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Thank you Ruthie for giving your blessing on this post. We love you.•• • This opening night is dedicated to one of the brightest lights I’ve known. Abbie-Abbigator-Abs... Abigail Blumenstein was known and loved by so many people in our cast of Soft Power and in the theater community. Our Here Lies Love baby and King & I little girl. Not a moment has gone by where I haven’t thought of you and your extraordinary mom. I’m forever grateful that I was able to know you and laugh with you and chase you around the dressing rooms or watch with you as your incredibly talented mom rehearsed. Wilbur (or as you liked to call him -Webber:) loved you too. I miss you more than words can say and will forever honor you for the rest of my life by always keeping joy backstage and in the rehearsal process, the same way you brought joy and love to all of us when you would visit us. Even now, whenever we feel pure joy in the theater- there you are. And I promise to continue to be there for your mom the same way she has been there for me through all of life’s ups and downs. Forever in my heart, Love Conrad.... & Webber.

Had a great time talking Soft Power with the @latimes even if Wilbur stole the show 🐶 • • • “He's a heavy breather, he snuffles like a piglet and he's an incorrigible face-licker. His name is Wilbur, and he's actor Conrad Ricamora's French bulldog. He's also a regular presence on set during rehearsals for Ricamora's show "Soft Power," which opens Wednesday at the Ahmanson Theatre. The hair and make-up department keeps treats for Wilbur, and the cast and crew have come to rely on him for emotional support and comic relief. Workshopping a new musical from a powerhouse creative team at L.A.'s highest profile theater is not exactly easy. "It's exhausting, it's tiring and it's frustrating," Ricamora says over a buckwheat-flax pancake breakfast at his apartment in West Hollywood. "We're in a very vulnerable place — all of us — because we want to fully commit to things, but even a small line change can alter the arc of what we're doing." "Soft Power" is the provocative, political, complicated, impossible-to-fully-explain and still-evolving brainchild of two Tony Award winners, playwright David Henry Hwang ("M. Butterfly") and composer Jeanine Tesori ("Fun Home"). Directed by Leigh Silverman, the show is being dubbed a "play with a musical" and seeks to flip the script on America's domination of pop culture by presenting an American-style musical from a Chinese perspective, set 50 years after the election of 2016. In an imagined future where China is the dominant world power, how might our country as we know it today be depicted when we are no longer driving the narrative? Think an elevation of every terrible cliché about American culture, including McDonald's as our hip and sexy restaurant of choice, Hillary Clinton as a twerking candidate desperate to win over the masses and politicians toting semi-automatic rifles in a gun-crazed, meth-soaked society. The show does not shy away from politics. President Trump's defeat of Clinton is depicted as the cataclysm that allows China to take center stage culturally and politically.” The rest of the article can be found online. #softpowerctg

Crow Restaurant and Bar

Missing these goobs. ❤️❤️@ruthieannmiles @mellowdeebee

It’s official. We are coming back for Season 5. #htgawm #tgit

Making the most of our one day off. #mondayvibes #wilbur

Ahmanson Theatre

First preview tonight!! Click on the link in my bio to get tickets for Los Angeles until June 10th! #softpowerctg

This commercial is brought to you by jumping on a trampoline for 3 hours. LOS ANGELES. We start previews May 3rd. Opening night is May 16th. @ctgla @sf_curran

New 42nd Street Studios

Only one more week until we move out of the rehearsal room and onto the stage. So proud of this show. Click on the link in my bio to get tickets for LOS ANGELES.

Don’t go to work today #wilbur

In Rehearsal now for SOFT POWER at @ctgla May 3-June 10 and @sf_curran June 20-July 8. Click on link in my bio for tix.

Thanks for watching season 4!!! ❤️ #HTGAWM

It’s tonight! Happy #TGIT  #htgawm day!

If you like it then you shoulda put a ...twisty-tie-from-a-loaf-of-bread on-it? Will they or won’t they? Find out tomorrow night! on #tgit #htgawm

Waiting for Thursday’s #htgawm season finale like...... #tgit 🎥: @ashleyparklady

I don’t know what’s going on here but..... who’s excited about the season finale of #HTGAWM this Thursday? #tgit

Excited to join this amazing team. Come to Los Angeles @ctgla May 3-June 10 to see SOFT POWER. Also playing in San Francisco June 20-July 8th at @sf_curran

We are here for you Ruthie and we love you. Click on the link in my bio to see how you can help lift up my incredible friend in this difficult time.

Happy Monday! I hope we get to see a lot more of @amirahvannofficial because she is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #htgawm #tgit @howtogetawaywithmurder

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