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Mama Shelter Los Angeles

Famiglia 💟

Venus Pool Club At Caesars Palace

I was drinking at the Palms last night, and ended up losing everything that I came with 😢 ( kidding mom and dad, not that much)

Encore Beach Club


when TROUBLE comes to town 👭

I miss treats and they miss me too 😢

Happy Mother's Day mommmyyy. Love hanging with my mama! Miss her so much when I'm here in La. So excited to get my mamma/daughter fix and watch Snatched this Mother's Day! Check out the link my bio! #snatched #snatchaselfie #SnatchedMovie @snatchedmovie @hashtagpaid

thinking of going back to dark 💇🏻, thoughts?? Yes? No? Maybe??????? #help

Blind Dragon

got U.K. tings on the WhatsApp now, like +44 on the code📱 🇬🇧

Los Angeles, California

twerks once, thinks she's Nicki Minaj 😂

Santa Monica, California

get you gold, no spray tan

@annie__clark's last post inspired me 💃🏻

Catch LA

Traveling #Frizzle strikes again, this time coming to LA, these two are ultimate couple GOALS.

hair smell like the tropics 🌴🌺

mom REALLY killing it on MY birthday 🍰🥂

The LINE Hotel

bday 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰

The LINE Hotel

pce 23! 24 is such a random age there's not even a popular song lyric to caption this pic with lol #midtwenties #adultforrealnow? #birthdaytype

sorry @sam_yoannou

name? Emma Kula. crime? Stealing Annie's bff.

passin' up on my old ways 🌺

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