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Topanga, California

You can tell by the current color of my skin how much time I’ve spent on the golf course this last month, but it’s now back to making new music. Chased down exciting new stuff this week with @shevysmith 😊

Memphis, Tennessee

Wedding season in Tennessee #keepingupwiththekaelins

I needed 3-4 weeks off the grid after my work schedule this last 12 months and to prep for the big cycle of work and travel ahead. I did exactly that. Had my buddies from Ireland come to LA. We played lots of golf. Drank some beer. Went to Vegas. Went to Disney. Went to a water park. All in I just turned my phone off for a while. It was nice and reminded me of what’s important. Just really good times.

Knollwood Country Club


Happy 24th birthday, Fiancé. 🤗❤️

Los Angeles, California

👫 📷 by @freight_house

Los Angeles, California

Summer truly presents my best self. (PS find someone who accepts and goes with your brutal dancing skills)

Los Angeles, California

Bad Golf, average pool, good beer, half decent marriage tips. Friday well spent ✅

Los Angeles, California

Update-We have been engaged for a week and mostly watched 13 reasons why with a little exercise (+ tacos) in between. I like it. 👫

Malibu, California

Honestly, I feel so blessed that I met someone that I love more everyday. Let’s do this life together @ac1233 ❤️

The Slow Dance Tour is over. Grateful beyond words. See you next time.

Calgary, Alberta

I know there was a Royal wedding today but the bigger deal is Rhiannons 22nd birthday. She is a sweetheart, and we sang her happy birthday at my gig last night ❤️ #feeling22

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Slow Dance is about to hit 200,000 streams on @spotify so here's a little quick acoustic version. (Please excuse the awkward dancing, it's the only way I know how.)

Los Angeles International Airport

Canadian leg of The Slow Dance Tour starts tomorrow (if I ever get there, delayed for hours and hours at LAX.) Let's send this tour out with a bang, would love to see you there. 🕺

Disney California Adventure Park

(Spoiler alert) He's alive !!!

Theater | Shoreline Community College

Last night in the US on the Slow Dance Tour. Seattle, you guys were incredible. I love it here. See you next time. Canada, you guys are next.

Los Angeles, California

Sidenote of the You Should Know video. The pool scenes look cool in a video, in real life, it was worse than getting nailed with a slushy on Glee. So cold. Words don't really justify it but I think my expression does.

You Should Know music video is out now. I hope you love it. Link in bio. ❤️

You Should Know music video dropping on @billboard tomorrow. Can't wait for you guys to see this.

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