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Американский венчурный капиталист.
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Lake Mead

Bought this wake boarding boat, because the trailer had really nice rims

Las Vegas, Nevada

Gettin after it with @jayayers @kamilhage @franknapoli

When u wake up fucked up with no recollection, but u won money

ARIA Resort & Casino

Came in hammered after the club and beat these old bastards for over 1/2 million in an hour

Van Nuys Airport

This is my, "I'm going to Vegas" post, so all the girls wanting to cheat on their bfs will send me naked pics and ask if I'll fuck them

My life isn't always crazy

Van Nuys Airport

Back in LA for my board meetings

Las Vegas, Nevada

Off-road selfie w @jayayers @montanathatsme @itskarlaivonne @pimpmeg

ARIA Resort & Casino

This game isn't for everyone

Beauty & Essex Las Vegas

Congrats to my boy @jasonstrauss on opening his new restaurant 📷 @liverichmedia

Firing up another French/Italian Rivera trip in June with wild @bp2269 #FuckingLoveItaly

Back to Vegas because we're outta bullets and good tequila

Tijuana, Mexico

Just here waiting for someone to try and jack our car stereo

This was me and @jayayers doing redneck shit w @mabelynncapeluj @alyssaa_scott @stephmi, I asked for country music but my homie @liverichmedia cut jay out and put rap music because he's racist and hates guys

Hollywood Sports Paintball and Airsoft Park

Paintballin with the boys @beardegidio @eliwehbe @djskee @taydoevision @jordanclarksons

Las Vegas, Nevada

Because this is America

Las Vegas, Nevada

with @mabelynncapeluj @alyssaa_scott & @djchuckie

Las Vegas, Nevada

When people ask if I pay girls

If you're bored at work & wanna shoot strippers trying to rape me, download app from the link in my bio. Don't worry, it's free

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