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Американская актриса, известная своими телевизионными ролями женщин у власти. Зиммер наиболее известна благодаря роли Даны Гордон, президента Warner Bros., в комедийном сериале HBO «Красавцы».
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Someone got a new short haircut for the long weekend...thanks @aims888 !!

#Fbf Being on #InJustice with #kylemaclachlan, @jasonomara, @iamdanielcosgrove and @marisolnichols - we used to have “continuity” competitions (who could take the craziest pictures of their outfits of the day) I made an entire book of all of our polaroids and gave them to the cast as gifts when the show was over...I just found that book... (and yes there’s more on my Instastory, some other classics)

#tbt it’s a Grey day in LA so here’s some Yellow! @wearehappyplace

Maybe he was born with it. A sense of style, a sense of self, a sense of good taste period or it was his way of trying to take control...all I know is that I’m glad this guy was born because I wouldn’t have my new family without him and I can’t even imagine that! For those of you that know @russlamoureux, he’ll make you a coffee or a cocktail depending on time of day and will whip you up something special for any type of meal. He is the glue in our family and I’m so lucky he’s mine! Happy Birthday Hubbie!!

I’m not quite sure why I’m so strongly in the Wonder Woman pose, it’s probably because I didn’t have a purse to hold on to...OR I was so proud to be at @green4ema #emas Tonight!?! Been a part of this organization for over 10 years! Wanna know how you can help save our 🌎?! Check them out, seriously every single person makes a difference AND HOW CUTE IS THIS @aliceandolivia DRESS!?!

Always love coming downtown to @latimes during #emmy season to talk about #unrealtv LIVE on their Facebook page and knock out a photo shoot for #TheEnvelope at the same time!! #quinning

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest guys I have the honor of saying is a dear friend @realmichaelkelly, who knows how to work hard and play hard...What happens in #Baltimore stays in #Baltimore

And that’s a wrap for #janineskorsky on @houseofcards #finalseason! It’s always such a surreal experience to say goodbye to a character. I feel grateful to have been able to be the one to tell her story. I included some #bts pics from our final season (no spoilers) including the @mybyta I designed and had made for a handful of people as a symbol of SIX seasons of working with some of the best #Baltimore crew, cast, writers, showrunners and @beauwillimon our creator and of course #DavidFincher ! I do feel hashtag Blessed to have been a part of this show that started a streaming revolution @netflix ! #byebyebaltimore #byebyebraid

Sagamore Pendry Baltimore

I never thought that I would be sitting by a pool in #Baltimore 6 years after booking #houseofcards. I’m taking a moment to appreciate all the people i’ve met coming here over so many years. The cast and crew that I’ve been lucky enough to work with. I’ll miss coming here especially since @sagamorependrybaltimore opened! #sundayselfie #sunningmyself #grateful #finalseason

I love cocktails @sagamorependrybaltimore but I love them more when sharing them with one of my favorite people @realmichaelkelly #houseofcards #finalseason #saturdaynight

In honor of #theroyalwedding

It looks like I’m having a great conversation with myself...thank you @all3media_int for this morning’s inspiring panel of women and tonight @sagaftrafound for the conversations about acting, directing and beyond thanks to @unrealtv #unrealtv (tap for fashion credits because they are good ones!) #pantobsessed

#tbt Can’t wait for you to see the fun outfits I got to wear for this shoot...#June @montecristo_mag

#wcw @cher rewatching #thesonnyandchershow reminded me how incredible you’ve been for so long and I love reliving these memories with #my10yrold and this was just the beginning of your legacy! #legend

#happymothersday To my mom, who has been supporting me and my dreams for as long as I can remember...even going so far as getting a life size Michael Jackson doll made for me! Thanks Mom for always making me believe that my dreams could come true! I love you. #loveisallweneed

From yesterday, to the first time I held you in my arms, I had no idea what you would teach me and what I would learn about myself and everyone else around me in just 10 short years. I am so grateful. #happymothersday to everyone mothering something because showing support, unconditional love and guidance is being a mother, even to a plant. #lovewins

Yaaaaaaaaassss Qweens we love you @rupaulsdragcon and a PINK CHEWBACCA COME ON!!

Two photo shoots, one day. Thank you @vulture for the #Emmy love for #Unrealtv with @violetartistry and Thank you #NumberOne Magazine @lavidabebida for taking me out of my comfort zone with the help of @sarahuslan @shalevlavan & @drtn #tgif

#aboutlastnight Thank you @nicolaparish for making my #starwars dreams come true again, @janeylopatypr for my Star Wars Styling (@bloomingdales #aqua) and of course @violetartistry for my gold goddess look braided magic with a bracelet as a hair tie!!

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