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Американская актриса, известная своими телевизионными ролями женщин у власти. Зиммер наиболее известна благодаря роли Даны Гордон, президента Warner Bros., в комедийном сериале HBO «Красавцы».
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Let’s do this #supersnowmoon

Don’t be a Nasty B💋tch, Be an informed one...#tuesdaythoughts

Sunday’s are PJ’s and Goddesses. I may be more #Athena but I’m drawn to #JoanofArc - which goddess are you? obsessed with @aweinspired_ medallions celebrating fierce, strong and fearless women! Taking the day to write and read about some other wise women I can take on as my next role! Can’t wait to share with you who that may be! Share with me some inspiring women you’d like to see. #sundayselfie

#fbf my first movie and my first friend I made in Hollywood, the effervescent @_sarahchalke #tgif

From my ❤️to yours. Be good to yourself and those around you, no matter what day it is. #love

I mean, we have no fun what-so-ever when we tape @matchgameabc. If you want to see how miserable we are, tune in TONIGHT for me, @judahworldchamp, @erikachristensen, #jasonalexander, @neicynash1 & @chethinks in an all-new #MatchGame at 10|9c on ABC!


#Sundayselfie with my #selfie #cannes #unrealtv


Don’t throw any textiles in the trash ever again!!! Me and @echriqui are proud #EMA_BoardMembers @green4ema, and we are super excited about partnering with @hm to spread the word that garment recycling can prevent textiles from ending up in landfills. DON’T TOSS YOUR OLD STAINED THRASHED CLOTHES! You can recycle your towels, sheets even underwear or stretched out swimsuits at any H&M. THEY GIVE YOU A 15% OFF COUPON NO MATTER WHAT YOU BRING IN! Since 2013 H&M has collected over 78,000 tonnes of textiles to #repurpose! #recycle #hmconscious

#tbt to the FIRST day of shooting @houseofcards in 2012 with my long #Janine locks...I was a little excited, if you can’t tell...

Portland, Oregon

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself” #portland #wednesdaywisdom

This might be THE coolest magazine I’ve been featured in to date, these are just a few of the pictures from the spread! #NumberOne Magazine is PRINT ONLY so that’s the only way to read the 14 page spread!! So beyond humbled to be included in #DominoAurora’s “Success” issue...Thank you @sarahuslan, @shalevlavan and @drtn for making me look cooler than I actually am! And thank you @hilaryhansen and #dominoaurora @lavidabebida for THIS!

#mcm @clarkgregg TODAY AND EVERYDAY. You are an incredible leader not only on your show @agentsofshield, but always. Let’s celebrate the men that are getting it right and doing right by women in all fields. Thank you for having our backs. We see you.

Fresh haircut thanks to @aims888, Fresh #CBD face, Fresh new pilot season here I come.... #sundayselfie

Does my face look relaxed and less anxious?? guess what??? This is the FIRST CBD Face Mask! You know I love CBD and now it’s combined in my love of face masks too!! Imagine my face and my body are going to be stress free thanks to Hemp!! Get a free mask, use CONSTANCEFREE as the code (pay for shipping) Yes this is an #ad but that doesn’t mean I’m not just as super excited about @cosobeauty and this Face Mask!!! HA! #calmAF #tgif Best benefits after 5 days in a row, don’t need to ask me twice! #cbd

#tbt one of my favorite moments with @theladydockers and @therealleech trying to act cool waiting to meet @barackobama and @michelleobama #nbd


#mcm and all days honestly. #henrywinkler is one of the kindest, most earnest men I have met and gotten to work with in this business. Even after I told him that he was the only actor besides John Travolta that I sent a fan letter to when I was a kid, but he didn’t reply. He was so upset and couldn’t believe he didn’t write back, but his support and friendship is better than any autographed headshot I could have ever received.

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