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Los Angeles, California

Wedding year. 😊

Los Angeles, California

Tickets for The Young Forever Tour are on sale now. Tag a friend!! Ticket link in bio.

Dublin, Ireland

Great seeing @paulbyrom in the Panto tonight. I was crying laughing at times. His dog, Bradley, was just as good. (And is maybe a bigger diva than Byrom.)

Derry, Northern Ireland

2018 was my favorite year. Made a movie, released original music, did the Slow Dance tour, got engaged, finished my album for 2019, did a 75 city tour with Celtic Thunder and finished the year with my new single Geronimo. The in between moments were just as nice and I seen some more places I never thought I’d see. (Except for all the flying.) A really great year and I feel very lucky to be able to work hard, try to grow, and have the friendships and relationships that I do. Unbelievably excited for 2019. Happy new year!!!! ❤️

75 cities. 25,000 miles. Touring with these people is one of the most fortunate hands I’ve been dealt. Thanks for spending your time with us, see you next time. ❤️

Jacksonville, Florida

7 years later, I still can’t believe I won dance week on the Glee project. A kind fan (Rachel) tried to teach me the floss after the show last night. It didn’t go great. If I get better, I may do it on My Young Forever Tour In 2019. I’ve a long way to go.

Sarasota, Florida

Miss you so much it’s stupid. ❤️

St Augustines

Chances are I am the worst golfer to ever grace St.Augustines, but a good day of it anyway 🏌🏻‍♂️

Atlanta, Georgia


Late to the table for @spotify report card day, but I started releasing original music 8 months ago and I am really grateful people are listening. Most excited about getting better. Literally only getting started.

Delighted to say @davidbakey is joining me on the road again for the 2019 Young Forever tour. He’ll also be opening at select dates. Don’t miss this guy, he’s a serious talent. Ps just added some more VIP tickets to several markets. Link in Bio. 🤗

Geronimo is 1 week old today. Thanks for all of the nice words. I’m genuinely excited for the young forever album and tour in 2019. 🕺🏻

Salt Lake City, Utah

This tour has been a blast so far. Thank you for coming out every night and spending your time with us. 56 shows down, 19 to go. 🕺🏻

Geronimo is out and available everywhere !! @spotify @itunes

My new song Geronimo drops at midnight on @spotify @itunes @applemusic I am HYPED. (PS happy thanksgiving)

Geronimo. 11/23.

In the theme of the new Young forever tour, and new music announcement coming tomorrow, this was one of my very first professional recording sessions. I sang a lot higher than I do now, and recording early in the morning wasn’t an issue. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Thank you for all the love on my new tour this past 36 hours. It is humbling and puts a spring in my step. Tickets are available now (link in bio). Ps new music announcement this week. 🕺🏻

Guys, Tickets for the The Young Forever Tour are now available. If you come to a show, it’d make my day. If you bring a friend, it’d make my week. Link in Bio. *Dates* 3/19 Philadelphia PA 3/20 New York City NY 3/21 Boston MA 3/22 Hamden CT 3/24 Portland ME 3/26 Montreal QC 3/27 Ottawa ON 3/28 Toronto ON 3/31 Pittsburgh PA 4/1 Lake Orion MI 4/3 Vienna VA 4/4 Virginia Beach VA 4/6 Charlotte NC 4/7 Duluth GA 4/8 Jacksonville FL 4/10 Nashville TN 4/11 Shelbyville IN 4/12 Three Oaks MI 4/14 Minneapolis MN 4/15 St Louis MO 4/16 Omaha NE 4/17 Kansas City MO 4/19 Broomfield CO 4/22 Phoenix AZ 4/23 Phoenix AZ 4/25 Los Angeles CA 4/26 Berkeley CA 4/28 Portland OR 4/29 Seattle WA

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