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Британский видеоблоггер, певец, музыкант и автор песен. На сентябрь 2010 является первым в рейтинге по количеству подписчиков в Великобритании на YouTube.
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Hey hey 👋 So I partnered with the nice folks @PlanCanada to make a video about the science behind malaria, and what you can do to help prevent the disease. Check it out on their YouTube channel, and visit to register! #SpreadTheNet

Why yes you may hold my heart in your paws I trust you with it.

Gideon, checking out Canada's fences.

Saying bye to my bro before I leave for Canada! 🇨🇦

Prior Park

Love a bit of Bath.


From a recent trip I took to Brighton. This cat was CLEARLY posing for a photo, so I politely obliged.


John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center

A very important meeting I had at #NerdCon today with @jimmy_hi 🤓


Snow Valley Resort Barrie

I know this photo looks very similar to the one I posted yesterday but I AM IN CANADA DURING THE WINTER WHAT WERE YOU EXPECTING. (I went snow tubing and it was lots of fun.)

Hello from the great white north! 🇨🇦

Guess who just chopped down his first christmas tree! 🎄

Copper Box Arena, Olympic Park

Hey! This is what I look like today. (And most other days, to be honest.)

My #2016bestnine. So in 2017 you want more pictures of me standing further away from the camera with some kind of greenery? The more green, the better? You got it…

Hey guys what do you think of my new haircut pretty fly huh

The Forum, Bath (Official)

Still buzzing with nerves from my TEDx talk earlier! Public speaking remains a very scary thing for me – I'm so glad I did it, though! Hopefully the talk will be online sometime soon…

Edinburgh Castle

Boom. 💥

Edinburgh Castle

Well done, Edinburgh. Just… well done.

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