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Американская актриса, известная своими телевизионными ролями женщин у власти. Зиммер наиболее известна благодаря роли Даны Гордон, президента Warner Bros., в комедийном сериале HBO «Красавцы».
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Reminder, we have a choice to see things in life as one way or the other. Choose the positive. #saturdayvibes

Los Angeles, California

#fbf #2003 one of my first photo shoots I did and this is what was the “norm”- a way to showcase your talent and prove I was an up and coming star...I was told not to smile. This totally proves I’m a good actor, right?

#tbt 2016 to one of my favorite people to do the awards circuit with and more...I’m so proud of you @ramimalek you have always been a force to reckon with, but your portrayal of #freddiemercury is above and beyond!! #goldenglobes #sagawards

Tonight we celebrate our dear, dear friend @soniaboyajian’s new space on La Brea with a #popupshop that’s filled with her AMAZING jewelry (go check out her window she made and designed herself out of paper and jewels), beautiful @louizababouryan fashion, @retroblades vintage clothes, @ssoakup cool gifts and more artists like @brettwestfall who hand painted 🍓🍓🍓’s on one of the walls inside, only took him 9 hours!! Last minute #christmasshopping for some gorgeous @araksofficial Silk PJ’s that I’m asking for from Santa!! #supportartists ONLY OPEN TIL SATURDAY!!

In other exciting news, in case you missed my story today, I’m saving the rest of the goodies from my @barkbox for their stockings (stay tuned for their excitement from all that on Christmas), but had to give them these #maxforgood antlers because they are giving $$$ to Helping Pups across the country when you post a pic of your pups! I mean, look how happy they are to help others! #TheGrinch #barkboxday

#tuesdaythoughts When you stumble across a picture that is you, but you don’t quite remember it...yet, I looked pretty cool, which I never say about myself, so I’m thinking...was this an out of body experience? Is this really me? Do I not see myself as this person? Or is it that doppelgänger everyone talks about existing in the world...

In lieu of getting up in front of a few strangers last night at my dear friend’s bday party, I’m going to share here instead, with thousands of strangers. I have days when I feel great and nothing can stop me or make me feel bad about myself. I have days when it all affects me and I can’t find a way to feel great. I have days when life doesn’t seem fair. I have days when my empathy for others overtakes my own needs. But then I have those days in between where I can just exist and be thankful that I am healthy, have a roof over my head, have a loving set of friends and family, have a good life overall. These are the best days and the days that matter the most. Last night mattered, thanks to an incredible community of friends who are willing to share their bad before they even share their good. Life is hard for everyone even though Instagram may tell a different story. So I wanted to leave you with this: “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” #johnlennon APPRECIATE THE INBETWEEN #aboutlastnight #sundayselfie (and I appreciate this purple velvet jumpsuit, just had to admit that too).

You’re welcome. #saturday @soosseli

Look who I ran into in #vancouver on the set of @millionlittlethingsabc #Repost @thesampancake Trailer selfie! This one & I first met doing “Good Morning Miami” then 10😬years ago I played her assistant on “Pushing Daisies” & now we both recur on AMLT but we don’t get to act together in this show OR DO WE!? 🤫

It’s fucking cold. #vancouver #tgif

Vancouver, British Columbia

Going for the Gold #workingit @millionlittlethingsabc

Packing for #Vancouver and have determined I don’t know how to wear a beanie (or toque if you’re Canadian)...which way is the correct way these days? #struggleisreal

Time is precious. Be in it while it’s here. #tuesdaythoughts

#twofortuesday because just one picture of @jeffreybchapman is not enough...grateful for this human.

#mcm I miss this TV relationship with this hunk @adam_demos #unrealtv thankfully off screen he’s one of the kindest, most generous men who I’m happy to call a dear friend!

#Sunday not a #selfie but sharing for a good cause with my “shy” daughter who stole my sweatshirt! Gotta love @madewell for giving 50% of the proceeds from our shirts to @girlsinc and to @charitywater ! I LOVE buying gifts that give back and these are a perfect example, they also have one for @humanrightscampaign #lovetoall #giftsthatgiveback #everydaymadewell #strongsmartbold

I’m proud of my laugh lines! #smile it’s #saturday

We’re not fucking around #fbf #stamper #skorsky #houseofcards

#tbt This was my second play #peterpan in highschool as #tigerlily with my dad! Cleaning out bins takes a lot of time, but I found some jewels...#1987 #NewportHarborHS

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