Кристина Проспери


Канадская актриса.
  • Все 1877
  • Фото 1812
  • Видео 65
Los Angeles, California

with your phone outttt, gottta hit themmm anglessss

smiling thru the coachella fomo already 😬

I’m 25!? Wowwww. That’s random. I’m closer to 30 than I am to 16. Soooo, there’s that👍🏼👍🏼. When you’re a kid (like the age in this pic), 25 seems old AF! You think you’re gonna be married with kids (LOL, I’m still very much a kid myself that even sleeps with a blankey!), be a huge movie star ( still working on that) and have it allllllllllllll figured out......🤔🤔wellllpppp, LOL 25, you’ve proven me wrong!!!!!! But it’s fine, it’s chill, cause I’ve enjoyed the ride so far (seriously 💕). Here’s to the next 25, it’s gonna be popping! HBD to me! lol @ me writing this post to myself!!!!! Hahahaha

Excited to be a part of the @metowe x @callitspring movement and rock this piece that was handcrafted by women all the way in Kenya! By purchasing accessories @ metowe.callitspring.com, you too can make a step towards creating change! 1 education bracelet = school supplies for one child. #WEcallitchange #MeToWe

W Hollywood

nm jc, u?

This is real! This is me! I’m exactly where I’m supposed to beeeeeee lmao gonna let the light. SHINE ON Meeeeeeee 🎶

Melrose Avenue

cruisin’ down the street in my six-fo

Los Angeles, California

When you get a cute new @lasenza gym outfit and it motivates you to go work out lolol 💕💪🏼! #lasenza #ad

Dream Hollywood

spring vibes 🌸

Los Angeles, California

theeeeeeeee sun’llllll come ouuutttt....... 🌼

The Sunset Strip

cozy cozy ☺️

Carrera Cafe

and I don’t even drink coffee 🤫#doitforthegram

Beverly Hills, California

I’m blue, da bo di da bo da, da bo di da bo daaaaaaa lol


here’s another look in case you missed @sarahfisher’s 💕🙃

Restoration Hardware Flagship Store

restoration hardware will forever be #homegoals 🌴


cringe-y beach photo 101

Manhattan Beach Pier


Le Montrose Suite Hotel West Hollywood


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