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Американская топ-модель, одна из супермоделей 90-х, наряду с Наоми Кэмпбелл, Клаудией Шиффер, Линдой Евангелистой, Хеленой Кристенсен и Синди Кроуфорд.
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Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu | May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy And Free. Praying for Mexico and ALL of humanity.

#tbt Some early 90's grunge for you. "Flower Girl" wearing @jasperconran as Eliza Doolittle by 📷 @patrickdemarchelier for @voguemagazineuk hair by @sammcknight1 makeup by @marygreenwell styled by @sarahjanehoare

What inspiring words spoken at the Women's Finals awards ceremony at the US Open today. Friends & opponents. Exceptional women & athletes. @sloanestephens @madisonkeys #ballers #extraordinaries Thanks @jpmorgan #USOpen

#TBT to the first time I ran with @ScottJurek (in Tanzania in 2015)... There’s only 2 spots left on @RunTeamEMC’s @nycmarathon 2017 team. If you run with us, you can join the shakeout run with me and Scott the weekend before the race. You can also be one of the first to be outfitted in our new running kit from @jcrew & @newbalance. Email TeamEmc@everymothercounts.org before spots run out!

Soaking up the last days of summer with these cuties...

This is where we will be sending our support. Thank you @circleofhealth for providing healthcare to women and families in distress in times likes these all over the world. @everymomcounts stands with you. 🙏🏽

Less than a month to go before the Berlin Marathon, my 7th full marathon on behalf of @everymomcounts and our grantee partners around the world working every day to improve access to appropriate and respectful maternity care for countless women and families. We run to raise awareness and funds to make this care more accessible and to link mothers with the angels who provide this essential healthcare. Oftentimes distance is the barrier that causes delays that cost too many lives. Thank you to @jcrew for providing our new gear for @runteamemc.These T-shirts for Good will ge available online 9/19/17.

A welcomed change of scenery for my weekend run here in Sun Valley, Idaho. Feeling healthy and grateful on this Saturday evening. Thank you @svmtngrl for the invitation to return to this paradise.

#tbt Proudly posing for soccer team photos in my #DorothyHamill haircut before puberty and curls. #norcal #mustangsoccer

Reunited with @cindycrawford for @voguemagazine's September Issue. We have known and worked together from the start of our careers and paired often over the years, well before we met the rest of our gang now more than half our lifetimes ago...That's something I'm truly grateful for. #vogue125 📷#annieleibovitz

Miss you #HerbRitts You always loved celebrating your birthday and today would have been your 65th. I have so many fond memories with you and the photos we made together still stand the test of time. This one was made for @versace_official in the dry lake bed in Southern California that you loved a lot as a backdrop for your images. Your light was magic light. You are missed and were so adored by all who knew and worked with you. 💙

#tbt It's true, fashion is sometimes a lot of smoke & mirrors. I was wondering when this story would enter my feed and then there it was! This story was 📷 by @patrickdemarchelier in 1986 for @vogueitalia in Rome. That's not a real mummy, that's Patrick! I remember laughing so hard as we all helped wrap him up for "work." I was still in High School at the time and couldn't believe my luck landing such a fun job with one of the best teams of the day in such a beautiful city. Great blast from the past and fond memory with you all @ceciliachancellor @moyramulholland & @bartpumpkin

#nationalsistersday Is every day for us, especially when we get our families altogether in the summer. I love these women and their girls (& our boys) so much. 💕💕💕

Please join @everymomcounts and @runteamEMC to run in the @nycmarathon on 11/5 to help improve access to maternity care! Seriously one of the best days ever was finishing my first NYC Marathon in 2011. If interested, email teamemc@everymothercounts.org. ❤️

Happy Birthday #yvessaintlauren I can't say I knew you well but am grateful to have met you and worked for your brand while you were still with us. You continue to inspire and remind us what fashion's purpose in the world is. It makes people feel good, even when taken too seriously. 📷 @arthurelgort

#tbt Going places...@Versace in South Beach on roller skates with #katemoss & the lads...

Gone too soon on this day 20 years ago...Happier times with Gianni Versace in Paris with @iamnaomicampbell & @lindaevangelista @versace_official @donatella_versace 💙

#tbt This photo by @patrickdemarchelier was taken around this exact time of year in Paris in the early 90's. Me, Gianni, @iamnaomicampbell @stephanieseymourofficial and #yasmeenghauri during the couture shows when we used to shoot in between shows. I met the Versace's early in my career when I was 16 or 17. It was a big deal to be photographed for their early campaigns by Richard Avedon in NYC. Gianni was always so kind to me and very affectionate. He was also always really excited about showing these collections in Paris at the Ritz Hotel. He loved his family and team so much and it felt good to be a part of it for many years. It's hard to imagine 20 years have passed since he was murdered. I lost my father in the same summer...not my favorite year in life or in fashion... @versace_official #gonebutneverforgotten

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