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Backyard honey. 9 lbs of bees.🐝🐝

@misshillarytuck Best prom date I ever had! And I got so much mileage out of that dress. Literally, ANY period scene from @chrisfieldsactingstudio 20's, 30's, 40's, even 80's--this was my dress.

Thank you SO SO much @em_henderson for designing such a pretty space for our family. @bradytolbert you are amazing. You guys nailed it! And thank you @hellosaratramp for shooting such beautiful photos of our house and for taking our first family portrait since we became a family of 5. @cryptonfabric Your fabric is amazing and a million thanks for sponsoring this post. I can't wait to drink red wine all over my white couch! And @dominomag thank YOU. I'm forever grateful. I know I owe more thank you's...it will come to me...

Who's excited about turning 6 months today?

Look at this 4-eyed cutie👀👀🤓 📸 @staceygutierrezphotography

Home sweet home 📸@staceygutierrezphotography

If you had told Leigh that one day he would beat Star Wars at the BO, he would have died. You don't have to go, but you must buy tickets! Let's kick Jumanji's 🍑! Hurry!!!

Mad scientist @ojandtoothpaste

It's amazing how much a Christmas photo can change in one year...

And then, just like that, the ship landed and we no longer had to argue about UFOs anymore. #weirdlight #OMGwhatisthelightsource

Uber X! Amiriiiiiiiight?!

Let's play a round of "Which one is Sabine?"

These two...what a couple of clowns! #welcometoclowntown

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

So delightfully creepy! #bobbakermarionettetheater

If you haven't been to Bob Bakers Marionette theater, you are missing out on a beautiful LA gem! They need your support to stay around. Bring your kids, throw your birthday party in their uuhhmazing space, bring your friends! If you go, say hi to my friend Eartha Kitty. But keep your paws off her. She's mine!

Twinnies gotta twin! #twinning

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

My beautiful first baby.

That shit runs in the family. #mangledtoe

Beans and the Berlin Wall.

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