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Британская певица, гитаристка, автор песен, исполняющая нео-соул с элементами джазовых и этнических влияний, инди- и альтернативного рока
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Victoria and Albert Museum


#tbt Still from the #GreenAphrodisiac video. This was a magical day for me exploring dance for the first time on camera.

Beauty! Picked this up in Chicago

Duomo - Milano City

Fondazione Prada

Milano . So happy about my 'The Scientist' cover for 50 Shades film

Just announced, my cover of “The Scientist” is on the @fiftyshadesmovie OST, available for pre-order on 1/13! #FiftyShadesDarker

Bar Luce

The #pradafoundation Cafe is Bar Luce, designed by #wesanderson. It has the most incredible sandwiches! Try the Capri. It's the texture of the bread...I've never tasted anything like it. They also have pinball machines. And cocktails. #milano 🇮🇹 #ladolcevita

Fondazione Prada

#milano. No filter. Gorgeous light on the gold building at the Prada Foundation. I was lucky to catch the #BetyeSarr retrospective before it closed. 92 years old, pioneering thinker and artist! So powerful.

Back in the game !! Well almost ... Spent the day eating these and reading that . Please search out Maud Martha , highly impressionist novel from 1953 !! Sublime !

Love my #skybluedanelectro!!!! 🎸🙌

SINGAPORE! I cannot wait to play #singaporejazzfestival at @marinabaysands - hope to see you there!

#tbt New Orleans last year. One humid, intense beautiful night... to those who were there I thank you. Next time @saintrecords and @saintheron I'll stay in town longer!

"I’m like a laser beam Cutting through everything I’m in my fantasy I can do anything"

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R . thank you for your love and support this year - it has transformed me !!! 💖💙💜💛💚

"This is for the dreamers We’ve got to believe it"

Home sweet home ...


"..feel it all Walk tall Don’t close your eyes Burn bright"

"Here are the fragments I saved for you..." #CBRHeyVideo Photo: @giloscope // Video director: @jameskfrost

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