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Santa Monica, California

get you gold, no spray tan

@annie__clark's last post inspired me 💃🏻

Catch LA

Traveling #Frizzle strikes again, this time coming to LA, these two are ultimate couple GOALS.

hair smell like the tropics 🌴🌺

mom REALLY killing it on MY birthday 🍰🥂

The LINE Hotel

bday 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰

The LINE Hotel

pce 23! 24 is such a random age there's not even a popular song lyric to caption this pic with lol #midtwenties #adultforrealnow? #birthdaytype

sorry @sam_yoannou

name? Emma Kula. crime? Stealing Annie's bff.

passin' up on my old ways 🌺

I'll kiss em both on the mouth, Irish or not 🍀

controversial type

The Bungalow, SM

smiling cause this dress was actually 20 bucks!!!! #ziatissdayoff

Santa Monica, California

CREW if you've ever SEEN one

lil miss smiley!!!

hbd to my twin lad in everything clothes, pop culture, celebrity crushes, and in this picture, spray tans lololol

taking Valentine applications.......... 🤷🏻‍♀️

roomie, boo, sis, bestie, zia, friend I used to kiss ❤

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