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Американский актёр, певец, продюсер. В 1996 году семья Корбина переехала в Лос-Анджелес. Первой его ролью стала роль в телесериале «Скорая помощь».
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Spending Valentine’s Day with my entire cast as we go into our first preview tonight! ❤️ #kissmekate

With previews starting in 1 week @roundaboutnyc has given me a special link and discount code for my followers! Go to the link in my bio and use code KMKCORBIN for discounted tickets to #kissmekate. See you there!

Last day rehearsing in the studio! So proud of this talented group! Only 2 weeks till previews! #kissmekate @roundaboutnyc

Such a brilliant group of creators I get to work with every day! These rehearsals are no joke 🥵

Studio 54 Theatre

First day of rehearsals today! Feels good to be home!

One of my favorite moments of 2018 was dancing in the rain on @themuny stage☔️

Washington, District of Columbia

Last week we had a matinee that was filled with theatre and art students. They were by far the most giving audience we’ve ever had. They applauded for costume changes, danced along to our conductor, cheered for rising stage platforms, and jumped to their feet for an ovation I’ll never forget. Company management could hear them all the way from their offices. At the end we had a short talk back and I was incredibly touched by their kind words. I want to thank those students for what was and will be one of the most memorable shows at Arena Stage! You reminded us all why we love live theatre! 🙏🏽

Some dressing room essentials. Fun theatre fact: Condoms keep mic packs dry 👍🏽🤷🏽‍♂️ #arenaanythinggoes

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Remembering 2016’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my Holiday Inn Cast❤️

Thank you Mo and Walt for coming to support!❤️ #family

“There’s so much history and beauty in these classic musicals. When they go to see it, if it is the case that they are coming to see me, I really hope they are walking away with so much more.” - Thank you Keith Loria from @playbill for the great interview. Link in bio.

Hope & Billy #AnythingGoes

Pre-opening night with this incredible cast, crew and creative team! We’re all exhausted but in the best way possible. #arenaanythinggoes

Today I exercised my right and responsibility to vote. I hope you all did the same🙏🏽🇺🇸 #Vote

2nd week of rehearsals in the books! What a talented cast this is 🔥 #arenaanythinggoes

Time to throw on my tap shoes again! See you very soon DC 😉 #ArenaAnythingGoes

Seriously, no one does a Cacio e Pepe better than @felixlosangeles 👏🏽

VR World NYC

2018 🤯

Someone’s excited to see my sisters 😐🙈😂

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