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Американский музыкант, участник группы Ok Go.
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If memory serves, I designed @okgo‘s third logo, which served as the cover to our second album, at the club Maxwells in Hoboken. I just found the piece of paper, and apparently it was the back of another band’s set list.

@mathrawk this photo may help clarify the distinction that was made with Health&Fitness 2.0: five stripes across the back of @timothynordwind ‘s head. After the Health&Fitness cuts, Tim and I moved into new territory with ConstantCommunication®️ and attempted to break ground on LifeOfTheCity before our haircut collaborations were undercut by a reduction of operable canvas space.

@mathrawk Thanks for the good question. See here that Health&Fitness 1.0 had only 3 stripes across the back of @timothynordwind ‘s head.

@sgoldish, I believe you took this, no? Portland OR, summer 1996?

And probably 2002ish, before some jerk stole that guitar.

Cleaning and I found a contact sheet of @makroop photos from 1999.

Mesa Arts Center

Good people of the Phoenix metropolitan area, see you in a few hours.

Jack Singer Concert Hall

Hello Calgary! It’s cold. See you in one hour!

Yardley Hall

People of the Kansas City metropolitan area, don’t be alarmed if you see this man. We brought him with us, and we’ll take him when we leave. @cicknoffey

Omaha, Nebraska

Hello again, Omaha. It’s been too long. See you tonight at the Holland Center.

Los Angeles, California

Doing the old mouth stretches on my way to an interview with SiriusXM Volume West. Gotta keep those talking muscles limber.

Shots Magazine (@shots_creative) has four covers this month, and I’m on one of them. This is what it looks like when you put your head in a balloon and cover the balloon in paint and pop the balloon. Thanks to @christianweberstudio fo collaborating w me on the photo, and to @parkpicturesny for setting it all up.

I directed the new ASUS ZenFone 5 commercial, featuring @ian_eastwood dancing with two thousand phones to the OK Go song “I’m Not Through.” Check it out. Link in my bio.

Radio City Music Hall

@timothynordwind takes his rightful place on the stage of Radio City Music Hall.

#Repost @parkpicturesny ・・・ Innovative creators Damian Kulash and Chris Milk premiere a new VR musical experience, “Lambchild Superstar” at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. - @damiankulash @chrismilk #tribecafilmfestival

Landing in Vegas. We’re playing our video show this afternoon at The Flamingo as part of the Emerge festival. I’m pretty sure you can buy stand-alone tickets if you’re not registered for the conference. 4:00. See you there, LV! Bring your kids. This is show where I carefully don’t swear.

South Central LA

They’re almost to 750k now. Awesome. Keep it going. @everytown

Barcelona–El Prat Airport

Dan and Tim’s Iberian face off ended in a draw.

Bunny is already wearing fall 2018.

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