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Канадская актриса.
  • Все 1893
  • Фото 1828
  • Видео 65

Nothing gets me more pumped for a shoot than music on set. So happy YouTube Music is officially out in Canada to make my mornings that much easier. Check bio for link to download and start your free trial now! #YouTubeMusicCA #partner #itsallhere

it me! crispy!

Las Vegas Nevada

one more birthday wish to this amazing girl who I’m lucky enough to call my best friend. It’s actually crazy I used to kiss you as my day job (sorry @ricardohoyos3 (and @sam_d0ll lolol), cause I would do that shit for free any day!!!! Anyways! Everyone should literally CELEBRATE you 24/7 365 cause you’re actually the best and deserve everything you want in life! I love you not only as a BFF but as a sister. HBD kouklamou 💕 #crannie4ever #lgbtqicon

wait mom, can u get my good side??

Havin’ a little dance session post workout listening to some bangers! So excited to be working with YouTube to announce that YouTube Music is coming soon to Canada! See link in bio to sign up to be the first to hear when it arrives in Canada. #YouTubeMusicCA #itsallhere #partner

Toronto, Ontario

take meeeee ouuuut, tonight, meowwww, HA 🐱🎶

Toronto, Ontario

summer in the 6ix begins!

remember when I was blonde lmao gts gts

It’s prom szn and @callitspring knows what’s up to make your look extra FAB ✨. They’ve got you covered for serving both prom and after prom lewks hunny!! 👀 #callitprom #generationspring

mixin’ & matchin’

made in Canada 🇨🇦

friend: “dress casual” me:

thx @converse for reminding me to go Over and Above, always feelin’ confident and cool when I’m rocking my Chuck Taylor Lifts. #ForeverChuck #ad

W Hollywood

sunnier days when @annie__clark is in town 💕

Los Angeles, California

#ματάκι 👁

Obsessed with the @pizzahutcanada app and the new #HutRewards program that lets me earn free pizza after 5 orders! Who doesn’t love free ‘zaaaa 🍕!?!? Seriously guys, sign-up is super easy and literally takes seconds. Link in bio for any other Pizza Hut lovers #sponsored

Los Angeles, California

with your phone outttt, gottta hit themmm anglessss

smiling thru the coachella fomo already 😬

I’m 25!? Wowwww. That’s random. I’m closer to 30 than I am to 16. Soooo, there’s that👍🏼👍🏼. When you’re a kid (like the age in this pic), 25 seems old AF! You think you’re gonna be married with kids (LOL, I’m still very much a kid myself that even sleeps with a blankey!), be a huge movie star ( still working on that) and have it allllllllllllll figured out......🤔🤔wellllpppp, LOL 25, you’ve proven me wrong!!!!!! But it’s fine, it’s chill, cause I’ve enjoyed the ride so far (seriously 💕). Here’s to the next 25, it’s gonna be popping! HBD to me! lol @ me writing this post to myself!!!!! Hahahaha

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