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Uber X! Amiriiiiiiiight?!

Let's play a round of "Which one is Sabine?"

These two...what a couple of clowns! #welcometoclowntown

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

So delightfully creepy! #bobbakermarionettetheater

If you haven't been to Bob Bakers Marionette theater, you are missing out on a beautiful LA gem! They need your support to stay around. Bring your kids, throw your birthday party in their uuhhmazing space, bring your friends! If you go, say hi to my friend Eartha Kitty. But keep your paws off her. She's mine!

Twinnies gotta twin! #twinning

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

My beautiful first baby.

That shit runs in the family. #mangledtoe

Beans and the Berlin Wall.


There's no place like home👠

Guys...they loved wearing these. They have an amazing sense of humor about the whole thing.😬#beetlejuice #lydiadeetz

No caption needed❤️

#Repost @tutts (@get_repost) ・・・ It’s not always easy to say something. What if there was a catchphrase we could all use when we experience or witness sexual intimidation, from the smallest untowardnesses to the worst harassment? Something like YOU MADE IT WEIRD. #youmadeitweird. A guy at work does something uncomfortable. Instead of being worried about making it weird by calling the behavior, you turn to him and say, ‘You just made it weird.’ Then it’s on them. Perhaps others hear. Perhaps it’s him suddenly for whom work life becomes uncomfortable. You’re at a party, some guy says something disgusting about one of the girls. ‘You just made it weird,’ you say, rather than a) carrying the icky feeling around all night of having said nothing or b) carrying the party-killing feeling of having said ‘shut up knob-end’ and starting a fight. It wasn’t your fault the guy said the dumb thing. HE just made it weird. A girl at school is being sleazily singled out by a male teacher in front of everyone. ‘YOU JUST MADE IT WEIRD!!’, call the kids. A casting director asks you to undress... ‘You just made it weird,’ you say, and let him answer you. A girl in a bar is being groped and taunted by her colleague. The other bartenders say, ‘You just made it weird’ to stick up for her (before reporting him). Something like this. Something that shifts the responsibility onto the do-er, rather than the victim or the onlookers, something easy to say no matter what the scenario, that we all know, that binds us together and gives us the courage to speak, even when its the ‘little’ things. Because that’s where starts. Why would people stop when they are never brought to account? This needs to be stamped out at its roots - it begins innocently enough. And it applies to all the isms and ias.. sexism, racism, ageism, homophobia... #metoo #ihearyou #howiwillchange #himthough #ididit #ihave @lenadunham @mirandajuly @iiindiiia @laurabrown99 @manrepeller @azizansari @carrie_rachel @mariannapalka @carolinedemaigret @garancedore @busyphilipps @oliviawilde @newyorkermag @nyt @guardian @ottoempire @getup_australia @amyschumer @theconversation @liberationfr

Which one is Jones and which one is the Trainspotting baby?

Which one is Sabine?

Stolen video of the sweetest moment. ❤️❤️❤️

Magical little mermaids 🌊 @emilystoflelynch

#twinning 📷 @staceygutierrezphotography

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