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Be You. 💥 #Blackkklasnman and say thank you.....Thank You!

Village 💥#blackkklansman

@officialspikelee The brother man with plan ✊🏾who put together this cast. We thank you. #blackkklansman

BROOKLYN. We made a movie. @Blackkklansman premiere at BAM last night. I do not have a team I have a village. For teams compete and villages cultivate. Thank you to my village. And please go see our film, honored to be apart of this moment. #blackkklansman #aspikeleejoint

Here we go! August 10th! Please go see our film, it’s truly one of a kind. #WeMadeAMovie #ImInASpikeLeeJoint #RightOnRightOn

How many candles did you make today? because this girl made a couple hundred. Shout out to my fellow Chandlers and small business owners ✊🏾 @gorudocandles #soycandles #FunkonFunk 😏 AH TYAD but ah feelin wotless.

@snowfallfx Congrats on season 2! 💫 @musemodelsnyc @dynamictheories @kanessat

#MondayMorningQuote "There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way it treats it's children"- Nelson Mandela. Ya'll, let the children live. Let them know they are loved, and let.them.learn. After all, we were all children once....

Island Gyal 💫 @redbookmag ❤️📷 @wattsupphoto Styled by @jamesdemolet Hair and makeup: @nicolaseldin @christianmcculloch @musemodelsnyc

Prince is somewhere hollering 😂 posting more from the kids and myself in my stories! 💜

The only difference between me and these kids is my age. Proud member of the Boys & Girls Hall of Fame. Ya’ll don’t sleep on the next generation, just because times are dark doesn’t mean we can’t make their futures bright. @gardenofdreamsfoundation @madisonbgclub @bgca

LOOK AT THE FUTURE!!!!!! Went home today to unveil the Brooklyn Navy Yard Madison Square Boys & Girls club's new music studio funded by @gardenofdreamsfoundation and @notesfornotes #BROOKLYN

YA’LL we done gone and made a movie. I play Odetta. August 10th. Infiltrate Hate ✊🏾 @blackkklansman @officialspikelee #Spikeleejoint #blackkklansman

#MondayMorningQuote Vulnerability is not a crime. I repeat, vulnerability is not a crime. Suppressing questions and emotions for the sake of fitting in or the fear of exposing how you really feel can lead to depression, anxiety, sickness, lack of meaningful relationships and so much more. I am Vulnerable and proud! Join me? ✨

Sometimes in life you meet fairies and they show you all the positivity in the world imbedded in one human. That is @aurorajames ❤️ Happy Belated lovely!

#FBF Caribana style. Wukkin away with my cousins in Toronto. 🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳St. Kitts & Nevis to de world!!!! #Wotless #WestIndianGyal

Je suis Madame Meow 💫

Way back Wednesday hanging out on a couple planes with @si_swimsuit in Palm Springs❤️

Ain't nothing like a Brooklyn Girl ✨ #ConeyIsland I love you. Felt good to be home. ♥️

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