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Donegal, Ireland

Lunch date with my Goddaughter 🤗👸

Marbella Puerto Banus

Making music and touring is great, being away from her, not so much. About to do all of those things for a few months. But Spain was amazing and we already can't wait to come back. 🇪🇸🇪🇸

NAÔ Pool Club

"Currently taking applications for professional dance lessons."-Me.

Marbella Puerto Banus


Puerto Banús

I'm in Spain and I took this picture. 😊

Donegal, Ireland

TBT to when I had the exact same amount of facial hair that I have now.

Grand Canal Dock

I honestly can't believe at 24 I'm working on anything that includes '10th anniversary' in the title. Today I started work in Dublin on a huge @sony @celticthundermusic project. Excited for this one. Also, there is no evening like a summers evening in Ireland.

The years seem to be going quicker. Can't believe it's been 4 years. Miss you bro.

Happy birthday to my best friend. She continues to be the kindest person with the warmest heart that I have been lucky enough to meet. Have a great day, love. 2️⃣3️⃣ ❤️

Hyde Bellagio

Vegas was 'lit brah' ☘️☘️


Thanks to @topgolf for hooking us up, my favorite place. You are 🔥. And vegas you are 🔥🔥. Literally.

Happy 4th from my best friends and I. Thanks for making the states my 2nd home this last 10 years. 'Murica.'

Los Angeles, California

I was feeling pretty great about my decision to get froyo in my Simpson pajama trousers, and then a guy rolled his window down and said "Great pajamas, man" and now I feel 💯x💯.


Los Angeles, California

A few months ago, I received a letter from a lady who told me she has been supporting my career for 10 years, in that letter she also invited me to her 100th birthday party. Well, I got to surprise her today and we celebrated her 100th birthday. She absolutely made my day. Happy birthday, Kato.

Los Angeles, California

Did a small showcase in LA on Thursday night of new original music to be released 2018. It was surreal looking at a setlist for the first time and having 80 minutes of filtered 'Damian' written/co written material on it. Genuinely more pumped for the next chapter than I ever have been. ☺️

Los Angeles, California

I met up with my great friend and Grammy nominated producer @warrenhuart last week. We did a cover of Ed Sheerans 'Photograph.' Link to full vid in Bio. Hope you enjoy. D.

Happy Father's Day to this champ. I feel lucky I can call him a best friend as well as a dad.

Los Angeles, California

Cheers to you, Saturday.

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