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Американская топ-модель, одна из супермоделей 90-х, наряду с Наоми Кэмпбелл, Клаудией Шиффер, Линдой Евангелистой, Хеленой Кристенсен и Синди Кроуфорд.
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Happy Birthday, Miss Mossy in the Middle. Miss your energy, laughs and wagonry daily. Love you @katemossagency #capricornseason

I love you, Haiti. #notashithole

I am often asked about women who inspire me and I always struggle to choose just one because I surround myself with incredible women and am inspired daily by them. This is one of them. Wendy and I connected over social media and bonded over our many shared passions. We both love running and surprised ourselves how much we do and how we can’t seem to stop challenging ourselves by signing up for races. We care about our health and the health of other women. We are both moms of sons and daughters and consider New York and California our home. We also share a mother land in El Salvador, a country where our mothers and their mothers come from. We share our heartbreak for the families impacted by years of harsh and cruel immigration policies and the recent reports threatening to send 200,000 Salvadorans back to El Salvador and we both believe that DACA recipients and others who come from our corner of the world, and so many others, to join family here or for better opportunities and safety have contributed so much to this country and we are better for that. Thanks for coming in to meet me yesterday @wendy.718 You are the #chingona and you inspire me! ❤️ and respect to all the mothers everywhere who work so hard each day to keep their families together. #tps

Happy Birthday @carlynecerfdedudzeele You are one of the strongest, most loyal and passionate women I have known. Thank you for the countless memories, loves and stories we share. ❤️❤️❤️ #J’adore

So, it is pretty cool being a 49’er with this guy showing me the light. Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes, friends. Your love and support means the world to me. Let’s do this! Together, we can....The best is yet to come! #2018goals

Bring it 2018. I’m ready for you now. #14milesformamas on the first day of the new year. #everymileeverymother #LiveEveryDayWithIntentionandPurpose

Not easy to motivate when it is this cold (15) but you never regret a run in this kind of beauty. #winterrunning #wintermarathontraining #everymileeverymother @everymomcounts #tokyomarathon2018

Endless light and love this Christmas Day. So much to be grateful for. This is one of them..and he is my baby...

VERY Versace, Versace, Versace 🎥 #stevenmeisel @iamnaomicampbell @gigihadid @natasupernova @gisele @kaiagerber @raquel_zimmermann @irinashayk @lovegrace_e @vittoceretti ❤️@versace_official

Winter running in NYC... Forgot how peaceful it can be. #everymileeverymother #Tokyomarathon2018 @everymomcounts

Vulnerable Entitlement Diversity Fetus Evidence-Based Science-Based Cc @womensmarch


Que rico! When in Barcelona...run, don’t walk to @estimarzafra. Seriously, Chef @rafazafra_ is amazing and every bite he and his incredible team created for us was so fresh and beautifully presented that I didn’t want the night to end. If not for the really early call time...Muchas Gracias por todo! X


Thank you #pierpaolopiccioli for a lovely evening celebrating mutual love and admiration! @everymomcounts ❤️ @maisonvalentino 📷 @mr.edkavishe

There is no greater gift than the gift of Motherhood and no greater need for Mothers & Babies than access to safe and respectful maternity care when we need it most. Please consider @everymomcounts when you think about what you can give this #GivingTuesday. 🙏🏽

Coming up for air after a long weekend. Happy Monday everyone! 📷 #RichardAvedon for @Versace @avedonfoundation

Such sad news to wake up to today and all I can do is look at photos and videos of happier times with one of the gentlest, feistiest, most loving and adoring talents I have known, inside or outside the fashion industry. I will miss your light in the world so much and am sending love to all who did not get a chance to say goodbye. 💙💙💙 #azzedinealaia #naomialaia

Believe it or not, we are related. (I say that because of skin tones.)My first niece. Taller than me now. I don’t see her enough. One of my favorite peeps. 💕💕💕

One week ago today. A beautiful @runteamemc effort on the most beautiful San Francisco day. Thanks to everyone who ran and to all who supported you to raise awareness and funds for @everymomcounts to improve access to safe and respectful maternity care around the world. THANK YOU!

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