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Американская актриса, известная своими телевизионными ролями женщин у власти. Зиммер наиболее известна благодаря роли Даны Гордон, президента Warner Bros., в комедийном сериале HBO «Красавцы».
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I sure hope they knew the answer... #Repost @justjokingjk with @repostapp ・・・ We made it folks! #jeopardy #unrealtv

Thank you. #gratituesday

#MondayMantra Women should support women. I support women. We all should support women. #Repost @vanessaliannejewelry with @repostapp ・・・ Yesterday was truly incredible🙌🏼 I'm still pinching myself 💃🏻what a dream to be in a room full of inspiring, powerful women who all love @vanessaliannejewelry 💎💋🙏🏼 In honor of women we are donating partial proceeds of yesterday's VL holiday event to @plannedparenthood and in that spirit, we are donating partial proceeds of ALL signet ring sales to planned parenthood for the rest of the holiday season!!!🎁🙌🏼 Huge thank you to @constancezimmer for your friendship, support and reminding all of us that we are enough #rolemodel 👯👊🏼💋@katieaselton @lafleurjennifer 📸cred @steisaden

Magical Monday #nofilter

I could not be happier!!! Thank you to all of you who used your voice and kept fighting! We did it, we all did it together! #Repost @pieraluisa with @repostapp ・・・ I come bearing good news... The army corps of engineers have announced that they are seeking an alternate route for the Dakota pipeline. Thank you to everyone who donated, volunteered, and brought attention to this issue. In awe of the incredibly brave Sioux nation people. Change can truly happen when we work together and support one another. #nodapl Photo @tomaskarmelo #defendthesacred

December in #losangeles

I call this my new "tape" filter it's the new Vaseline on the lens trick...can't wait to tell you about the secret photo shoot that happened today!! #tgif

You can see #runthetide TODAY either from your home, your car, or a real movie theater! Let me know what you think after you see it! We @taylorlautner @thejohannabraddy @thekennethjohnson all thank you for supporting indie film!

#tbt 2 years ago when we I got to portray one of the most broken, striped down characters of my career thus far, so in need of forgiveness in this little indie called #runthetide (not to mention the fact that I got to play @taylorlautner's MOM, talk about ego pain) that comes out tomorrow! #VOD from home if it's not playing near you...

#wcw to this incredible group of women who got together yesterday to form a super group of good intentions for the New Moon last night! Thank you @kelseyjpatel for being our leader! 🌟💖

#wcw I love women who when they are around each other they only have love and support to share about and for each other! These women exemplify all of that and more @echriqui & @jennaldewan you rock! Xoox

Bare with me this is going to be long...i took this picture because I wanted to remember this feeling of looking out the plane window at the amazing peaceful clouds that can either let the sun shine or let the rain pour on us and how we all have the power to make a difference no matter how small AND realized TODAY is not only a NEW MOON to make us see BEYOND the horizon and arise from the ashes to become the shiny gems that we are it's also #givingtuesday! There are so many organizations that need our help not just today but everyday. If everyone picked 1 charity to even give a $1 to today we could launch so much #goodenergy with the New Moon! I always try to support companies that give back all the time like these headphones from @lstnsound who give proceeds to help give hearing aids to those in need worldwide! #soundandpurpose At least half of my Christmas gifts #giveback! Do something for someone else today in anyway you can! #gratituesday for taking the time to read this long post!


This was a nice #sunday surprise thanks @30secreviews ! @unrealtv #unrealtv

Whenever vacation is over this will always be the perfect word to describe my mood "Merde" (which means shit in French and seems to be my mantra these days in general). Thanks @Madewell & @bkaspr for making it permanent...

Super Giddy after seeing @hamiltonmusical for the 2nd time but this time with our #8yrold!!! #nyc We ❤️️ U !!

Christmas colors #nyc

Warm colors #nyc

Cold colors #nyc

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