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Los Angeles, California

A few months ago, I received a letter from a lady who told me she has been supporting my career for 10 years, in that letter she also invited me to her 100th birthday party. Well, I got to surprise her today and we celebrated her 100th birthday. She absolutely made my day. Happy birthday, Kato.

Los Angeles, California

Did a small showcase in LA on Thursday night of new original music to be released 2018. It was surreal looking at a setlist for the first time and having 80 minutes of filtered 'Damian' written/co written material on it. Genuinely more pumped for the next chapter than I ever have been. ☺️

Los Angeles, California

I met up with my great friend and Grammy nominated producer @warrenhuart last week. We did a cover of Ed Sheerans 'Photograph.' Link to full vid in Bio. Hope you enjoy. D.

Happy Father's Day to this champ. I feel lucky I can call him a best friend as well as a dad.

Los Angeles, California

Cheers to you, Saturday.

Los Angeles, California

Hit the jackpot at Dave and Busters last night. I won 80 tickets and received a bouncy ball that got lost in the dark 🙄


Seen @busted on Friday night in LA. I felt 13 again and lived like the year 3000.

Derry, Northern Ireland


Derry, Northern Ireland

I've a lot of love for these people, and that of Ryan McBride. A wonderful night, honored to perform in my hometown for our late captain. (Also, first Instagram album took me exactly 32 minutes to make)

Derry, Northern Ireland

My little Goddaughter Autumn got christened last night 😇😇

Dublin, Ireland

Finished a new album with these lads this week (we might have laughed more than we sang) To be released in September! @celticthundermusic @sonymusicglobal

This is a picture of me and @iamrvrb becoming the alter egos we didn't know we had. Just laughed for a solid 35 seconds.

Londonderry, Northern Ireland

World, meet my gorgeous Goddaughter, Autumn. If she isn't sleeping, she's smiling, or doing both. Can't wait to watch this kid grow up and be there for her always.

Belfast, United Kingdom

Day 9 of no sunlight/making music includes weak facial hair and lots of coffee.

Derry, Northern Ireland

As well as meeting my beautiful Goddaughter Autumn tonight (she's about 6 pound and too small for a picture) I got to see my other 2 best friends, who are growing at a rapid pace.

Shelby Farms Park

She asked me to teach her how to dance, so I obliged. 🙄

Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach

I would advise jet skiing to anyone who is not afraid of speed, unexpected bumps and unexpected sunburn the next morning. It is fantastic.

Newport Beach, California

On our 3 year anniversary @ac1233 I'd like to let you know how much I love you (a lot) and also I'm really grateful for things you've taught me such as being better at Instagram.

Did one of the most special performances in my career this past weekend in San Francisco. Last week was a tough week for my hometown, Derry, Ireland. We lost two of our biggest and best leaders. As a message of solidarity to our people, and with respect to the bereaved families, Phil Coulter and I got together in San Francisco, California, on Sunday night, for a special one-off performance of Phil's classic, 'The Town I Loved So Well.' Rest in peace Martin McGuinness + Ryan McBride, thanks for everything. Link in bio.

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