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Британский видеоблоггер, певец, музыкант и автор песен. На сентябрь 2010 является первым в рейтинге по количеству подписчиков в Великобритании на YouTube.
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Hey guys what do you think of my new haircut pretty fly huh

The Forum, Bath (Official)

Still buzzing with nerves from my TEDx talk earlier! Public speaking remains a very scary thing for me – I'm so glad I did it, though! Hopefully the talk will be online sometime soon…

Edinburgh Castle

Boom. 💥

Edinburgh Castle

Well done, Edinburgh. Just… well done.

"Ladies and gentlemen. This train is waiting at a signal. In the meantime, please enjoy the beautiful colours outside." -Actual train announcement on my way to the airport. @UPExpress

Missing this fluffy floppet. 🐾

I like this lift. 🏋

I did a book! (Please note that the final version will not feature self-flipping pages.) #FunScienceBook

#FUNSCIENCEBOOK TEASER ALERT! Illustration by the improbably brilliant @frannerd

Just me and my buddy Charles Darwin. #FunScienceSeries (📷 Ciaran O'Brien)

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY TO THE POPPET POPPET! Seen here enjoying a large cauldron of melted cheese… 🧀 (I love her.)

Nice Beach, The French Riviera

Fun fact: Saying "it's so nice here!" while in Nice never gets old. (Or maybe that's just me.)

Just finished recording the audiobook for Fun Science! Dropping October 20th. It's available for pre-order on Audible too! 😁

Just a photo of Gideon looking incredibly pretty that I realised I never posted. DEAL WITH IT. 😽

werk werk werk werk werk werk

Do have a peek at my Instagram stories if you haven't already! Having fun posting bits and pieces of my day (like this one of the lovely @emilydianaruth AKA The Poppet™)

I done a book. 😊

ICYMI, I'm still very happy with how my last Fun Science video turned out. Link to the full video is in my bio, and thanks to @baesystems for providing the experiments! 🤓 #ad


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