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#Repost @tutts (@get_repost) ・・・ It’s not always easy to say something. What if there was a catchphrase we could all use when we experience or witness sexual intimidation, from the smallest untowardnesses to the worst harassment? Something like YOU MADE IT WEIRD. #youmadeitweird. A guy at work does something uncomfortable. Instead of being worried about making it weird by calling the behavior, you turn to him and say, ‘You just made it weird.’ Then it’s on them. Perhaps others hear. Perhaps it’s him suddenly for whom work life becomes uncomfortable. You’re at a party, some guy says something disgusting about one of the girls. ‘You just made it weird,’ you say, rather than a) carrying the icky feeling around all night of having said nothing or b) carrying the party-killing feeling of having said ‘shut up knob-end’ and starting a fight. It wasn’t your fault the guy said the dumb thing. HE just made it weird. A girl at school is being sleazily singled out by a male teacher in front of everyone. ‘YOU JUST MADE IT WEIRD!!’, call the kids. A casting director asks you to undress... ‘You just made it weird,’ you say, and let him answer you. A girl in a bar is being groped and taunted by her colleague. The other bartenders say, ‘You just made it weird’ to stick up for her (before reporting him). Something like this. Something that shifts the responsibility onto the do-er, rather than the victim or the onlookers, something easy to say no matter what the scenario, that we all know, that binds us together and gives us the courage to speak, even when its the ‘little’ things. Because that’s where starts. Why would people stop when they are never brought to account? This needs to be stamped out at its roots - it begins innocently enough. And it applies to all the isms and ias.. sexism, racism, ageism, homophobia... #metoo #ihearyou #howiwillchange #himthough #ididit #ihave @lenadunham @mirandajuly @iiindiiia @laurabrown99 @manrepeller @azizansari @carrie_rachel @mariannapalka @carolinedemaigret @garancedore @busyphilipps @oliviawilde @newyorkermag @nyt @guardian @ottoempire @getup_australia @amyschumer @theconversation @liberationfr

Which one is Jones and which one is the Trainspotting baby?

Which one is Sabine?

Stolen video of the sweetest moment. ❤️❤️❤️

Magical little mermaids 🌊 @emilystoflelynch

#twinning 📷 @staceygutierrezphotography

Dropping off our baby to her first day of French school🇫🇷

Still cuties after all these years @emilystoflelynch

I love this photo by @staceygutierrezphotography @sophiedanceatwater @sophiedancekids

My two girls❤️❤️ Don't worry...I'm panicking too! We are all sick. Might as well let her feel like the special older sibling instead of a leper. God, help us! 😷🤧

Free of tubes!! Wren River is busting outta baby jail soon!💗💗

Cedars-Sinai Hospital

I cannot express the joy of having two babies on me! One week ago, they were stuffed inside me. 👶🏻👶🏻

WeIcome to the world Wren River Whannell. I um, had to choose a better photo of Wren and erase the old one. Less boobs...um...tubes. I promise to keep you all abreast of any changes in their health. Please send 'the twins' any baby clothes you don't need, but please--nothing off the rack. We are udderly grateful for these amazing little cans of joy. 😂

Cedars-Sinai Hospital

Welcome Jones Grey Whannell. This tiny man was forced out into the world by his impatient sister. I finally got to hold him yesterday for the first time. I'm so in love with this baby I could explode.

Cedars-Sinai Hospital

And then there were 5...

Completely unaware of what the 80's are, Sabine is very excited to dress up in their strange clothes.

RIP Pickle🐢

Who would have ever guessed that this guy I met in 2003, with his wallet chain and black painted finger nails, would turn out to be such a wonderful dad and partner. Sabine is so lucky to have scored you as a father. I'm so lucky to have scored you as a husband, and our two children on the way (any day now) don't know yet how blessed they are to come into this world with you waiting to catch them. There's no one I would rather live in total chaos with over the next year as we go from three to five. Happy Fathers Day @conanthecontrarian! 📸@stodarophoto

My baby girl!❤️❤️❤️

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