Констанс Зиммер


Американская актриса, известная своими телевизионными ролями женщин у власти. Зиммер наиболее известна благодаря роли Даны Гордон, президента Warner Bros., в комедийном сериале HBO «Красавцы».
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Just feeding some Palm Springs locals...#dinosaur #reflections

We hate to leave but we know we'll be back...@sparrowslodge was the perfect getaway.

He is not an Amateur by any means. He does everything with a bit of OCD perfection. He runs 7 miles and before showering he crafts an artisanal cocktail for anyone who's around. He is a husband, a best friend, a father, a filmmaker, a chef, a photographer and a mixologist and he does the dishes too...I scored and for those of you who know him, we all scored the day he was born, which is today! HBD HONEY @russlamoureux I❤️U

Happy Place #monday

My hubby @russlamoureux wrote and directed this beautiful little film "Underwater." Starring @katieaselton @nedbrower @sjmtheactress @mattjonesisdead with amazing CAMEOS by @kellyoxford @edroste @jeffreybchapman @gilkenan @elizakenan @simonviii @scottpeatla AND ME! Watch it--it's only 6-minutes long! Link in bio.

Oh boy, having fun with #snapchat filters again...#snapchatsunday #sundayselfie

#fanart #friday THANK YOU TO #anthonypizzo @unrealtv #quinning

Keep on keepin' on.

Headed to the #unstoppablewomen #FYC #Emmys event tonight featuring little ol' me and some other fierce women in front of and behind the camera, Thanks to @lifetimetv & @televisionacad #UnREALtv (credits on outfit tap pic) ❤️💙💛

Well I've been home for less than 24 hours and spent the majority of it over a toilet holding #my9yearold's hair back while she puked all night long, but I'm still smiling and still proud to be a working mom! Proud that I got this @nphilanthropy sweatshirt who is donating 10% proceeds to @allianceofmoms! We are all in this together! And these notes made me cry too, so there's that...#happymothersday to all the Mom's, YOU GOT THIS!

LOVE THESE HUMANS!!! #Repost @jeffreybchapman Last Day, Last Shot Of @unrealtv Season 3!!! What A Dream Come True Showing Up To Work Each Day With These Two Insanely Talented, Phenomenal Women Who I Love, Adore, Admire & Respect So Deeply!! See You All Next Season!! 🎥👯🍸🍾💣💥💋 #UnREALtv #BadPeopleMakeGoodTV #xoJBC

This is true happiness!! #season3 COMPLETED and heading home!! Love you @shiriappleby and thank you cast and crew of @unrealtv for KILLIN' IT this season!

Secrets on the set #quinnking's desk @unrealtv

See ya #season3 @unrealtv "Quinn, why so angry all the time?" #quinning #twinning #quinnking

#tbt To our First Table Read for #Season3 @unrealtv as we shoot our LAST day today! It's been a crazy fucked up ride, can't wait for everyone to see it...

#happyhumpday to all the #MagicAssholes and thanks to @breedawool for still one of my favorite wrap gifts ever on @unrealtv! Two more days left of #season3

#mondaymotivation we spend so much time looking down at our phones but today after looking up I realized this is where we see the potential to think outside of our bubble. Promise yourself that at least ONCE a day you will stop looking down, take a deep breath and just look UP for at least 15 mins and focus on a good, positive thought that not only helps YOU but those around you as well.


Muggers gonna mug 🍻@katieaselton #bestie #vancouver @bestiewurst

What a fun day moderating a panel for my friend @kellyoxford's new book! And I love that some other special friends stopped by too!

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