDER 🐴 // 10. HEREDITARY 😱 // 11. VICE 💵 // 12. FIRST MAN 👩🏼‍🚀 // 13. BLACK PANTHER 🐯 // 14. A QUIET PLACE 🤭 // 15. IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK 📚 // Honorable Mentions: THE WIFE, FREE SOLO, WIDOWS

Los Angeles, California

When the outfits are super quiche 👯‍♀️

Los Angeles, California

Omg look it’s celebrity couple @thecartorialist and @matzypants! 💑 I like to think their couple name is Katz (at the Winter Garden Theater, call Telecharge today)🐱


Can’t promise I won’t become one of those LA people who only posts photos of #sunsets. But COME ON! Los Angeles, showing off last night. 🌺

Paramount Back Lot

Mother and I have always *adored* a multicolored geometrically appointed settee 🌈 #FriezeLA #latergram

Los Angeles, California

Sarah, and the equally clever Bea 🐝


@stephen_neidich and his art piece, “The House Always Wins,” which scared the bejeezus out of me every time it launched a tennis ball up into the air with a metallic clang 🎾 Swipe 👉 to see a video of it in motion at @springbreakartshow


Last night, @springbreakartshow after the rain 🌙 #springbreakartshow #springbreakartshowla #tinflats

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