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Австралийский кинорежиссёр.
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Thrilled to be working with a great team on this. Love the idea of doing a “superhero” character with the approach of an atmospheric, gothic/romance horror. #bornonthebayou

‪So happy and fortunate to be finally working with the awesome Randall Park, or Asian Jim as I call him. #DrShin‬

In the spirit of a certain movie, I got this metal lizard fella! #MechaGodzilla

ADR/voice looping. @yahya talking into a trash can to simulate the inside of a certain large helmet. Big, fancy movie-making.

Big Sur, CA. #iphone #panoramic #calicoast

‪New Year wishes from the Deep! Here’s to making a great splash in 2018.‬

Post Ranch Inn

Beautiful NoCal — one of my fav spots in the world. #BigSur Thanks for the lovely stay @postranchinn

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings!! Peace and goodwill to all. Here’s to a safe, and prosperous New Year.

Hope this little indie musical gets some recognition. Awesome stuff. #Hamilton #Pantages

Haven’t seen this classic in awhile🙂 Watched it all the way through, and holy crap, was breathless by the end. Nonstop set-piece after set-piece! Pretty sure this is the first superhero movie I ever made! Gave @ingridbisu a live commentary of the making, and so many emotional memories came flooding back. What a beast of a production. I know this is the odd movie in my body of work... but super proud of it nonetheless. #itsbeenalongdaywithoutyoumyfriend

Having a whale of a time.

Finally filming at the lighthouse set. Beautiful location. Saw whales 🐳 breaching in the distance. Magical. #amnestybay #hastingspoint

View from the office today.

My fave lunch spot to hang out @thefarmatbyronbay Love #byronbay

Lady MERA swept in from the sea. First day with the exquisite @amberheard. (Shot by the talented @jasinboland)

‪Months of intensive prep have led to this. Day one of photography. See you all around Halloween. Let's dive! #Ahab‬

Crazy amount of infrastructure behind the scene. #tb #F7

In the spirit of FastandFurious weekend. #tb #behindthescene #F7

In the spirit of FastandFurious weekend. #tb #behindthescene #F7

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