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Американская актриса, известная своими телевизионными ролями женщин у власти. Зиммер наиболее известна благодаря роли Даны Гордон, президента Warner Bros., в комедийном сериале HBO «Красавцы».
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#tbt Loved this photo shoot for @montecristo_mag!! It’s amazing how fleeting these moments are...thankfully we have the photos to remind us. I remember holding on to this chair and thinking “Savor this Moment. I am super Grateful.” And that is what’s behind that smile.

A note to myself I had embroidered on my @aritzia jeans is to always just “Be” in the moment. #tuesdaythoughts

#EarthDay reminds us how much we are doing, but also how much we are NOT doing! Luckily @green4ema is doing something everyday to spread awareness, tips and ways to love our planet from the ground up! Starting with a 10 Year celebration of the #schoolgardens project! With the help of mentors like @malinakerman, @lancebass, @swrightolsen, @smarthouse26 and myself, to name a few...along with some new faces to the program, the one and only @katieaselton! Thank you @citynationalbank and @kellogggarden for all your help with worms, ladybugs, soil, sponsorship and much much more!! #thereisnoplanetb 🥕🌱🌎

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Happy Everything! 💋💋💋#lipservice give someone a smile, you never know how much they may need it #sundayselfie

Brothers from Another Mother. The Chosen Family. Let the Good Times Roll. #goodfriday

Me and my big sis @stefschamber clearly were ahead of the fashion game for #Coachella back in the 70’s #fbf #siblingsdayeveryday

#tbt our first art for season 1 of #unrealtv! What an incredibly talented group of people I got to share a bed with, 2 of these people actually fell in love and got married! I had no idea during this photo shoot what an impact #Quinn was going to have on people, I’m truly grateful. #artimitateslife #lifeimitatesart #realitytvisnotreality

#wcw These are a few of my favorite things...strong kick ass women, @rothys shoes, @claseazultequila, and ways to live a healthy lifestyle with @sakaralife!Thank you @thealist.us for sharing your loves that have become my loves! For real! #eatcleanplaydirty


Hey me and everyone’s BFF @missipyle are doing a crazy fun podcast together about life, which happens to also include being parents. We are ripping off the bandaid, we are tickling the underbelly and peeking behind the curtain on all the things they don’t tell you before and after you have kids. We are by no means experts or telling you what to do, but we’ve created a safe space for you to call and curse and complain and not feel judged. You can also leave us messages about something YOU wish people would talk about more, so you don’t feel alone. OR write to us, use us as your therapist, we’re free at themotherloadpodcast@gmail.com P.S. Even if you don’t have kids you might want to tune in (when we premiere) because we both talk about a lot of other shit than just that because we talk in run on sentences. #weekendvibes #themotherload

#tbt I just saw the new #Emmymagazine and it reminded me how special my first time being featured in it for #UnRealtv was... we forget these moments so quickly sometimes when life just keeps moving at such a fast pace, with or without us. So I’m allowing myself a moment to use this #throwbackthursday to relish in this past moment and take that joy and excitement and wonder with me all day, at least!

#wcw @katieaselton and @amylandecker giving “We bangin’” a whole new meaning!

I’m just going to stand here and hold up this wall while I’m waiting for my bread to bake and be excited that I finally got to dress like it was Spring outside...#tuesdaythoughts

#Repost @green4ema #mondaymotivation This #EarthMonth, we are shining a light on a company that has #sustainability at the ❤️ of everything they do. It was so much fun (believe it or not) to visit the @ecoslaundry facility with EMA Board Member @francesfisher! We got to wear hairnets!! I’m obsessed with #ECOS plant-powered cleaners for their smell alone! @ecoslaundry #greenliving #earthday

Los Angeles, California

#aboutlastnight Thanks for making me look glam in @elliatt @janeylopatypr & @violetartistry 4 my glow for my special #saturdaynight supporting @lapubliclibrary @youngliteratila...all smiles even before, during and after my bra broke onstage in front of everyone but “the show must go on!” And I even threw my bra onstage afterwards, because I could!! My bra didn’t support me last night, but we all can support #publiclibraries!!

#fanartfriday In honor of the final season of @gameofthrones airing soon...I thank you for this @banditregina

Hanging with @johnrzeznikggd back during #goodmorningmiami days #tbt

#mood @tina_turnbow

I seriously can’t believe this is still happening in 2019! Stoning? I will gladly boycott anything having to do with anyone who thinks this behavior is allowed! #Repost @ellenpompeo Yeah no this shit will not fly.... Human rights MATTER #BOYCOTTHESEHOTELS 🌈🌈🌈Posted @withrepost • @samantharonson If you feel the need to respond with comments like- it won’t make a difference, please do us both a favour and don’t. Because it makes a difference to me and it sure as fuck makes a difference to them. It’s the actual least we can do..... would love to know more businesses the sultan of Brunei is invested in so I can boycott those also! #Repost @theellenshow ・・・ Tomorrow, the country of Brunei will start stoning gay people to death. We need to do something now. Please boycott these hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei. Raise your voices now. Spread the word. Rise up. #tuesdaytruths

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