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Repost @loveyourflo : Flo. Flow. Flow-er. Flower. We are all- LITERALLY- Flowers. The only difference is the pronunciation. Now take this- and go ahead....bloom at your own pace. #LoveYourFlo

Thank you.

Starting the morning off with Flo. Clary Sage, Frankincense, Bergamot and Lavender will fill the air for this day. Available now at LoveYourFlo.com ❤️💫 @loveyourflo

Mood. @im.angelabassett

Repost @loveyourflo: "From the time you are born, you are given a number. That number then becomes your age. Society says who you are and what you do is defined by that very number. Well, we have a different view. The skin ages....but the soul- the soul only gets wiser ❤️ (A woman of the Samburu tribe pictured here) #LoveYourFlo" (via #Quick reposter @AppsKottage)

Go ahead, Fly 💫

Illuminate the mind ✨ Flo. Is Now available at LoveYourFlo.com ❤️

My loves, your blood flows through the arteries of the earth and your divinity should be celebrated. It is with great honor that I introduce you to Flo. A candle designed to bring peace, illumination, and pride to all of those who’s Flo makes the world go round. For if there is no Flo- there is no LIFE. Now available at LoveYourFlo.com 💫 @loveyourflo #LoveYourFlo

One more day 💫 Until Flo. Is released to you all. As the launch gets closer, we’re revealing more about our candle. Each candle will be hand made by the phenomenal refugee women of Prosperity Candle. So, on top of giving a homeless bleeder a week’s worth of menstrual supplies with each purchase, you’re also adding light to the most amazing female artisans and helping them live just like you and I here in this country, as.they.should. (Not to mention it smells AMAZING) We hope you enjoy this divine illumination, because to have your period means your blood flows through the arteries of the earth and we should begin each one with that knowledge 💫 Link coming soon! #LoveYourFlo

Hello all ❤️ We’ve had this in the works for a while, and the time has come. It is with great love, and passion, that we introduce you to Flo. A 100% phthalate free Soy Wax Candle created for those who Flo. Clary Sage, Frankincense, Lavender, Rose, and Geranium are only a few hormone balancing oils that we’ve added to this blend to make sure your week long cycle is met with illumination and peace. With every purchase of Flo, a homeless Flo’er will receive a full week’s work of menstrual supplies in partnership with PERIOD @periodmovement Launching 12.12. And we couldn’t be more excited.💫🔥@LoveYourFlo @gorudocandles #LoveYourFlo

Launching 12.12. Designed for those who Flo 💫 Enjoy this bit of sound, while we get ready to share our latest creation. @LoveYourFlo

💜 Purple 💜 Miss. U.


Throw.Back.Thursday. To my very first beauty campaign and 2nd modeling job- ever. #YvesSaintLaurent shot by @solvesundsbostudio in Paris 💫 Baby D!

The Luxury of Simplicity 💫

When you’re on a shoot- but your roots are behind you. #HomeTown #ConeyIsland #Broooooklyn 💫 #JuanAlgarin

Flying High #bts in Battery Park 💫

Today I invite you on a journey. A journey to continue the quest of looking at the woman’s body and it’s magic as a vessel and not something to be shamed. To help those who bleed who are in need of your hand. First we begin with affirmations, there will be more info on what we’ve created in the weeks to come. Meet me at @LoveYourFlo 🌹💫❤️ I’m so excited for this new ride 💫

Message: Girls who like baggy clothes and beanies- or blue- or pants- or don’t wear pink- aren’t “Tom Boys”- they’re girls...who like baggy clothes and beanies and blue and pants and don’t wear pink. Be you ❤️💫🌹

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