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Cadillac Ranch

CRANNIE forever lives on at CADILLAC RANCH, y'all. #crosscountrycrannie #hats

Dallas, Texas

only pic taken in Dallas, posting this for #crosscountrycrannie continuity purposes, lol why am I standing on a stage????

Memphis, Tennessee

AF ... #crosscountrycrannie

Nashville, Tennessee

literally seconds away from trading in these vans for cowboy boots #notkidding #crosscountrycrannie

k low key freezing in the Bahamas rn hahahahahah

The Bahamas

january blues ✨

Atlantis Hotel & Casino

certain basic vacay pic

Townley Danielle a Barr

when both moms move into a new place and it's gonna be a HAPPY new YEAR #memories

the " here's what I'm wearing on Christmas" post

a '54 convertible too... light blueeeee 🎅🏼🎄

I'll be homeeeee for christmassssss ( w the lads obvs)

I'm not one for long Insta captions cuz let's be honest, who really reads them?? But I think this post deserves a good novel. But where to start lolz. If someone would've told lil Crissy that she was going to be a part of a Bring It On movie 16 years later, she would've said you're bonkers, wack, are you MAD??? I feel so lucky to be apart of this amazing and truly once in a life time experience. Thx you to the crew who made me feel so welcomed on set everyday with DJ CRISPY Creme/Crunch sessions in H/MU trailer and things like daily tuna sandwiches, kit kats and life advice, you know who you are. To our wonderful director and my fellow Canadian Rob and our producer MR MIKE Elliott @mikeelliott2000 thx for this awesome opportunity. Thx to THE @tonygcast ( Chris(mas) @chrism0ss and Carlito too obvs) and all the cheerleaders from around the WORLD for helping me fio every thing CHEER related, I will miss you guys so much. To the dancers, the most TALENTED and GENUINE people in the world, thx for sharing this beautiful place with us, you have a piece of my heart. And last but not least to my cast, thx for inspiring me to BANG IT OUT everyday, you know how much I love you guys. TRUEEEEE. Anyways, that's a wrap on the captioneveryone, and 5,6,7,8....... @svenruygrok @itsjordanjr @sophvav @6ia_re @stephanmisunderstood, @missnataliewalsh

Ohhhh I think that I've found myself a (few) cheerleaders, they are always right there when I neeed themmmmm #BringItOn 🎬

thx for the scar @domjustdom est. 2001

Cape Town, South Africa

This kid is gonna be a star ⭐️ , mark my WORDS.

Aquila Safari

had the most amazing day seeing lions and tigers and elephants, oh my! 🐘


this street out here looking like a box of crayons 🖍

Victoria And Alfred Waterfront

vintage vroom 💨

Cape Town, South Africa

honey dipped 💇🏽

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